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  1. If we ever recover something of a country we need to convert all the abandoned theaters into Boomer euthanasia centers. Just tell them it’s the latest booster and add a little morphine. Sit them down for “observation” and play Mary Tyler Moore, Cheers and Frasier reruns until they expire. Sell or donate the processed remains as Kosher Soylent Green to the starving blue states.

    • Don’t forget dweeb, most all the technology you’re now using to communicate was developed by boomers. A significant portion of boomers contributed to the digital revolution.

      • Silent Gen. Boomers didn’t do shit. Bill Gates had his code written for him by one of mommies connections at IBM. Jobs didn’t code at all.

      • KT- I didn’t know you hated your dad THAT much….

        “Honor (respect, obey, care for) your father and your mother, so that your days may be prolonged in the land the LORD your God gives you.” Ex. 20:12 AMP.

  2. “Democrats Don’t Have Terrible Leaders. They Have Terrible Followers”

    Perhaps they have terrible sponsors/controllers, Soros et al.

    • Most of them are stupid, non-thinking people. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be so controllable.

  3. HW, I’m surprised you haven’t posted on the ‘vagrant’ that pushed an Asian woman to her death from a subway platform, NYC.

    Mayor Adams said “it’s just perception”. Front page NY Post, two consecutive days.
    “Vagrant” , indeed!

  4. Democrats have the same puppet masters as the Republicans. The democrats are anti White and the Republicans are anti White lite.

  5. The Democrats got elected by promising Medicare for All and student loan debt jubilee. What they delivered was Juneteenth which was a middle finger to their White leftist supporters

    They also exhausted everyone’s patience when their endless investigations of the January 6th farce that only produced evidence that it was actually a Fedsurrection and Nancy Pelosi was an active participant who even refused the Capitol Police’s request when Ray Epps (and other shady characters wearing orange Trump baseball bats were aided and abetted by Antifa and BLM into ratcheting up the violence.

    I think even the Center Left are upset about the antics of the Democrats on Capitol Hill who have managed to alienate every one but the Blacks who think that if forcing CRT in at school and the workplace doesn’t guilt trip Whites into reparations, they’ll just rig the vote to get their way.

    I also think that Whites aren’t the only race that likes the Blacketty -Black focus of what passes as our “betters” who make up our elite. Thanks to the open job discrimination and Affirmative Action in education as well against Whites, the others know that they will have to also shoulder The White Man’s Burden and want none of that.

    So, even though Van Jones will once again whine and cry about Whitelash if the Democrats lose power (assuming there are fair elections or there isn’t some false flag that cancels them altogether), it’s going to be more of a Non-Blacklash than anything else.

    • “The Democrats got elected by promising Medicare for All and student loan debt jubilee”:

      Not possible. No politician allowed to be (s)elected in the U.S. could really do that. Instead there is automatic Jubilee every day for those at the top, who are too big to fail.

      The system will never allow truly free all-comprehensive national health care. Besides, this is not a real nation.

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