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For once, we all agree.

The combination of COVID, the George Floyd riots, the full throated embrace of Ibram X. Kendism by the establishment, Dump losing the 2020 election and Joe Biden’s faltering presidency has had a profound on White America since 2019. We’re coming off a year which started with normies storming the Capitol and the term anti-White, the Great Replacement and secession going mainstream.

The 2022 midterms are going to be a wave of pure kneejerk backlash politics. Obviously, we should try to take advantage of this and follow the example already being set by Qtards and Threepers and run for state and local offices. Steve Bannon is right for once. Millions of people are going to storm the polls in November to own the libs and vote “Let’s Go Brandon” without giving any thought to who is on the ballot. It is an opportunity for lots of folks on our side to launch their political careers.

We’re not saying go the full Art Jones:

In 2018, Art Jones ran as a Republican in Illinois’s 3rd Congressional District. He won a over 25% of the vote in a heavily Democrat district. As his Wikipedia article notes, Republican candidates in previous years had won 35.4%, 31.5%, 24.3% and 21.4% of the vote in that district due to polarization.

Don’t run a campaign for U.S. Senate like Glenn Miller either:

Be smart.

Ask yourself the following questions.

1. Are you are interested in running for state and local office? If yes, proceed.

2. Where do you live? Do you live in a rural area, small town, small metro, college town, working class suburb, middle class suburb, urban core? What kind of district do you live in? If most people are going to come to the polls in your area to vote for “Let’s Go Brandon,” proceed. Ideally, we are talking about rural areas, small towns, small metros which are deep inside Trump Country like southwest Virginia.

3. Do you have low name ID? Are you a known public figure in the “far right”? If you are not someone who is well known like myself or Gregory Hood and fit the profile of an anonymous supporter, proceed.

4. Are you running to express your own views or to acquire political power? If it is the former, you are better off being an activist or doing media. All politicians play the game and hide their power level. If you are capable of doing that and representing your district, proceed.

5. Are you capable of focusing on your district and not drawing national attention to your campaign? The only people who need to know you are running for office are people who live in your area. You don’t need to tell everyone on Twitter or Gab or draw the attention of “journalists” and “extremism researchers.” If you are capable of running a quiet race that is purely local without spilling the beans, proceed.

6. What position are you running for as a candidate? How do you want to push the envelope? Truth be told, it is better to meet people where they are and run campaigns on ideas which are already in circulation. So, you might want to run as a generic pro-White or pro-South candidate. You can run against CRT or affirmative action or the Great Replacement or open borders to signal normies. You can run against Antifa. Everyone hates them now. You can run on defending historic monuments. You can run against COVID authoritarianism. It really depends on what you are running for as a candidate like state representative or county commission or city council or to get on a school board.

7. What is your strategy to own the libs? This is what the audience wants. You need to be willing to give them red meat. Just say you are standing up for White people and running against the Great Replacement.

The bottom line is this: if we just got a bunch of people elected to state and local offices who are generically pro-White, which is to say, willing to stand up for White people and defend our heritage and oppose demographic replacement, this alone would be a giant step forward.

Look at where Republicans win by blowout margins in a close year like 2020:

These are the ideal places to run like the Ozarks, Appalachia or rural Midwest.

Even if live in a D+10 state though like Virginia or New Jersey, the “Let’s Go Brandon” wave might honestly be massive enough to carry you to victory. Remember, an unknown trucker in New Jersey knocked off a Democrat who was the head of the state senate after only spending $153 on his race. Normally, this would be out of reach, but the Democrat brand is a raging dumpster fire in 2022.

Remember, all you really have to do is hide the power level, avoid attracting attention from “journalists” and ride the wave to victory. We win through being quiet, not loud and obnoxious.

