Our National Conversation

It is late night comedy too.

Very Serious:

“But mainstream media outlets — especially prestige outlets like The New York Times and NPR, and national web outlets like Vox — are themselves contrarian, in that they reflect a subcultural set of political views and values well to the left of the median voter in the Democratic party, let alone the country as a whole. …

The conversation that gets erroneously called a “national conversation” — conducted among select journalists, operatives, activists and academics — is essentially a conversation by and for people who supported Elizabeth Warren. It reflects the values and preferences and linguistic quirks of one minority part of one political party’s coalition …”

They live in their Twitter bubble here.

They spend all their time obsessing over the collapse of “democracy” in Arkansas where they are losing by landslide margins in rural counties. They’ve never been more unpopular here.

Note: Why would you need to engage in voter suppression? Did you see how Elizabeth Warren performed in the Democratic primary? Cable television has the same suppressive effect on the country. This small group of people have an extremely loud cultural megaphone.

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  1. Elizabeth Warren….fanatical supporter of the Global Homosexual Tranny Freak Pederast Empire……

    • “Our National Conversation”

      Is just Northeast telling the rest of the country how it’s going to be, or else.

    • “There can be no national conversation worth having without WOMEN KEEPING SILENT*, which no longer exists.” There. Fixed it for y’all.

      * “Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the law says.” I Cor. 14:34

      The Church is the microcosm of all godly society. There are three institutions that all (should) uphold biblical Law: The Church, the Family, and the State. All three are inter-related, and inter-penetrating, because of the Incarnation. So, saying that the first heresy (cf. Genesis 3) – that “Women are men’s ontological equal”- is even REMOTELY TRUE…is a hellish lie.

      All human society across all time, agrees… EXCEPT this time, this blasphemous era of the last 100 years or more. Thus, “THE” great evil of our age, begins with Feminism.

      “Remember- Eve Sinned first” sums up EVERYTHING worth saying. Strike at the “heel” of that argument, and you find the ‘Be it done to me, according to thy will’ that was Womankind’s ONE act of righteousness, in time and eternity.

      “Who has ever seen ‘the individual,’ if not defined by his family, his region, his profession, his language, his inheritance, his faith? Removed from these defining characteristics the individual is an abstraction, and a political system based on an abstraction must either end in despotism or revolution.”- Juan Vazquez de Mella, https://www.unz.com/article/can-the-south-rise-again/

      “Paul teaches in this epistle that theological orthodoxy mandates theonomy: biblical law. According to this epistle, biblical law is not a temporary intrusion into the historical development of the kingdom of God. On the contrary, it is at the heart of this development, not as a means of redemption, but as a tool of dominion.” p. 29, -G. North, “Hierarchy and Dominion- An Economic Commentary on I Timothy,” 2012, Point Five Press.

      “Theonomy is explicitly opposed to the natural law tradition, which had its origin in pagan Stoic thought, and was imported into the church mainly by medieval scholastic theologians.” p. 38,-G. North, “Hierarchy and Dominion- An Economic Commentary on I Timothy,” 2012, Point Five Press.

      “The civil law’s goal is not the transformation of human nature. Civil law does not make righteous men out of unrighteous men. It makes unrighteous men behave more like righteous men. There is a difference: the difference between the doctrine of salvation by law and the doctrine of salvation by grace.” p. 42, -G. North, “Hierarchy and Dominion- An Economic Commentary on I Timothy,” 2012, Point Five Press.

  2. Princess RedKnotWhite wants to put the white man on the eternal voter “reservation” so his racism can be easily controlled.

  3. Re: our “national” (imperial) conversation conversation starter:

    Florida National Guard deployed to Ukraine. Enjoy:

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