Washington Post: America’s Shift to the Right in 2021 is Worse News for Democrats Than It Seems

1/6 was the bottom for Donald Trump.

It was the end for the haters and losers like Liz Cheney though.

In the year that has passed since the “insurrection” which was an attack on “our democracy,” Patriots have come roaring back and have built unstoppable momentum heading into the 2022 midterms on their platform of voter suppression, the Big Lie and “Let’s Go Brandon.” The UVA Center for Politics is saying that the GOP could be headed for its largest majority since the Great Depression.

Are you ready for this? Voters don’t even care about what Trump has done to “our democracy” and his relentless demagogic attacks on our norms and institutions. They don’t care about the Big Lie. All they care about is the price of gas and their tendies and Republicans are being rewarded for all of it.

It’s disgusting!

Washington Post:

“It is almost always a good idea to approach dramatic new poll numbers with caution. Americans are fickle, and polling them is often like trying to take the temperature of a 4-year-old: You can get a useful result, but it will take some wrangling — and it may not be useful for long.

So when Gallup released updated data on partisan identification on Monday showing a big swing to Republicans in 2021, my initial response was to recall that this metric in particular moves around a lot. When Democrats gained ground against Republicans in 2015, I cautioned against overinterpreting things. When they opened up another gap a year ago, I warned that this was not evidence of “a significant trend reshaping party identification.” Coming into these new data, then, I had the same caution: A big change in a volatile metric may not be as significant as a casual observer would assume.

In this case, though, there are two reasons that the shift measured by Gallup is important. The first affects the short-term: this year’s midterm elections. The second is about the argument that Democrats are making about their opponents — an argument that appears not to be landing. …”


It turns out that people really hate libtards.

“Domestic extremism” has gone mainstream. We’re in the “mass radicalization” phase.

While libtards are only 25% of the American population, they have risen to become 50% of Democrats over the past decade. The Democratic brand has become more strongly identified with young libtards who live in coastal metropolitan areas due to deeply polarizing culture war issues like “trans” and open borders and “Defund the Police” and Wokeism. This has alienated a large majority of voters.

It doesn’t help matters that Joe Biden’s job approval with younger voters has sunk to 26%. The Democrats are now closely identified with a demo that is overwhelmingly concentrated in safe Blue States like New York, California and Oregon that has soured on them and probably won’t show up to vote in the midterms. Even without the persistence of COVID and inflation compounding this problem with ALL groups where support is hemorrhaging, ideological polarization is toxic to Democrats.

Chuck Todd is saying that the NBC Midterm Meter is showing Democrats are in shellacking territory.

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    • I don’t think Levine is a real tranny. I think he goes home, takes the dress off, pours a $500 glass of scotch and laughs his ass off.

      • I think he suffers from Autogynephelia. They are always straight and rarely cut it off. Previously these perverts used to be able to satiate their addiction by prancing around in women’s clothes in the privacy of their own bedroom culminating with masturbation. At which point they’d emerge back into the world as Bruce Jenner sort of like how a werewolf goes back to normal after a night out under the full moon. Now since society is insane enough to tolerate this reprehensible behavior the guy goes around his ordinary life in “monster mode.”

    • Levine should have been voted into a mental hospital.

      He really should be voted into a pig-pen after being stripped naked. Porky eats best … every single time. A crappy Kosher meal but he ain’t too particular. Would Schelomo wail the Kol nidrei over a steaming pile of pigshit?

  2. The retardicans aren’t even 2012 koshervatives anymore. They’re just the scumocrats with tax breaks for 1%ers and cheerfully destroy habitats for profits.

  3. Actually, there is easy way out. Pull the plug from most toxic issues. Lets put the corona and climate and sexual perverts and refugees on hold for a while and do something for average Joe. Or at least let`s talk that we do something.

    But they can`t . Brats are inside the gates. Now The Swamp understands that they should never have taken brats on board They should have dug in and try to sit out Donald second presidency.

    Like Napoleon understood that he should have pulled his troops out of Russia in the autumn to continue campaign next spring. Also Trotsky and other Lenin Jews finally understood their horrific misjudgment about Stalin and brats.

    This is the difference between average warlord clever stunt and stable genius arranged strategic retreat. With clever stunt when enemy understands that this is a trap, there are way out. With strategic retreat, there is nothing you can do except panicked escape. And there are almost no examples from warfare history where panicked escape succeeded.

    Trump is genius. In the real war we do not need impressive tokens like wall. What we need is enemy permanently gone.

    • Re: “Napoleon should have pulled his troops out of Russia in the autumn”: He had little to lose, since his grand invasion force was overwhelmingly composed of proxies, Germans, Austrians, Poles, etc. all eager to join a crusade against Russia. He kept them together, kept them at it, and was actually pleased that only about 50,000 French forces were lost while the temporary allies soon to become enemies again, bore the brunt of fatalities. Napoleonic empire was the betrayal of the French revolution, like Naziism was the betrayal of socialist revolution in Germany. Both right-populist bourgeois reactions carved paths of death and destruction across Europe and the world. People who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it, which brings me back to Hunter’s topic: Yes, a major shift to the right, to full, explicit right, is underway in the U.S.

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    Complicity in allowing them to be part of your family, is just as bad, in God’s eyes.
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    Have you EVER met a gay man, when you confront him to his face, and tell him, his entire sexuality is a sin? The face of evil. Utter, irredeemable EVIL. And HATRED of you, for merely telling him the truth.
    “Have I now become your enemy because I am telling you the truth?- Gal. 4:16, NLT

    Why do you think the highest rates of ‘spousal abuse’ is between…. lesbians?
    Why to you think suicide is the highest, among…… ‘trannie teens’?
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    Why? Because demonic possession and the negation of the divine image, are corporal sins. Capital punishable offenses.

    So, when the “R” party starts to augur for public stoning of sodomites, let me know. THEN, and ONLY then, will a political party have gained biblical legitimacy, in God’s eyes.

    “…there is no religious neutrality, no neutral law, no neutral education, and no neutral civil government. Then they (i.e., we) will get busy in constructing a Bible-based social, political and religious order which finally denies the religious liberties of the enemies of God.” – Dr. Gary North

    “Those who refuse to submit publicly to the eternal sanctions of God by submitting to His Church’s public marks of the covenant–baptism and holy communion–must be denied citizenship, just as they were in ancient Israel.”- ibid.

  5. You call for stoning people to death, burning people at the stake, use of nuclear weapons to seal the border, and other inhuman, barbaric behaviour. I call for an end to death penalty, reform of incarceration, and replacement (complete replacement not reform) of this cruel, inhumane economic system that is the major cause of all kinds of crime. One position appears to be supported by the Old Testament, the other is certainly the import of the New Testament.

    • England got rid of the death penalty. A man was put to death long ago, after his death, evidence came out showing he was totally innocent. They said they could make that mistake again, so they got rid of capital punishment. I agree with that, except where there’s proof to everyone, such as the shooter being filmed, or the recent case of the driver in the parade running people over.

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