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  1. “If I bother to vote at all in 2022, it will probably be for state and local races. ”

    Whatever, vote for those most ardently pro-gun.

    (They are the ones most likely to hold our core beliefs of liberty and freedom.)

    • “What you mean, We, White Man?” – Tonto to Lone Ranger, punch line of a joke….

      Arr, what ARE [sic] ‘Our core beliefs’? Sorry, but Americans have NO ‘core beliefs’ – because we have long ago believed the HERESY that ‘equality’ means ‘no discernable difference.’ It wasn’t always so…

      Speaking on Article VI, Clause 3 of the apostate covenant document known as the Constitution: “…If there be no religious test required, (of citizens, and people in public office) pagans, deists, [Jews] and Mahometans might obtain office among us, and that the senators and representatives might all be pagans.” [Henry Abbot, N.C. Ratifying convention, 1780’s] A prophetic voice, indeed! But it was not heeded.” – G. North, Political Polytheism, p. 390-91.

      If you don’t vote White Christian, you’re TRULY voting for the worst evil you can think of… because ALL politicians are whores. As Heinlein said: “An ‘honest’ politician…. is one that stays bought.” – Robert A. Heinlein, American sci-fi writer

      There is NO Neutrality. God is not morally (or racially) Neutral.

      You first have to NAME the Jew, and then REMOVE the Jew.
      Then remove the Xenos…..

  2. “Trafalgar has Joe Biden’s approval rating down to 38.7%.”

    38% is just about the percentage of the U.S. Population that is made up of White Yankees. The exact people whose flip flopping political fickleness and decisive votes, have picked every president since stinkin’ Lincoln.

  3. 38% is just about the percentage of the U.S. Population that is made up of White Yankees. The exact people whose flip flopping political fickleness and decisive votes, have picked every president since stinkin’ Lincoln.

    They’ll probably put Buttplug up against Biden, if he’s still around, and against Trump, if he runs again.

  4. Everything converges toward the mean the closer election day gets. He should get a 5 point bounce at least just because he’s captain of the blue team.

    Its going to take a serious fuckup to slide much farther.

    • Gehenna is reserved for the Zionist butchers who murdered General Suleimani. Trump and his jew bosses need to be sent to Iran to face trial, followed by prolonged torture and then a slow, painful and thoroughly humiliating execution.

  5. Well it’s still 10 months away and the Republicans have plenty of time to screw it up. There’s a new local talk show during the evening drive, the Shaun Thompson Show on 560 AM. He’s fairly decent in his attack on Democrats, but is prone to odd, “Paul Ryan” type economic hobby horses. The other day he had some “Heritage Foundation” type on and spun the conversation to the wildly unpopular anti social security hobby horse. This guy has millions of dollars he made trading commodities and thinks everyone can just dip into their bank account for 30 years and fund their own things like rent and bypass surgery while 80 with no source of income or ability to work anymore. He wants to “start a class action lawsuit to ban social security” while his disingenuous host announced “people are more likely to get bankruptcy from paying into social security than get anything out of it.” The attitude of millionaires who don’t think they will need money at age 80 and resent having to pay into a fund that helps all those people they pay $11 an hour to when they get old and decrepit. OK, so lets look at what these people want, the average person gets their $80,000 they pay into the fund back and then retire at 67 or whatever it is now. How long is that $80,000 going to last? Three years if they are lucky, forgetting about any hospitalization which will probably take the whole thing in one sitting. So now you went through your $80,000 and are 70 with no income, or no ability to work and probably have another 14 years of life ahead. As what, an old bum on the street like Calcutta? This “no social security” only worked 100 years ago because society was structured differently, it would never work today, the family structure has been destroyed. People don’t have 5 kids and 20 grandkids all living together in some family compound to take care of them anymore. No social security would mean absolute chaos and utter poverty for 90%+ of the population when they enter old age. The odd libertarian, globalist capitalist type ideology that is a dead horse around the GOP’s neck. People like this are one of the big reasons Republicans lose.

    • “The attitude of millionaires”

      Ppl with serious money have a twisted outlook on life. Reality hasn’t bitten them.

      Yes, no money for the old, poor or sick, but trillions for aimless wars, refugees, illegals and israhell.

      Most couples can barely make their bills, much less care for their parents.

      No money for old folks, but trillions for banks that made stupid loans.

  6. I think the DemonKKKraps are getting nervous about the midterm elections and will therefore no longer promote mandatory vaccinations, anti-white propaganda and other tyrannical far-left garbage.

  7. One must always be amused at headlines like “Red Tsunami Imminent”?. November is a long way off for one. Looks like the empire is hell-bent on a war in the Ukraine (even the tiny military of Soviet Kanuckistan is sending units to the failed state – which should be re-named Bidenstan). The sheer idiocy of normies (especially the cuckservative variety) when it comes to the empire’s military adventures can never be counted out. There are far too many of them who will support the fake-president just because “He’s our President” and “My country right or wrong”. Such sentiments display a complete failure to understand that a clique of oligarchs (foreigners and traitors) utterly own and control their country and the military.

    Over and above this, there’s the hard fact that the R-jerseys have a long history of total failure to do anything with their alleged power when supposedly in charge. As I’ve noted before: No judges or other corruptocrats impeached, no evil laws repealed, no bureaucrats fired. It should be obvious to all but the most blindly stupid that the ‘conservatives’ are there only to conserve the gains made by their D-jersey comrades while making noise about opposing them. Yet we’re supposed to think it will be different this time – because Trump (whose policy in office was typically Republican all the way). Chris Langan, who is not ‘unencumbered by the thought process’ (as ‘conservatives’ typically are) succinctly explains the situational reality in his answer to three questions.

  8. The zoglings are trying to crush Russia by surrounding it with NATO.

    A cornered bear is very dangerous,
    leave the bear alone.

    • I hope they try something and then the Russians roll over Western Europe. Couldn’t be worse than than what the West is doing to itself. I would never had thought such a thing 30 years ago.

    • The one up-side to it would be a complete rout of NATO forces by the Russians. If it were played well, the entire EUSSR could fall apart. The Banksteins would cry… A bunch of NATO and merc diversity returned in body-bags would be a fine surplus. Uncle Schmuel’s shiny armor would reveal him to be Gen. Butt Naked.

      • It’s just the right weather now (very cold) for a second “Battle on the Ice” – 1242, on the frozen surface of Lake Peipus, where the Russians led by Alexander Nevsky defeated a much better-equipped army of Roman Catholic Crusaders (crusading against Orthodoxy this time instead of Islam) led by the Bishop of Dorpat and sent by the Pope because threats, sanctions and trade embargo against Russia were not working!

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