The Guardian: Review: How Civil Wars Start

Barbara Walter thinks we are on the verge of Civil War 2.

From my perspective, I don’t see the conflict developing that she is describing. It looks to me like the really intense divide is cultural, ideological and geographic. It cuts across racial lines. These people hate libtards and Democrats or conservatives and Republicans. There are no rural communities that are getting ready to boil over and explode with resentment against Mexican or Chinese restaurant owners.

The Guardian:

“Barbara Walter does not expect to see a civil war in the US of the order of the conflict that tore the nation apart in the 1860s, but that’s chiefly because civil wars are fought differently these days. And it’s about the only comfort a concerned reader can take from this sobering account of how civil wars start and are conducted in our time. Walter is a professor of international relations at the University of California, San Diego, and a consultant to various government and international agencies. She has studied civil wars and insurgencies for three decades, and in this book she draws on her own work and that of other researchers to produce a typology of the descent into organised domestic violence. …

The factions most disposed to violence are those Walter and others call “sons of the soil”. People with deep histories in a country, traditionally rural, they resent displacement by immigrants and urban elites. When their resentments are stoked by ethnic entrepreneurs, they are much more prone to violence than other groups.

And the most important driver – the “accelerant” – of recent civil wars has been social media. “Social media is every ethnic entrepreneur’s dream,” writes Walter. She finds it not at all a coincidence that the world achieved peak democracy just before social media began to proliferate, and that democracy has been in retreat ever since. …”

What is the Irrepressible Conflict in 2022?

Back in October, I noticed that tensions appeared to be rising in this suburban neighborhood in Auburn. I thought it was so funny that I snapped some photos. It is a White woman who is probably a barren college professor with one of those stupid “In This House We Believe” yard signs. The White guy who lives across the street has retaliated with a “Biden Is Not My President” yard sign.

If the Democrats lose the 2022 midterms, do you think Karen and Bill will go to war? Why does it seem like White women with graduate degrees are at the center of the conflict?

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  1. Now that these people openly admit white replacement after decades of mocking it as a conspiracy they expert white people to happily except their own genocide. And that is what this is based upon any definition of the word..

    We are the only people in history who conquered a land and built it into a powerhouse but then simply need to give up all our work for the good of diversity. Near me churches have been replaced by mosques and Indian temples. Turbans and beards as far as the eye can see expect for the old timers still refusing to move and the black renters and mobs who are bussed into the high school and fist fight on everyones lawn when they walk home in the Spring.

    But this should be ok and celebrated by my parents and the other hold outs. If this is how it is supposed to work i should be allowed to move to Pakistan and rudely force my way in. Fly big tacky American flags and put statues of the Virgin Mary on my lawn as I blast classic rock music from my car

  2. What is it about the teachings of Christ that these people find so objectionable? And what are they desiring to replace it with? It is a fair question no?

    Moshiach?? Don’t make me laugh.

  3. “””…Karen and Bill will go to war?…”””

    Liberalism is mental defect and similar to pedophiles and serial killers, liberals cant control themselves. After loss, Karen is mad like hell and she thinks she must do something, like punching holes to Bill car tires.

    If Bill ignores, Karen will escalate and set Bill house into fire.

    When Bill starts defend himself, Karen will scream about Nazi violence and becomes self appointed freedom fighter in hope that she will remembered like Rosa Luxemburg and Clara Zetkin and Rote Kapelle sluts.

    Similar mini conflicts will happen all over the planet and sooner or later things will go to guns. Let’s do not forget that liberals know very well that they are filth and bottom of society. That is why they like equality so much.

    When their world collapses they will not accept their proper role , like cleaning toilets or dishwashing . This leaves liberals only 2 choices. Make suicide or try to take some Nazis with them. Those people have nothing in their lives so they can throw it away. Like Muslim guys. Their millions of youth have also problem that becoming a martyr is the only respect they can ever have.

    So they will not go silently into the history book. Some kind of violence is guaranteed.

    “”…college professor…””

    In my home country there was one female biochemist 35 years ago. She screamed that you will not get your Nazi paradise and if this happens, she will make one nasty bug in her laboratory and take all my entire ethnic group in the grave with her. Thanks God, we had operational KGB this time and Soviets took this threat very seriously so this lady ended up in prison and died there.

    Jews btw also believe in the Samson Option and current Ukraine crisis demonstrate that Russia and China taking Samson Option hazard very seriously.

