Martin Luther King III: Sinema ‘Siding With Legacy Of Bull Connor’

Editor: Could it be any plainer that our politics are fake?

Speaking of inflation …

I don’t think it is just the dollar that is losing its value.

Huffington Post:

“Martin Luther King III blasted Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) after her Thursday speech announcing that she wouldn’t support changes to Senate rules to pass Democrats’ major voting rights bills, accusing the Arizona lawmaker of “siding with the legacy” of prominent segregationists and white supremacists over that of his father, the late civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

“History will remember Sen. Sinema unkindly,” King III said in a statement shortly after Sinema’s speech on the Senate floor ended. “While Sen. Sinema remains stubborn in her ‘optimism,’ Black and Brown Americans are losing their right to vote.

“She’s siding with the legacy of Bull Connor and George Wallace instead of the legacy of my father and all those who fought to make real our democracy,” King added …”

Pierre Delecto and Kyrsten Sinema are Bull Connor now!

Can someone photoshop us a new banner? We need Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema together with Jefferson Davis, Bull Connor and George Wallace.

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  1. This is actually very good news. The direct decendant of Holy Man MLK pronouncing anathemas on other democrats, and failing, is showing that “racist”! Ain’t as effective as she used to be. A few years ago, every politician would have jumped to attention when MLK111 barked. Nobody, but a modest group of lefties and cucks, even care about him anymore. Hero worship time limits do exist, to many younger people, he’s ancient history. And, apparently Sen. Sinema has figured this out. She was quite public about it. Progress for us, indeed.

  2. Yes, Willard Romney definitely belongs on a banner of heroes of the far right, because he is one of the wealthiest Whites – definitely one of the 1/10th of 1%, privileged upper-upper class – and because he is proud of it: He said: “Rich people are smart, that’s why they’re rich” and “There’s nothing wrong with profit.” White working-class believers in the myth of The American Dream agree, and admire him for it.

    I don’t have time to write about some of the other six heroes listed.

      • He’s right where it counts: about The Money.

        You define “right” differently than I do. Don’t be confused by liberal or conservative moral posturing of career politicians. See where they stand (how they vote) on the key issue of class or economic equality that really divides right from real left.

    • My opinion of the two current Alt-Right heroes featured on the OD banner today: (1) The superwealthy Mormon cultist (almost a half-billion dollars net worth) Willard Mitt Romney, is shown apparently laughing at the poor who are “not smart enough” to be rich. “There is nothing wrong with making a profit,” he laughs. He is very anti-communist, anti-Chinese and anti-Russian, and fully supports imperialist global war that is essential to maintaining U.S. capitalism, and that protects and assists his personal gathering of even more unearned wealth. (2) Dr. Kristen Sinema, Esq., also of Mormon descent, is distinguished as the first openly-admitted lesbian and the second LGBT activist to be elected to the U.S. Congress. She has occasionally uttered some anti-war rhetoric, but her voting record supports everything about the U.S.’s global capitalist-imperialist system. She is a Democrat; and the Democratic Party in spite of its fake “left” rhetoric (including “wokeness”) is nothing more than a second right wing of the Beast.

      I would never expect Eugene Debs, a REAL champion of White American working people, to appear on the OD website banner.

    • “Bull” Connor even ordered the arrest of Glen Taylor the running mate of Henry Wallace, the presidential candidate of the Progressive Party at a campaign event in Birmingham. He famously said “There’ s not enough room in this town for Bull and the Commies.” I’ll give him a little credit for being pro-union, for White laborers only.

      Bull is famous for bullying rebellious segregated Blacks with police dogs and horses. In the reverse of Charlottesville and other recent clashes where police forces stand off allowing Antifa to have their way with peaceful demonstrators, Bull instructed his police force to stand off and let the Klan have their way with the Riders, torching, bombing and beating them before the police finally arrived. He said his police “came as quickly as possible” and that “No policemen were in sight as the buses arrived, because they were visiting their mothers on Mother’s Day.”

