National Review: Did Republicans Pick The Right Time To Lose?

It wasn’t blind luck, Charlie.

The 5% had the foresight to anticipate what you couldn’t see which was that Trump and the GOP losing the 2020 election so narrowly and allowing Joe Biden to become president and thereby empowering the brats to “pull the pin on the grenade” would discredit progressivism for a generation.

National Review:

“For once, it seems that the Republican Party may have picked a good time to lose a presidential election.

Historically, the GOP has chosen its victory years badly. Through no fault of their own, Republican presidents have happened to be in office during the 1990–1991 recession, the 2001 “dot com” crash, the 2007 financial crash, and the Covid-19 pandemic. President Trump was routinely his own worst enemy, and yet his defeat in 2020 was at least in part the product of the personal and economic chaos that was caused by a virus over which he had precisely no control. If Trump …”

Say what you will about wignats, but they know when to fold!

Note: I’m joking, of course, but Blumpf losing in 2020 has worked out beautifully hasn’t it? Allowing Joe Biden to become president and catch this falling knife probably saved him in the long run.

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  1. After 2 years old this awfulness, virus, wokeness, overbearing government hubris, the whole world is dangerously wound up like a over wound clock. When it all unwinds at once, the world is going to look different.

  2. I’m trying to nail down a good definition of wignat, but when I tried to research this I found a forum on stormfront that said HW and Richard Spencer are wignats. I dunno about that. The same poster also cited Anglin with approval. I have to agree that the evidence points to the fact Anglin is not sincere. I wish unity was not such a problem due to insincere people. The least effective and most tasteless approach is name calling our enemies til we tire of that, and then it’s time to brand each other as jews, feds, faggots, and cucks. I think we have to start discerning who is sincere by deciding if the rhetoric is designed to be persuasive rather than merely words which degrade the speaker more than the intended target. I gave the big middle finger to DJT cause he’s such an egregious liar and he will stab you in the back to save himself as he has shown so many times. Telling his supporters on Jan. 6th “You will be punished.” Failing to pardon them but he can pardon a black felon. Which will earn him exactly one more black vote than he had before. He was never on our side, he was always out for his own gain and nothing else. He’s a moral degenerate and a fake Christian who cooperates with crooked lawyers to make money off the backs of people who do real work. Not our guy, never was.

  3. @ No the party of Lincoln and the party of John Brown, didn’t pick anything, just seems that way, there not that smart…….

  4. Also National Review:
    “The case against Trump 2020”

    There’s an old saying, if you’re locked in a room with an enemy, a traitor and have a gun with one bullet, pop the traitor.

    If and When the conservative media starts reaping the whirlwind they’ve sown, we’ll know to cue the fat lady or Lee Greenwood to warm up.

  5. The 5% had the foresight to anticipate what you couldn’t see

    Alas, I’ve seen enough 5%ers on Twitter – “Political Profile”, “Respectable Conservative” with the Blumf avatar, and “Pat 5%” in particular – who are spiraling down the BlackPilled rabbit hole and are literally Democrat Party partisans who happen to hate non-whites. They shill for every awful Democrat policy. They support the lockdowns and forced vaccinations. They Trust The Science. They wish that people would “shut up and listen” instead of thinking for themselves.

    Getting Cultural Liberals to self-destruct was never part of their plan. I doubt it was even part of their calculation. In the words of Heath Ledgers Joker, they want the Democrat Party to go back to the way things were: The Party of the little guy; the party of the “White Man.” But there’s no going back. Modernists and Cultural Liberals changed things. Forever.

  6. Truth is even under Trump the economic chickens would be coming home to roost, although not nearly as bad as under these smug punks pulling Senile Ole Joe’s strings. You had the first 5 trillion bailing out failing derivative funds under cover of covid back in early 2020. More spending right before the election, so inflation would still be kicking in, though the professional managerial class’s “religion” of global warming shutting down energy production through Sleepy Joe really hurts the economy. These kind of people are the same one’s who would be buying indulgences in the middle ages, throwing away good money on nonsense for a warm fuzzy thrill inside that hurts their own community. Top all this off with other nations running even worse forms of covidian insanity and shut downs. Why do you think you can’t get any chips from the far east? This insanity would be hurting anyone who is in the white house, probably lucky Joe and his type of people get to take over in a similar situation as Hoover inherited.

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