James Carville: Advice For Democrats, “You Gloat and You Promote”


Democrats have a lot to boast about in 2022:

  • Highest inflation in 40 years
  • Highest inflated political rhetoric ever cheapened the charge of “racism”
  • Highest levels of COVID infections ever
  • Probably 1 million COVID deaths with the vast majority of them under Biden
  • Vaccine mandates for a vaccine that doesn’t even work against Omicron
  • Liberals are laughing at the CDC
  • Drove thousands of people into unemployment over a vaccine mandate which was blocked by the Supreme Court which only created more polarization
  • Censorship of the internet
  • Unprecedented assault on civil liberties
  • Hundreds of destroyed historic monuments
  • “Trans” in everything like Admiral Levine
  • Persuaded the cops to quit their jobs en masse
  • The federal government went woke under Joe Biden with “equity” being the focus of public policy
  • Became the party of Wokeism
  • Gas prices up 50% in winter and sure to spike again ahead of the midterms
  • Highest level of illegal immigration ever
  • “Defund the Police” unleashed the largest crime wave since the 1990s
  • Humiliated by Taliban on the world stage
  • No $15 minimum wage
  • No student loan debt relief
  • Voting rights reform dead
  • Build Back Better dead
  • Child tax credit dead
  • Probably going to lose Roe v. Wade
  • Obsessive 1/6 “pro-democracy” coverage flopped
  • Made it safe for Republicans to talk about White people and the Great Replacement
  • Failed so badly that Donald Trump looks competent in comparison and set him up for a comeback

Still though, you got to admire James Carville for putting on a brave face in public with headwinds like this. Now that’s a professional!

Note: At least they got Juneteenth. It wasn’t a total loss.

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  1. Make another list with the OPPOSITE of almost every point on your list, and you would have a list of some of the successes of China under the leadership of comrade Xi. Colonized, pre-revolutionary China was one of the poorest countries in the world, but now it is the world’s most productive, and arguably the world’s most advanced economy with very high and now further increasing equality. Don’t blame the stark difference on Biden or the Democrats, or the Republicans, who are all just puppet figureheads.

    • You’re correct. This is comparing a real country (China) with an utterly fake empire (Rotten Banana Empire). I agree that Xi is a serious world leader who has new ideas. I intend to read more about them. From what I have skimmed they have very deep Chinese roots. Xi’s characterization by Trumptards and boomers as a “Chi-com Diktator” is moronic. Yes he’s the boss of China. That being said most Chinese I’ve encountered seem to like him.

      I never felt hated and despised as a white man when I was there. I saw more whites on Chinese advertisements than I do in the USA by far. Negroes were only rarely seen – and never on ads. The place was very well run and Xi’s anti-corruption campaign seemed to be getting real results. China allowing Fauci & Co. to carry out gain-of-function (= bio-weapaon) research in Wuhan (national transportation hub) was a massive error, though this could have been corrupt elements in party apparatus who oppose Xi.

      • “this could have been corrupt elements in party apparatus”:

        Yes, the Party was becoming very corrupt in the Deng Xiaoping “reform” (aka “capitalist road”) ‘years, admitting people who were joining it for financial advantage instead of public service. Xi is reversing the direction China was headed, hopefully just in time. Membership requirements for the Party have been made very strict, both morally and ideologically. Increasing general prosperity (aka “prosperity for all”) especially for the very large rural population that was left behind during the “capitalist road” years, is the main concern now. Inequality is actually decreasing in China (unlike most of the rest of the world) as billionaires and multi-millionaires are being required to “share the wealth,” or else. Putin can barely control his oligarchs, but China executes them.

        • Worship of Satan, no matter how well organized his anti-kingdom, still gets you in Hell, when all things are done..

          China is a godless, ant-hill, genocide-complicit third-rate Jewish-derived Marxist/Internationalist Culture, with massive pollution and ecological destruction, as well as clear genocidal tendencies (Uighurs, just to mention one) at home, let alone, abroad.

          If you want to laud a dictatorship, why not emulate a Whites-elevating one, like that of Hitler? Oh, yes, because that is not ‘valid/trendy/permissable’ at the present TALMUDDIED moment, but lauding our common enemy, is……?!