    • To be fair, the “intelligence community” was as nefarious, if not more so back then, than they are now, at least when it comes to outright murdering people. J. Edgar Hoover was a homosexual and I’m sure he had enemies but exposing people’s private lives was pretty taboo at the time even to expose MLK. Speaking of Jew puppets er I mean philosemites, LBJ really loved having guys assassinated. I’m indifferent to MLK, he probably had his uses for the powers that be at the time like his legacy does now. States and the fed are chock full of self proclaimed communists and “black revolutionaries” now. The biggest threat to you or I is will always be federal government.

    • No one else has their own holiday. Only him. I’m tired of conservatives going on about him, as if he did anything worthwhile. I guess talk is cheap to them. To me, the moderate conservatives are definitely left of center.

  3. ” … Black and Brown Americans are losing their right to vote. …”

    This kind of hyperbole/lie goes unchallenged by almost every media outlet; many will promote it.

    Like I said before: whatever white people do, it’s never enough — Trump, a Republican, pushing the First Step Act and later the Platinum Plan; voting rights for felons being restored in a growing number of jurisdictions/states, which disproportionately benefits Blacks; etc etc — it’s never enough.

    • Trump paid millions to rappers to get them to endorse him in the last fiasco election.
      The whole black and mexican narrative seems to be that nothing is ever enough for them.

  4. Richard Patrick huh?? Is that an Irishmen? This filth ran to us when they were starving and to stupid too go fishing. We feed then full, now look at the thanks we get? That is gratitude for you.

  5. If I didn’t give a shit about the second one, i sure as shit don’t care about the third one.

    While the coons and kiddies are celebrating mlk day I’ll be working overtime.

    FJB and lets go Brandon.

  6. Notice how the language of their talking points flows through the media like a virus?

    Biden makes a reference to Bull Connor in a speech a couple of days ago, and all of a sudden this is the bogeyman they all pivot to. Just like “Build Back Better”, the entirety of western liberal political discourse sounds like a chorus singing the same verse to the same song.

    I’ve been immersed in rightwing and southern nationalist politics the last decade and have been a history buff my entire life, but I can honestly say that Bull Connor is a name I’ve only heard a couple of times. He was really a very minor blip in the civil rights era. Certainly not very relevant to anything going on today. (I mean no offense to anyone who idolizes him. I’m just saying, this was a name that they really had to dredge out of the history books).

    But now they’ve all been cued to incorporate him into their narrative for the next few weeks just to resurrect an old bogeyman and imagery that is meant to scare the Twitter wine aunts and mobilize them.

    • Bull Connor is a big figure in libtard boomer mythology. Nobody else really talks about him or even knows who he was.

  7. Inflated, indeed!

    ” voting rights ” another linguistic sham, using that term to undermine State’s Rights to set their own voting standards.

    Whenever Zog/media assert some fake term, like “voting rights, assume the opposite.

    • I always wondered how his wife got the law to “seal the files”. How did that happen? Or was there something more? Did the FBI compromise something?

    • KT- Who’s going to stop the FBI?

      ALL FEDGOV is, at this point, suspect… and traitorous…. and apostate.

  8. Sinema will be remembered as on the right side of history.
    Nobody wants lefty and the egalitarian workers utopia besides the blue hiveborg conformist dullards who think that they are fighting the man when they are the man.
    Bull Connor was a democrat or Communist Party USA comrade.
    MLK kept his party affiliation hidden like any good fellow traveler.

  9. Fuck MLK III and his whoremongering communist father.

    Funny how the FBI records of the Great Plagiarist were sealed by federal court order for fifty years, isn’t it?

    Wonder what they’re hiding.

    If Sinema were ACTUALLY Bull Connor instead of a batshit crazy bisexual, I’d make her dictator-for-life…

    • 75 years as I recall. I understand that highlights include audio of the holy man screaming “I’m fuckin’ fo Jeee-zus” over and over as he was partying with white whores in some hotel (along with his fellow groid ‘reverends’). It would be great to have that one as a ring-tone to amuse retarded “Christians” who like to prattle on about what a great Christian conservative he wuz. The Old Tranny J. Edgar Hoover really didn’t like the dindu so he had lots of files from surveillance. This was all about to come out in 1968 so St. Martin’s Jew handlers decided to eliminate the problem as its exposure might have enabled someone like George Wallace to win the presidency – which they’d only recently acquired total control over with the elimination of Kennedy.

