Supreme Court Blocks COVID Vaccine Mandate For Large Employers

This went about as expected.

Hospitals can require a vaccine mandate.

Joe Biden can’t force a vaccine mandate on large employers.

Private corporations, however, can wield that power over their own employees.


“The Supreme Court on Thursday blocked the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccine-or-test requirement for large employers, but it will allow a similar mandate to continue for workers at federally funded health care facilities.

Driving the news: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s emergency measure went into effect on Monday. It said that employers with more than 100 workers must require their workers to either get vaccinated or tested every week. …

Don’t forget: Individual employers are still legally allowed to mandate vaccines for their employees. …”

In sum, Joe Biden can’t force you to choose between your job or the jab unless you are a health care worker. Also, even if you are double jabbed and boosted, you will probably get Omicron anyway.

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  1. In other words, the “supreme” Ct gave you half a victory. The other half has to give up their rights and freedoms because of where you work.

    • True. As relieved as I was for my own side of things, you have to remember a very large number of people still got screwed.

  2. This won’t stop states from forcing “mandates” either. Watch the shitlibs suddenly become big champions of state’s rights.

    • California and New York might do that, but not the Red States, and probably not even most Purple states. I live in Michigan and spent two days of Christmas break in downtown Detroit. The restaurants were operating at full capacity with no mask requirements or vaccine passports.

      Ironically, the *public* area of town – Campus Martius – had a place with a liquor license that sold spiked hot chocolate, but the *private* part of town – a place funded by Dan Gilbert of Rock Financial that features all sorts of little shops set up in Christmas tents – wasn’t selling spiked hot chocolate this year because Gilbert wouldn’t let them have a liquor license due to “Covid precautions.”

      I doubt Mommy Whitmer brings back any of her crushing lockdowns. Michigan and most of the country have moved on. Blue cities like Chicago, New York, and Washington DC are isolating themselves with their mandates. Sure, we should stay vigilant, but at this point, our move needs to be isolating and marginalizing the Cultural Left as much as possible.

      • Something tells me internal democratic polling found this covidian crap is extremely unpopular with blacks and threatens to depress black turnout. The media makes it look like it’s only “Trump” supporters who distrust the vaccine, but blacks are the same way. Every flu shot clinic at work for the last decade only the educated whites and asians ever turned up. The high school grad type blue collar whites along with all the blacks denounced it as a “poisonous conspiracy”…this was the annual flu shot in 2013, not experimental MRNA stuff.

  3. So they leave untouched the power of woke corporations & the (((feds))) to collude in forcing stab-or-starve mandates on the peasants.

    They too are just baselessly vaunted (((System))) scum.

    • >woke corporations

      The answer today is the same as it was from the beginning: non-compliance — a company cannot operate without ‘enough’ employees — so if ‘enough’ employees refuse to comply, the mandates will be withdrawn.

      I would be surprised if a majority of those who accepted vaccination under duress, i.e. a mandate/threat of job loss, agree that the government or a corporation ought to be able/have the right to interfere in bodily autonomy and personal medical decisions in this way, especially for a flu-like illness that is only a threat to a very, very small fraction of the population — yet they did not act on this belief and refuse to comply.

      Along with reducing discretionary spending to as near zero as possible (‘muh economy’), non-compliance would have helped end COVID tyranny long ago.

  4. The Federal contractor mandate is next. Withholding contracts or grants doesn’t require SCROTUS’ approval.

  5. The U.S.’s REAL policy of “herd immunity” has produced the world’s greatest private-profit bonanza and the world’s highest (of any large state) per capita death toll, and made the virus become endemic in the most of the world when it could otherwise have been eradicated. Genetic studies of virus mutations show that the filthy, disease-spreading capitalist U.S. is the source that directly infected Latin America, most of Africa and parts of Europe and Asia.

    Just wait till a worse disease hits the U.S. working class “herd”! You can see that the U.S. government exists only to protect and advance the interests of the wealthy. The system cares about your health only to the extent that it may affect your usefulness, and most “human resources” really are expendable. .

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