Nick Fuentes: Steve Bannon Is The Fat Retard Who Runs GETTR

I agree with this.

My consistent position has been that Dump lost the 2020 election. It wasn’t stolen from him. He lost because Independent voters turned on him in the suburbs. He slipped with the White male vote that carried him to victory in 2016. Everything that has come out since has confirmed this.

Jared Kushner’s whole strategy was premised on the assumption that those people have “nowhere else to go.” He was focused on his fantasy of winning over millions of based blacks with things like criminal justice reform and the Platinum Plan. Dump may have improved a tiny bit with black male voters but this was due to generational change. They don’t vote as lopsided for Democrats as older blacks. Insofar as more Hispanics and Asians voted for him in 2020, it was largely due to COVID and the spike in crime.

By convincing his followers that the election was stolen from him, Trump has drawn attention away from the fact that his 2020 campaign sucked. He lost crucial support from Independent voters which caused him to lose pivotal swing states and the Electoral College.

The idiots around Trump in 2020 were focused on everything but energizing the White vote. See also Jexodus. The equivalent of this on the other side would be a Democratic strategist focused on winning 50% of White male rural conservative vote in the next election.

Note: Trump is leading Biden in 2024 polls now because Joe Biden’s image has changed so much over the past year. He is seen as the lesser of two evils.

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  1. Well, Fuentes sure knows how to call in fire on himself. Maybe it’s a correct interpretation of Bannons tactics, I’m not so sure, but I know a more delicate explanation would have sufficed to get the point across. Now both, the Left, and Bannons army, and he has one, is going to go after him. The dissident right simply can’t do things this way. But they never learn. Try to seem normal to normies, not a cross between Alex Jones and the KKK. Ugh! Bad look. Trying to be edge guy, can backfire, big. He had a chance to really go somewhere with what he created, and Hubris took over.

  2. Pandering to niggers (slipped out), I means blacks seems to be the Republicans M.O. The GOP can’t seem to get enough of showing blacks how not racist they are. Yes, Dump lost because he took his White voters for granted.

  3. Gettr is financially back by fugitive Chinese billionaire, Guo Wengui. Guo is a wanted man in China and his freedom and personal liberty is directly tied to the political influence Gettr can get for him here in America. So you got these whores like Bannon and Kyle Bass going on and on over the evil China government all to keep their patron Guo outside of the long arm of the law.

    • @Robert Browning,

      Wow. I did not know that. There is so much going on that it is hard to keep up with all the info. Thanks for the information.

  4. A little fraud and Blomp’s back stabbing against his base both occurred imo. They are not mutually exclusive. The dems were worried enough to do all they could to ensure their win.

    • @ps_mike – That is the best take on the whole sad sorry affair. It also seems inconceivable that the Swamp will allow a Trump election to happen a second time (2024). I think they would have the woke SJW brigades literally burn the White House down first, with “Dump” in it, if need be.
      (And kudos to whichever commenter on this website coined the name “Dump”)

  5. “He was focused on his fantasy of winning over millions of based blacks”

    Winning the black vote has been a Republican fantasy going way back. Bob Whitaker wrote about it often. If you are interested, search his blog for strings like “black vote” and “there is no black vote”. Bob explained that blacks only vote like regular people, when elections are not close. When elections are close, the Democrats ask what Bob called “the owners of the black vote” to bus them in.

    “By convincing his followers that the election was stolen from him, Trump has drawn attention away from the fact that his 2020 campaign sucked.”

    The MAGA influencers used the same blame shifting strategy. Whenever Trump betrayed his base, they would repeat that Kushner made him do it. Ann Coulter is the only Republican I have seen that is calling Trump disloyal and vain, and his promises don’t mean anything.

    “The idiots around Trump in 2020 were focused on everything but energizing the White vote. ”

    They don’t call the Republican Party, The Stupid Party, for no reason.

    • I always wondered just who advised Trump. He never mentioned the voter base that originally elected him. “The wall” was always on the backburner, and Trump gave Mexicans millions. Those border camps that the Dems raged about, were actually fairly nice, and helped the illegals get in, even easier. Trump’s fanatics always say he couldn’t do anything about these things, but if you look at the power Biden has, you have to wonder.

    • I wonder if Blormp and his family really wanted him to be re-elected in 2020? His re-election campaign was so badly mismanaged in contrast to 2016 one might suspect he didn’t want the job any longer. And if really believed he was cheated out of a second term he would have fought like hell to remain in office, which he didn’t.