    • There’s no difference between legal and illegal immigration. Both are coming from nonWhite countries. I guess since they’re here “legally” , you fine with them coming in and taking over what our White forefathers built?

      • “There’s no difference between legal and illegal immigration. Both are coming from nonWhite countries”:

        Both are “coming from” (caused by) capitalist imperialism and its global-cosmopolitan “culture.” It is not NATURAL for human beings to abandon their roots, homes and kin.

  4. The play on emotion is central to marxist strategy. Sadly, women are prime targets for these emotional plays. Take a good look at who promoted feminism, you will see the same old pattern, and they also just happened to be hard leftists. Men bare some responsibility for some of this also, in particular those men who have openly treated women worse than dirt, which makes it easy for women to accept feminism.

    This aspect of the destruction of not just Western Civilization, but the White race, has been the focus of the marxtards and their owners for a century. I doubt Barbara Walter would bother to take an objective look at it though; if she did, she would find that this was openly discussed 100 years ago. As for her thesis of civil war, as the White race IS being displaced and destroyed, if White “men” do not fight their people’s destruction, why would White women ever respect them again? The answer is they will not. And you know what happens after that.

    • Typical. Very many of them have completely wasted their lives and ended or destroyed their lines.

      • Wait, what happened to Barbara Walters? I thought she was pushing ninety…holy cow. No more The View or 60 Minutes?

  5. So what is a democrat to do? She suggests federalising election laws, curtailing partisan gerrymandering, curbing unaccountable campaign contributions and eliminating the electoral college. More vaguely, she recommends that government “renew its commitment to providing for its most vulnerable citizens”.

    And social media must be regulated. “The US government regulates all kinds of industries – from utilities and drug companies to food processing plants – to promote the common good,” Walter writes. “For the sake of democracy and social cohesion, social media platforms should be added to the list.”

    (((Cultural Marxist))) would-be tyrants like this cunt must be crushed like the roaches they are.

    “Walter relates that amid the 2020 election campaign, she and her husband, who between them possess Swiss, Canadian, Hungarian and German passports, considered their exit strategy from the US should things get really bad. They even weighed up applying for Hungarian citizenship for their daughter. It didn’t come to that. But they renewed their passports just in case.”

    May the sow be forced to use those passports.

    I remember that H.W. Brands, the commie scum who wrote that filth calling for stripping the rights from the Flyova White Trash from seeing him hawking his shit books on CSPAN over 20 years ago, They never change.

    • So, she would have moved to one of these four countries, all whiter than the USA, one of which is ruled by “fascist” Orban according to her class of people, to escape the loss of Our Democracy to White supremacy and fascism?

      These people wouldnt be hated half as much if their hypocrisies and inconsistencies weren’t so glaring. They are the least self-aware people in existence.

      • Completely clueless. Inability to link actions with consequences. Dismissive of what it took to build this comfortable civilization.

  6. See how the blonde bitch blithely talks about White replacement as something that’s inevitable and right, an unstoppable force of nature, rather than something the kikes & race traitor scum like her are attempting to ram down our throats by force.

    So much for (((Our Democracy))).

    • The likely former CIA analyst lets it slip when she says “the world achieved peak democracy just before social media began to proliferate, and that democracy has been in retreat ever since.”

      The 1990’s is when the U.S. achieved peak imperialist global hegemony – which is the complete opposite of democracy – and since then, that global hegemony has been slowly retreating.

      As a CIA analyst (possibly) she should know all about how to start “civil wars.” She should be a skilled propagandist. She should have lost her moral compass completely, if she had one:

  7. The Zionist pigs launch murderous attacks against the Gaza Strip ghetto every few years to keep the Palestinian population under control. They justify it by claiming “Hamas” shot a few bottle rockets at some illegal Israeli settlements. But eventually the Zionist invaders are going to be vastly outnumbered by Palestinians anyway. And the US won’t be around to defend their shitty little country anymore.

  8. White blonde liberal chix like Barbara Walter are going to learn the hard way that uppity Negresses like Jigaboo Joy Reid are not their friends.

    • Yes. The late Johnny Cochran, a clever negro ambulance-chaser, knew this fact very well. If anyone wanted to form a unit to terrorize and attack such evil white bitches, eternally furious black sheboons would be useful as muscle to carry out the wet-work in a most barbaric manner. They’d volunteer with gusto. With low IQ, they would easily be disposed of by professionals if they posed any leakage problem.

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