Joe Biden’s Worst Week Ever

Everyone is making fun of Joe Biden.

Michael Smerconish and Damon Linker aren’t even impressed.

  • Highest inflation in 40 years
  • Highest COVID infections ever
  • Vaccine mandate blocked
  • Voting rights blocked
  • Snubbed by Stacey Abrams and Kyrsten Sinema
  • Build Back Better still dead
  • Child Tax Credit dead
  • 33% in Quinnipiac poll
  • Foreign policy crisis brewing with Russia
  • Compared Kyrsten Sinema, Joe Manchin, Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse to Bull Connor
  • 1/6 coverage flopped
  • Civil War 2 hysteria
  • Called for censorship of social media
  • Gas prices, violent crime and record illegal immigration still lurking in the background
  • Wokeism still suppressing his approval rating

Weak. Hysterical. Incompetent. Ineffective. Let’s Go Brandon

Note: Democrats have lost the plot with obsessive coverage of 1/6 and the Oath Keepers indictment and now find themselves falling apart over a voting rights bill no one ever cared about.

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  1. Is Joe Biden the worst president in the post-1945 period, especially considering the new Russia situation he is creating? Bush at least had a real excuse to go to war with 9/11. Everyone knew Trump’s Iran episodes were glitches in his malfunctioning administration.

    Democrats are remarkably toxic garbage. They effectively hold hostage a variety of programs many like, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, PSLF, and then try to force the poisonous woke crap as the main priority in their policy, which swiftly collapses and then the aforementioned programs are at the mercy of the GOP to slash and privatize into oblivion. I don’t know what Richard Spencer saw in this party besides his own resentment.

    • “Bush at least had a real excuse to go to war with 9/11.” Ha ha…no he didn’t. He ad an excuse to hunt down the people who did it, the people who set them up, and end Muslim immigration.

  2. What’s really sad is there are many, including Whites that think he’s doing a good job. The govt is morally corrupt but so are many ordinary citizens in this nation.

    • That’s my opinion too. Too many Whites are not thinkers beyond what they can get easily. I had a guy tell me that he has what he wants…he can golf every day, pick up a box of beer, and watch TV later. He was older and retired at 52. But he looked like he was 72.

  3. When ZOG’s official media turns against Biden you know the jig is up. Hillary Clinton/Manshelle Obama
    vs. Willard Romney/Liz Cheney in ’24?

  4. Another setback for the Biden administration, In Africa: U.S. special forces, along with French forces and SWEDISH forces (yes you read that right, hyper-capitalist Sweden, now a de facto partner of NATO) are all being expelled from resource-rich Mali. Thousands of Malian citizens were demonstrating in the streets recently, cheering on the government to free them from White neocolonial masters. Signs are up everywhere announcing the nationwide boycott of French products and services. Burkina Faso (formerly called French Upper Volta) may be next, where Thomas Sankara was liberator way ahead of his time:

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