Brian Stelter: OAN Just Got Deplatformed By DirecTV

This could be huge.

This might be what saves “our democracy.”

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  1. 1. CNN viewership decline of around 80% might give pause before Steler starts crowing about a woke mega-corp canceling a conservative news outlet.
    2. If Steler had a journalist’s news sense, he might grasp that the war between big business and the American people might be a big enough story to gain back some of CNN’s lost audience,
    3. Biden and Harris standing in buckets of shit couldn’t attract flies on a hot summer’s day. The same cannot be said of Trump.

    • You don’t understand the system. It does not matter how few people listen to CNN, just as it makes no difference how few subscribers the Washington Post has. Both are propaganda ministries of the Deep State and they will be on the air or printing as long as the empire is sufficiently strong. There is no way either is actually profitable. Along with being a propaganda ministry, both are essentially a money-laundering operations for areas where DS rakes in huge sums (usury, drugs, human-trafficking, etc.). Bezos picked up the WP for 650 million after he got a 2 billion contract from DOD/CIA, etc. Chicken feed to him.

    • “If Steler had a journalist’s news sense”

      “What is a journalist, but a street cleaner with a pen”


      • And the same can be said of ALL politicians (DJT or Senile Joe):

        “An ‘honest’ politician…. is one that stays bought.” – Robert A. Heinlein, American sci-fi writer

  2. Stelter is a fat, effeminate jewish pansy but I think he may be right about Trump’s waning influence/ popularity. At any rate we should not be concerning ourselves too much about which ZOG candidate is going to win a given race. Secession, gentlemen!

    • Spawn- so glad to see you come to your senses… “Secession, gentlemen!”

      “… the existence of a common and distinctive quality of all humans need not imply their social, political, or existential equality, any more than the fact that all material objects have mass imply that they all have the same weight…”.

      “Even granting a “brotherhood of men” under Christ, “the brotherhood of men does not imply their equality.” He continues: “Neither does men’s equality before God imply their equality as among themselves.” Even if God, from his divine and lofty standpoint, views us all as equals, any putative inter-human equality “is entirely irrelevant”…”.

      “The historical and psychological researches of the past century have rendered the theory which lies behind the practice of modern democracy entirely untenable. Reason is not the same in all men; human beings belong to a variety of psychological types separated from one another by irreducible differences.” – A. Huxley – all from

      A White, Christian, Ethnostate, q.e.d. ‘… it is in heaven.” – J.C.

      ” The Framers at the Constitutional Convention issued a death warrant against Christianity….the death sentence was officially delivered by the Fourteenth Amendment. It has been carried out with escalating enthusiasm since the 1950’s…To admit the historical truth of 1787-89 would mean that a restoration of so-called “original American Constitutionalism” would change nothing covenantally. The nation would still rest judicially on an APOSTATE COVENANT. [Why?] The text [of the Constitution] categorically prohibits the imposition of the biblical covenant oath in civil law. Let us put it covenantally: what the text of the U.S. Constitution prohibits is covenantal Christianity…. this worldwide legal transformation is the crisis of Western Civilization…” North, Political Polytheism, pp. 691-92,94.

      St. Philaret of Moscow stated: “Love your personal enemies, hate the enemies of Christ, destroy the enemies of the fatherland.”

      ????????? ? ???????

  3. It will be interesting to see if conservatives/queers band together to defend OAN. What I’d love to see is OAN being retained, but the main scam that company runs- a channel selling garbage costume jewellery called ‘A Wealth Of Entertainment’- being taken off the air. After all, how does scamming boomers out of their money for plastic ‘jewels’ worth five dollars relate to ‘free speech’?

  4. I agree that vicious neocon propaganda outlets like OAN should be banned, just for different reasons than Brian Stelter does. CNN and Brian Stelter should also be banned, of course.

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