          Why do you stupid Whites, who loathe your covenant’s God, continue to seek your own destruction, and pretend it’s a godly solution!?!?! When all you would have to do, to have almost IMMEDIATE surcease to these issues, would be to restore/institute an overtly Christian political/moral order, JEWS BE DAMNED! (they already are, anyway…. John 8:44)

          ‘On the other hand, Christians are under the civil law because they are under civil sanctions, just as everyone is supposed to be. The judicial question is this: “Whose civil law and which civil sanctions?” In a Christian commonwealth, God’s Biblical civil laws are supposed to apply to every resident. This is the biblical principle of the rule of law in action. “One law shall be to him that is homeborn, and unto the stranger that sojourneth among you” (Ex. 12:49).’

          “According to this epistle, biblical law is not a temporary intrusion into the historical development of the kingdom of God. On the contrary, it is at the heart of this development, not as a means of redemption, but as a tool of dominion.” p. 29, -G. North, “Hierarchy and Dominion- An Economic Commentary on I Timothy,” 2012, Point Five Press.

          “Because men loved the darkness rather than the Light because their deeds were evil.”- John 3:19

          • You’re absorbing too much propaganda, some of it from evangelical Dominionist-Calvinist sources that you quote. “Genocidal tendencies”? Do you believe the CIA’s (and Turkey’s) “Uighur Holocaust” story? Uighurs are a Turkic minority, on the periphery of China which is 90% ethnic Han overall. All other ethnic groups, including Tibetans and Mongols are single digit percentages, and not mixed in but located separately near the northern, southern and western borders.

            Chinese culture is certainly not “Jewish-based.” That is absurd.

            We don’t need to and it is not natural to LIKE a foreign culture, because we naturally like our own (although rootless cosmopolitans don’t really have one) but it is rational, and godly, to respect foreign cultures. You cannot be a true nationalist without also being internationalist. All peoples share the same planet, all are human, and there is only one God who gave his Son for the propitiation for the sins of all mankind.

            Concerning “environmental destruction,” you are reading old news and/or propaganda. In recent years, China has become a leader in solar, wind, nuclear and other non-fossil fuel energy (however I do not agree with the use of nuclear for electricity production), air and water pollution control, and ecological preservation and restoration – recently achieving the record of the world’s largest (by land area) national park system including all kinds of habitat from marsh to jungle to grassland, and some of the greatest biodiversity outside of the Amazon. You need to read accurate sources of information.

            Half-socialist/half-capitalist China is far from perfect, but give credit where credit is due. The U.S. is perhaps farther from Christ than China. The U.S. is certainly not showing the light of Christ to the world, only religious hypocrisy.

      • It’s funny that all of the people western governments tell us are evil dictators like Xi, Putin, etc. all have double the approval of any western “democratic” leader. Xi has overwhelming support from the people of China because he has actually improved the lives of people in China. Meanwhile, half of the USA doesn’t even agree that Biden is the real president. The other western leaders aren’t doing much better.

  2. In all fairness to the pathetic Drooling Shitpants marionette, most evil trends on that list were already well underway during the mis-rule of the “God-Emperor” of Grift via his Grima Wormtongue son-in-law. The Dementia Joe regime just put the pedal down a little moar-harder to speed our journey down the road to perdition.

    This is not altogether a bad thing, since a) more of our people are waking up to that target drawn on their backs every day; and b) the faster the evil empire collapses, the more of us will survive and the more of our enemies will perish. The reason for the second point is to be found in the first. The more YT wakes up the more likely he’ll start thinking of ways to survive what’s coming instead of sitting in front of the Talmudvision watching endless games of dinduball while eating and drinking poisons.

    One huge plus of a rapid collapse would be when (((Blackrock))) loots the pension funds of all those faithful badge-gang goondas out there who are so willing to side with Antifa whenever ordered to do so. This might open up the possibility of settling some long-standing accounts with certain very bad actors in a direct manner. To quote Anna Akhmatova: “Let no one forget, and let nothing be forgotten”. Even better would be the badge-gang furiously turning upon those (Church of Woke, PMCs, et al) who issue their orders with extreme prejudice – after completely looting and burning their palaces. They absolutely have it coming. Far more than Louis XVI and Marie Antionette ever did.

  3. One has to almost admire Carville for his Baghdad-Bob strategy for the Biden-Bot. While my estimation of Dumpf voters is not very high, the D-jersey voters who aren’t Church of Woke faithful are true zombies – eternally stuck on stupid to the point that PMC’s standing there and brazenly lying to their faces would actually convince them to go and pull the D-lever on the Dominion voting machines. Their votes are almost as reliable as those of the spectral electorate which materialize every election from the vast necropoles to cast votes as directed by both squads of the uniparty.

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