  10. Don’t forget without the white working class blacks voters become that much more important to the Democrats. This voting rights bill was to be signed into law on the MLK holiday giving Biden a big photo op and big achievement to campaign on with blacks. That is all shot to hell now. MLK day is going to come and go without a grand exalted in your face moment for Biden and his people.

  11. That twitter post by HITLERY Clinton, supposedly says this:

    MLK Jr. said: “I had hoped that the white moderate would understand that law and order exist for the purpose of establishing justice, and that when they fail in this purpose they become the dangerously structured dams that block the flow of social progress.”

    Typical NIGGER MARXIST BULLSH*T. You don’t ‘establish’ justice. It’s ALREADY established… in Heaven! the only ‘law’ one can ‘establish’ is ANOTHER LAW- a law of LAWLESSNESS, which is EXACTLY what Clinton and her scummy ilk have been trying to do, since at least 1954, starting with Brown v. Board!

    The BIBLICAL definition of Law is ‘to restrain ungodliness.’ Here’s another poster’s observations of the LAW:

    “In the sixteenth century, the Protestant Reformers identified three “uses” of the law of God: the civil use (a leash that restrains our corruption), the pedagogical use (a mirror that reveals our sinfulness and points us to Jesus Christ as the only Savior of sinners), and the normative use (a straightedge that guides us in how to please God). The church sometimes thinks of the restraining function of the law as limited to the unregenerate, who need the threat of punishment or the fear of shame to hinder them from being as evil as they might be if left to their own fallen hearts. Yet it is vital to recognize that God’s law also inhibits indwelling sin in those who have been born again, and that this function of the law is one of the ways God enables His people to be the city on a hill He has saved us to be.

    Westminster Confession of Faith 19.6 speaks directly to this oft-neglected purpose of God’s commandments for the believer in Jesus. After acknowledging that genuine Christians are “not under the law, as a covenant of works, to be thereby justified or condemned,” the confession asserts that the normative and pedagogical uses of the law are continually operative in the life of the saint. The Westminster divines then affirm that the law also serves as a dam to prevent a flood of ungodliness from bursting forth from the Christian: “It is likewise of use to the regenerate, to restrain their corruptions.”

    The point I am trying to make, is that MLK was a law-BREAKER…. over and over and over again.
    He has, NOR EVER HAD, the ability to SPEAK AUTHORITATIVELY on the Law of God, in that he was an ANTI-Law (antinomian) heretic!

    So, too, his (likely) bastard son. [If not truly, then at least covenantally- Heb. 12:8]
    Let the dead bury the dead. MLK and his entire race is dead, covenantally. REMOVE THEM.

  12. A tiny fraction of Blacks have figgered out that they’re just pawns in a political game that doesn’t involve them as actual players.

    We need to buy them back, and take them away from our enemies. Which may not be feasible for much longer, since the Oligarchs(K) are replacing them with Mestizos and Asiatics.

    • Why do you want them? Why do you want anyone who is not our kind, on our side? Unless you can turn them against their masters…

    • It’s a statistically meaningless number. Leave them to their fate. Our efforts must be directed to saving our own people. Put a more old-fashioned way: Charity begins at home. As for what calls itself Christianity these days, most fit well with Christ’s depiction of the Pharisees, who would ‘travel over land and sea for new converts, only to make them twice the disciple of hell they were themselves’.

  13. Any black who thinks he’s oppressed and demands to live with his oppressors when he can go to 50+ black countries to be with his own is a fraud.

  14. I heard that most of “Doctor” King’s recorded speeches and visual images are not part of the public domain, which is rather surprising for a “civil rights leader”. No, they are the property of the King family and you must pay them first before they can be used. Sho’ beats workin’ fo’ a livin’!

    • It was general knowledge that King’s Divinity thesis was very much plagiarized. That’s why “conservatives” never talk about it.

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