  6. Agree Trump screwed up on many levels. The Left has been cheating on elections for decades however. Motor voter etc..

  7. Who gives a fuck if you have been consistent. What are we, conservatives now?

    Muh firmly, consistently held principled beliefs that even knowing full well that in EVERY swing state (the only ones that matter) there were changes to voting regulations allowing unregulated mail in voting that there is ample evidence for the abuse of through printing/stuffing, it was moderates. Them moderates that done it and beat the orange dump who was bad and killed my favorite brown hero general and stuff”.

    Give me a fucking break.

  8. Your “elected” president who got a record number of votes.

    His own people think he’s a total fuck up.

    One year later and we are still hearing from you about how legitimate his election was.

    In all likelihood dump is gonna ride a big red wave to victory in ’24 and you will be right where you were in 2018 being mad at the orange man.

    Nostalgia posting about the legitimacy of the brandon administration for the next three years is gonna buy you fuck all with anybody.

    Lots of people know we all could at LEAST have done just as shitty if Dump had won instead.

    • Biden’s calling half of the country “racists” doesn’t go over well as our paychecks are robbed to pay for everything blacks need and want. The white person is clipping coupons, while the black person loads up the cart with liquor and lobster. When you’re paying for someone else’s joyride…

    • A bunch of people wouldn’t be losing their jobs over ineffective “vaccines”, for one thing.

  9. Mr. Wallace, let me premise post by saying that I agree with you that it’s a good thing that the GOP base is waking up to the anti-white hate that is inherent to the left. I also agree that it’s stupid and futile for the GOP to pander to blacks, hispanics etc. That being said, call me a “cuck”, but I have to ask this question: Does it really help the cause of “red-pilling” the “normies” by using terms such as the N word? How is this helpful to anyone? This is the kind of shit that marginalizes the dissident right. Fuentes was doing great before he used the N word. What the hell is he trying to accomplish? Perhaps “normies” will continue to get “red-pilled” on various issues….but if so, they will get to that point in spite of shit like this, not because of it.

    • @ mr.perro in fuentes is not even in the same universe as the host of this site is, anyone of us will vouch for the host of this site, he does not use the “N” word, the host of this site, is the leading southern intellectual, of this generation, he has demonstrated quite well,the.ability to articulate his thoughts, without resorting to using the “N” word……….

    • Good point. People are now deeply programmed to recoil at hearing that word. I believe in racial separation, but I never liked it when my grandfather used that word.

      • Nah. That word needs massive desensitization. My 1943 Webster’s dictionary defines it succinctly as:
        “noun., vulgar term for a negro; one of several mechanical devices; a native Australian.”
        Time for this magic word to become just another word. Like cracker.

  10. My Lord, how can anyone not see that the Corona pandemic was used as the excuse to use mail in voting to steal the election???? Especially when considering that there were postmarks required for the mail in ballots!!!!

    There’s a reason why it’s called the PLANDEMIC!!!!

    • My guess, he is committed to the idea there must be some other reason Trump “lost” because of how Stop The Steal was coopted by the grift right into a total shit show culminating in the disaster that was Jan. 6th.

      The association of claims of election fraud with those grifters and what they helped do on Jan 6th has convinced him there’s no legitimacy to any of it, so he’s given the abundance of evidence for fraud short shrift and instead put all his faith uncritically in polling numbers originating from political organizations and the media, who even he knows aren’t trustworthy and decided that White moderates flipped the election and thats how a guy literally nobody likes managed to win a record number of votes, but a year later can’t get above low thirties approval even by White moderates who supposedly flipped from dump to him specifically because orange man was so bad.

      Again, that’s my guess.

      He loves him some poll numbers and hates him some orange man. This is the same thing that caused him to be so gay about Covid.

    • “Mail in” ballots, a.k.a. absentee voting is perfectly legit. A county’s entire auditing department would have to be corrupt to fake votes that way.

  11. How could the GOP so successfully craft a platform and a primary in 2016… And then in 2020 settle on something so stupid as we will win with the blacks? I just don’t think they’re that stupid suddenly 4 years later.

    It looks to me like they purposely botched both the audits and the lawsuits allowing it to be stolen. It looks like January 6th actual purpose was to disrupt and prevent the introduction of competing electors and the GOP and Trump went along with that too.

    It also looks to me that the whole purpose was to increase vaccine uptake. How many left wingers would take the vaxx if Trump were still president? What would the vaccination rate be in the United States if Trump were still president?

