Ruy Teixeira: The Democrats’ Voting Rights Chimera

Top Democratic strategists are hostages of these people who are driving the clown car over the cliff.


“The Democratic focus in the new year has been on trying to pass some version of voting rights reform. President Biden went down to Georgia and put the effort in stark terms: “Do you want to be on the side of Dr. King or George Wallace? Do you want to be on the side of John Lewis or Bull Connor? Do you want to be on the side of Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis?”

Aside from the unhinged level of hyperbole here, is this choice of focus wise? Democrats seem to believe both that this focus will produce big electoral dividends and, more grandiosely, that it is the key to saving democracy in the United States.

Wrong. Oh so very wrong. Here are five reasons why.

1. As a practical matter, it will fail. The Democrats will not succeed in breaking the filibuster to pass either the For the People Act or the somewhat more modest Freedom to Vote Act. There are no indications that Manchin and Sinema will relent on this, not to mention the various moderate Senators hiding behind them. It seems unlikely that comparing some of their fellow Democrats to George Wallace, Bull Connor and Jefferson Davis will pry these votes loose.

Some may argue that trying and failing to pass a big voting rights bill will nevertheless pay electoral dividends by firing up partisans. More realistically, losing is losing; demoralization seems the more likely outcome. The noble failure theory of politics has a poor track record.

2. The second thing wrong with the current focus is it’s not what the people want. In truth, it’s passing strange that Democrats would choose to elevate this issue at a moment when their political fortunes have declined drasticallyeconomic pessimism is rampant, inflation has been spiking and we are in the midst of another covid wave. …”

Who came up with that Bull Connor line in Biden’s speech in Atlanta? Who keeps putting words like “Latinx” in his mouth? You would think whoever is doing this would have been fired by now in light of the poll numbers.

Note: It isn’t unhinged hyperbole.

If you are one of these lunatics who believes that “white supremacy” is everywhere and that non-Whites are being crushed by systematic racism in Joe Biden’s America, you earnestly see the world in those terms.

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  1. My NPR brainwashed boomer mother asked me if I was a “white supremacist”. Don’t underestimate the effects of 50+ years of anti-white propaganda. These drones would even vote for Hillary in 2024.

    • Boomers are really sick people for the most part. With a few exceptions they wont be helping with even basic survival. They just don’t care.

      • Dr. John Malone is a boomer that is helping. Roger Waters a little. Van Morrison a little. Help me out here. I’m not even out of fingers on one hand yet. Ron Paul is Silent Gen.

        • Don’t think Mel Gibson is smart enough but hopefully he proves me wrong with his Rothschild’s movie.

          • @KT – Look to real people who are toiling in the trenches rather than vapid “celebrities” and you will see many more. How many public celebrities of any generation are doing anything to “aid basic survival” ??

  2. There’s a “conservative” local radio talk show where I live, that insults people by calling them, “a Jefferson Davis”. Imagine that. I’d consider it a compliment. These crazy “moderate” conservatives and their whole fear of being racist and caring about nonwhites.
    This whole voting drama is just talk. Unless any laws are passed, it’s just verbal ping pong again.

  3. >You would think whoever is doing this would have been fired by now in light of the poll numbers.
    I don’t get why anybody think that Globohomo is competent enough to act rationally, when they base policies on that it’s the regime media simulacra that is the real world, and not what folks can see with their lying eyes?

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