Gov. Glenn Youngkin Gets To Work

We’re tackling anti-Semitism on Day One. It looks like there is more good than bad here though.

Note: I’m currently on the road and don’t have the time to dig through this.

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  1. re Exec Order #8:

    Haxo hereby applies for a position

    on Youngkin’s commission

    to “combat antisemitism”.

    • antisemitism : you don’t dare to criticize judaism, but they’re free to endlessly insult an slander you.

    • Youngkin’s first day in office landed this JEWISH SUPREMACIST LIE, front and center:

      “Other orders include declaring the state open for business, preventing and combatting human trafficking and to establish a commission on antisemitism.”

      What is ‘anti-semitism’? Here is the ONLY valid definition, by an Israeli Jew.

      “..Anti-Semitism -it’s a trick, we always use it. When from Europe somebody is criticising Israel, then we bring up the Holocaust. When in this country [the US] people are criticising Israel, then they are antisemitic.” – Shulamit Aloni, 2002 interview, Israeli former member of Parliament (cf You Tube)

      Tell Youngkin that his willingness to avoid Lysenkoism in COVID and CRT,
      as Dr. Elhaik’s DNA study proved!

    • Haxo, exactly my thought: The only way to remove the poison that will ultimately betray all the good that Youngkin initially might do is to put a proven anti-semite in charge of Youngkins little war on goyim noticing. Give his Jewish masters their pound of flesh but poison it with truth – lol.

    • Though Haxo would indeed be a perfect member of this commission, and even better choice would be to appoint a board consisting of genuine Semites (as Fr. John noted above). The commission therefore should consist of Arab Muslims and Arab Christians, with maybe some Amharic Ethiopians and a token Shepardic Jew (for entertainment value). All would be Semites. I somehow don’t think Youngkin’s AIPAC masters would approve of this…

  2. Christ was the biggest anti-Shem there ever was retard. We would be better off with a potato as governor.

    • I was wondering if he had booked his trip to jerk off on the (((jizz))) encrusted “Wailing Wall” or maybe it already happened? Pence looked like he was even licking it.

  3. Re: “It looks like there is more good than bad”:

    Good? By what standard?

    Evangelical Zio-con and private equity firm executive Glenn Youngkin’s definition of anti-Semitism includes any criticism of the conquest and genocide of Palestine! His attack on academic discussion and theory of systemic race conflict in the U.S. (that really DOES exist) is another aspect of his full support of the U.S.-centered global capitalist system. He promotes “racial unity” and opposes “racism” in all its forms, especially anti-Semitism. He opposes socialism even more. Yes, his firm did business in China, but that doesn’t mean he respects the Chinese people.

    The business of the Youngkin administration of the state of Virginia is BUSINESS, just like the business of the federal government is BUSINESS. It doesn’t matter which one of the twin parties wins on the state or the federal level. There is no republic of, by and for the people. There isn’t even a people, only a population.

  4. “We would be better off with a potato as governor.”

    Virginia and the rest of Dixie would be better off if we had governors and statesmen who weren’t Neocon cucks, scalawags, carpetbaggers, or always pandering to Yankees, and worshipping Jews.

  5. Surprise! A Republican who will NOT defend the South and overturn all the cultural genocide against white Southerners that has occurred by his predecessors and completely restore what Joe’s domestic terrorists have done to Virginia. And he even seems so happy about the fact. I am “sure” all the anti-white people love him. I am “sure” they don’t even think he is really white. What a worthless politician…Nikki Haley II or is it XXXX or more by now. Wish John Wilkes Booth could come back and do a “reenactment” for us. Just sayin’.

    Hey, Youngkin! Are you going to get rid of CRT in the schools that has existed for over 160 years so Southern kids don’t have to be made to feel ashamed about their ancestors?

    CRT = Confederates = Racist/Rebel Traitors

    I didn’t think so, you COWARD!!!

    • Correction:

      Not “XXXX”, but “XL” (for eXtra Liberal).

      Forgive my Roman ciphering. I’ve been reduced to dealing with the binary system (0s & 1s) for too many years now it seems and there is no “0” in the Roman Numerals.

      “Place-keeping” zeros are alien to the system of Roman numerals – however the actual number zero (what remains after 1 is subtracted from 1) was also missing from the classical Roman numeral system. The word nulla (the Latin word meaning “none”) was used to represent 0, although the earliest attested instances are medieval. For instance Dionysius Exiguus used nulla alongside Roman numerals in a manuscript from A.D.525. About 725, Bede or one of his colleagues used the letter N, the initial of nulla or of nihil (the Latin word for “nothing”) for 0, in a table of epacts, all written in Roman numerals.
      — Wikipedia: “Roman numerals”

  6. Again, pay attention to what he’s really doing, not happy-talk headlines. Like appointing this appalling creature as Virginia Education Secretary. A couple of days after I discovered this interesting fact, a saw another announcement that we was appointing two CRT opponents to some kind of board. So which of these appointments has the real control over what is taught in VA public schuls? The schomo is always in the details. That’s what they are taught in the Talmud. Don’t be stupid cattle, it’s what Youngkin’s (((donors))) are counting on. Every. Single. Time.

  7. Politicians that smile a lot, especially Whites, are not the sober-faced executioner-type looking people you would want to have in charge of your society/civilization. Youngkin looks like a political prostitute who would submit to any powerful political group and willingly allow them to force Whites into cultural slavery, destroy their history/heritage to achieve his own political goals just as all the Marxist/Communist Dems before him: (black-face) Northam, McAuliffe, etc.

    On day one he has already displayed his whoredom by confirming the cultural genocidal policies of his predecessors and not restoring what was ripped away from them by Joe Biden’s violent domestic terrorists. No real leader in charge. DOA.

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