    It’s not like Trump delivered anything we voted for in 2016 to begin with. It’s not like Biden has delivered anything the lefties voted for in 2020. What it is like is Big Jew using two parties to get something else done that isn’t on anybody’s list below.

    • Trump fired all of the people responsible for his 2016 campaign because Jared didn’t like them. It’s easy to see why the 2020 campaign was so much different from 2016, since the people behind it were completely different.

    • Hmmmm…. let’s see… could it be because the GOP is fake opposition?? Can you name a single law passed under D-jersey rule which has been repealed when the Gay Old Pedos where in nominal control? How about outrageous legislation from the bench by blackrobed kritarchs? The congress can impeach and remove kritarchs. The last one so removed (in 1989, by a D-jersey congress no less) was Alcee Hastings (Hagiography at Wikipedia), who was elected by his fellow groids to congress in 1993, only to die in office less than a year ago after being there a mere 28 years. The R-jerseys did manage to get rid of the D-jersey congressman Jim Trafficante because their AIPAC-command was displeased about his successful defense of John Demanyuk (acquitted of trumped-up charges even by an Israeli court). The GOP only appear to be the stupid party and excel at acting stupid. The reality is that there is only one party – the evil party.

  12. HW, I think DJT lost:
    1) Because he took his white voters for granted
    2) Because Kushner was his Grimma Wormtongue
    3) Because the DEMS cheated- major-level, felony-warranted, CHEATED
    4) DJT was the lesser of two weevils.

    All of those thing worked against Drumpf, and for Senile Joe. And we are the ‘beneficiaries’ of this.
    And we’ll (as usual) have to clean up the mess.
    Why not just start afresh? Secede, and let the godless perish in their anti-sacrament of Covid VAXX?

    • Dronald Drimpf is never going to be president again. His shilling for Big Pharma was the last straw. Maybe it’ll be Eric Trump vs. Manshelle Obama.

  13. I think Ironic (ironically) is correct.

    HW, it’s time to move on. We don’t need to have you corroborate your own legitimacy. We come to this site because we ALREADY believe that. Move on….

    • Of course I’m right. But I appreciate the affirmation.

      I always have and will speak my mind and not give a rip if folks like it or not.

      Hunters not a bad guy, is a good writer, but we don’t agree on 2020 or Covid or the importance of the JQ.

      Not the end of the world. But I reserve the right to be vocal about it as long as its still relevant, which it is still.

    • Hear hear, Fr. John. HW is indeed a fine fellow. We shouldn’t focus on political post-mortems, but rather on building a new and better White society. By the bye what do you think of Nick Fuentes’ and E. Michael Jones’ ultramontanism?

  14. The Gettr styling reminds me of the facial recognition doxing company that Douglass Mackey worked for, smartcheckr (now known as Clearview AI). Also the companies that Dershowitz protege Chuck Johnson started (wesearchr etc.). I don’t know if they’re connected, but it’s interesting that Gettr has this same -r styling as all of the other “right wing” companies associated with this clique of NYC Zionists that surrounded Trump.

  15. George Washington wanted to be King. So he led a coup to overturn the Constitution (the Articles) and replaced it with a Masonic Constitution with a King, in everything but name.

    There is the problem, in a nutshell. Cromwell was a mixed bag at best, but he was right about the main issue, we dont need any King. We already have a King.

  16. My mind is honestly blown that Blormpf still has supporters in 2022. Assuming these are actual good faith comments.

  17. Does anyone else find it funny that both Bannon and Fuentes are both GOP grifters and have Milo on speed dial?

    Zion Don the tangerine con provided Bannon with an unprecedented ‘get out of jail free card,’ prior to Bannon having to face a judge in his wire fraud bilking MAGAtards of money for his “We build the wall” ripoff scheme. All Fuentes’ hero and ‘spank bank’ trump gave him was his middle finger, as he sicced the Feds on him.

  18. @America Always,

    Trump told his Trumptards not to vote by mail because of election fraud certainties, so he screwed himself bigly by only relying on day of voters.

    Face it. Whether Kushner (trump) won the 2020 presidential election by 10 million votes and had 300+ electoral votes, the (((deep state))) was never going to allow him to have a second term.

    Ffs, trump was never a member of CFR, so he was considered persona non grata, even will all his philosemitism and zionist shilling.

    On the other hand, jewish power in America could not allow Cyrus II to continue being POTUS because his rise to the Oval Office was due to dog whistling a few WN talking points. That’s verboten in the jewnited states.

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