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  1. It appears that the district that gave the Nazi Art Jones 25% of the vote is very White, but very multi-ethnic, and it would interesting to learn which ethnic group gave him the most support, and whether the support was mostly triggered by seeing the word “socialist” (although Naziism is really anti-socialist). According to Wikipedia, the third congressional district is “the home of numerous sizable and historic ethnic groups including Irish, Polish, Arab, German, Italian and Czech immigrants and their descendants. At 14.2%, the Irish make up the largest white ethnic group in the district,[9][10] most prominently in the Bridgeport area (the ancestral neighborhood of the Daley family and other Chicago Irish politicians) and the Mount Greenwood-Beverly area; it is the largest Irish population in any district west of Philadelphia’s suburbs.[11] The Polish form the next largest white ethnic group at 13.5%,[9] tying the northwest side’s 5th District for the second highest percentage of any district, behind only New York’s 27th congressional district.[11] The next largest white ethnic groups are Germans (11.0%) and Italians (6.9%).[9] Of the suburbs primarily south of 87th Street (in Palos and Worth Townships), 9 of 10 have larger Irish than Polish populations, usually by large margins; but north of 87th Street, in those areas in Lyons Township south of Interstate 55 or in the townships to the east of Harlem Avenue, 9 of 10 suburbs have greater Polish populations than Irish, again by large margins. In Oak Lawn, the district’s largest suburb, Irish outnumber Polish 30%-19%; in neighboring Burbank, the district’s third largest suburb, Polish outnumber Irish by an identical margin. More recently a large Mexican community has moved to the district, notably in Berwyn, Cicero, Hodgkins and Summit where they represent over 30% of the population, and along Archer Avenue, a major Chicago artery that runs through the district’s northern section.[10] There is also a sizable Greek community in Oak Lawn and Palos Hills. In the last two decades, there has been notable Arab settlement in the vicinity of Bridgeview, and by the 2000 Census, Arabs represented one of the five largest non-Hispanic ethnic groups in Bridgeview and three adjacent suburbs. Approximately 41% of the district’s residents live in Chicago. Roughly 21% of the district’s population are Hispanic, 68% are Caucasian, 6% are African American and 3% are Asian; redistricting following the 2000 Census and the continued influx of Hispanics tripled the minority population from a decade earlier, as the district in its previous configuration had a population that was 7% Hispanic, 2% African American and 1% Asian….”

    • Irish American politics in and near Chicago had its day. That ship has sailed.

      These types always remember “The Good Old Democrat, Catholic Church, the White Sox and Da Bears days”.

      These types are the same as White Southerners that kept voting local, state and national Democrat for over 100 years after the end of the US Civil War. They remember when SEC football had Ol Miss waving Confederate Rebel flags and Archie Manning was the Ol Miss QB.

      These folks were still voting Yellow Dog Democrat when the National Democrat party was taken over by the most anti White Js and incompetent Blacks like Coleman Young, Marion Barry, Jacob Javits, Norman Lear.


  2. After posting the previous comment I just read about the Art Jones’ 2018 campaign, and now I remember hearing about it at the time. He ran unopposed in the primary and became the Republican candidate to the great embarrassment and consternation of GOP officials. He received mostly Republican and some independent votes running as a Republican. His support had nothing to do with using the term “national socialist” and his Nazi reputation cost him votes – not that the final outcome was ever in doubt.

  3. The Glenn Miller campaign ad was inarticulate, extremely negative, talked about everything being wrong, opposed socialism and offered people no hope.

  4. Yeah, Brad! The next few elections, starting with this one, are going to see a chance for an outsider to get elected. But, it will be hard work, and, will cost you money. You will put more than a few thousand miles on your car, and you will spend a lot of time writing letters, making phone calls, and cold calling or visiting with tribal chiefs & indian princesses of various weights.

    Don’t spend a lot of money on printing. A good quality embossed business card will be more than sufficient.

    Be sure and get the information from your local board of elections on what you need to do to get on the ballot. If an office requires 50 signatures, get 500.

  5. @Brad Your name could help you. What are the demographics of the county you live in, and the adjoining counties?

    But, Greg who???

  6. The whole process is screwed. Just on a whim, I looked at my state. US Reps get an annual salary @ $200k- ridiculous. Whatever for? (looking at the campaign war chests, also clearly point to the RICH only being able to ‘buy/influence’ the vote for them. Meanwhile the State Reps get 1/3 of my middle-class, middle-income salary, (i.e., not enough to live on, even here!) and are expressly FORBIDDEN to keep your prior job- even should you be able to!

    So, only the very rich, or the terminally dependent on the state’s largesse [welfare] types, will run for office.

    Same with looking into law schools. The ABA doesn’t permit much ‘online’ programs, and those few that do, mandate multiple ‘on-campus’ residencies throughout the year, that only work if you live within two hours of the campus! And the cost for a complete, 3-yr. JD program is often over $100k!!! That’s BEFORE you take the bar, and BEFORE you get a job, on COMMISSION. Again, system is rigged for jews and crooks (same thing).

    No, the more I look at it, Secession becomes ever more the only valid/Biblical option left to us.

  7. Yep. And resist the urge to go national or even international.

    Tim O’Neil once said; “All elections are local”. I’d add all elections are local and identitarian/racial.

    Study White political candidates who were once successful like George Wallace, Chicago Mayor Daley Sr. or David Duke in the early 1990s. What did they do to be competitive? It sure wasn’t campaigning in South Florida promising to end all Social Security payment to old, retired White people. Yeah Ron Paul did that in the GOP Presidential Florida primary. He did not win in double figures.

    Don’t lie, but tell potential voters what they want to hear. Do some local market research. What do locals like and what do they hate. What sports teams to they support. Make your campaign use the colors of the most popular local sports teams East Tennessee is Orange and White, the Tennessee Vols.

    Try to find much loved local pop/sports stars like some retired professional wrestler like Jessie the Body Ventura.

    Regular folks want to elect someone that they envision they could be not some high IQ policy wonk.

  8. Be normal looking. Dress like other mainstream politicians. No natsoc or confederate imagery. No juvenile, “let me show how based I am” language. Don’t run if you’re a degenerate. Pester Amren, Vdare, and Counter-currents for campaign funding because that’s where all the money in Der Movement goes, and there is a lot of it. Time for the grifters to put their money where their mouths are.

  9. This is pretty good advice. If you cannot get on the R-jersey ticket (see details of how the Repuke machine, wholly owned by the usual suspects, derailed Ron Paul in favor of Mitt Wormney in 2012), go for Constitution Party. Especially if local R-jerseys are owned by AIPAC. Keep a low profile on certain topics (race, JQ) and focus on winning the votes – assuming the machine does not see you as a threat (otherwise the fraud-machine will be deployed by R-jerseys as well as D-jerseys). If the focus is kept on an essentially populist message – against open borders, “free” (e.g. rigged) trade, foreign wars, oligarchs above law, Wokeism, CRT, Let’s Go Brandon, for upholding 2nd amendment, religion, intact families, good jobs here in US, small business enterprise vs. massive rackets like Blackrock, Big Pharma, etc. (Big Business bad, small business good). Emphasize the need for local rule rather than rule from the Great Dismal Swamp (DC) or the State version of same.

    Put another way, run like the now-extinct Dem as were once found in locales like the coal-belt of Southern Illinois (until the Clinton era, these folks kept a lid the insanity of the Chicago Woke Mob), parts of Kentucky, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and similar places. When came to the 2nd amendment, globalism, imperial wars, etc these guys held the line for many years. Not so good on public education (federal control needs to be abolished and even state control needs to be minimized) if you’re going to keep it.

    Once in office vote exactly as promised. Read the damned laws being proposed yourself. Deliver to those who cast votes for you, not to big party donors, especially not those who voted against you. Don’t be a typical Repuke, in other words.

  10. Would be great one day to see a political map with every country in the South colored gray to indicate Secesh (Secessionist) Party. Now that would be real progress.

  11. If you’re to the right of the GOP, you really don’t have a chance and if by chance you do win, you will not be backed by Con Inc. Both parties want to keep the status quo. No competition.

    • Pat Buchanan is the King of the “Conservative” grifters. He’s never been elected to anything. Just another Irish Roman Catholic blowhard, of which there are many.

      Btw, Pat’s probably worth at least $100 million, and maybe more. I hope he’s shared a little cash with James Edwards who promotes him. Not that Pat doesn’t say the right thing.

  12. Love watching that video of a dumpster on fire being swept away by a flood. Could watch if for hours. Reminds me of the Yankee Empire being swept away by the progressive flood of Communism.

    May God Save the South!

    • I once saw a real-life dumpster fire, at an apartment complex where I lived (in another lifetime) in a large southern city.
      I have to admit, it was hard to look away.

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