Poll Watch: Moderates Sour On Joe Biden

The Democratic Party is two parties.

It is an upstairs-downstairs coalition of people who have nothing in common: the highly educated, coastal, largely White professional class on top and the multiracial working class on the bottom. Actually, it is the Jewish donors on the very top, but this is how the pyramid is structured.

In 2020, 61% of Biden voters were White and 39% were BIPOCs. While only 29% of Biden voters are White college-educated voters (people who tended to vote for Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg or Bernie Sanders in the primaries), these people utterly dominate the media to the point where anyone watching them on television gets the impression that the party is far more leftwing than its base.

Joe Biden was elected by the most conservative and moderate people in the Democratic Party because they thought he was more experienced, electable and wasn’t one of the radicals.

These two wings of the Democratic Party have long had different priorities. This study was in 2017, but the same division between DILE (Democrat Liberal Independent Elite) and DLWC (Democrat Leaning Working Class) still exists today. Back then, 96.8% of DILEs voted for Hillary, but 24.2% of DLWCs voted for Dump in the 2016 election. The top two issues of DILEs were the environment and climate change while DLWCs ranked health care and social security as their two most important issues. DLWCs ranked the economy as one of their top five issues while it wasn’t even a top ten issue for DILEs.

The progressives are more radical, more socially liberal, far more educated and affluent and far more likely to be Jewish or White. The moderates are more socially conservative, more focused on the economy and issues like health care and more likely to be black, “Latinx” or White working class.

So, with these racial and class dynamics in mind, the latest CBS News poll shows that Joe Biden is in more trouble with the moderate wing of the party.

CBS News:

“Democrats still overwhelmingly approve of President Biden’s overall job performance, but approval among members of his own party has slipped some over the year of his term — from a high of 94% at the beginning in February to 81% today. The decline is most pronounced among the more moderate members of the Democratic Party as opposed to liberals. Many moderates are questioning Biden’s priorities and effectiveness, more so than his ideology. …

But even if they don’t think he’s too liberal per se, it’s among the more moderate elements of the Democratic Party that Mr. Biden has lost the most ground. The percentage of moderate Democrats who disapprove of Mr. Biden’s job performance has jumped from just 5% in July to 26% today. 

Moderate Democrats are particularly dissatisfied compared to liberals: they are more likely than liberal Democrats to say they are worse off financially than they were a year ago, and they are more concerned about the economy, the coronavirus outbreak, and inflation than they are about the president’s priority issue of the moment — voting rights and access. …”

Moderate Democrats who are not as educated or ideological as progressives are far more concerned about the immediate impact of inflation than how drop boxes or days of early voting there are in Georgia.

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  1. “anyone watching them on television gets the impression that the party is far more leftwing than its base”:

    None of it is really Left. Those big donors at the top do not fund real leftism which would be their own demise. Instead there is liberalism, in different flavors including left-liberalism, in the Democratic Party. Even left-liberalism is not socialism. Even so-called social democracy, as in Bernie and the Squad’s “Democratic Socialists of America,” is still left-liberalism, not socialism.

    The twin parties that take turns appearing to run the U.S. differ in style, but both are right-wing, plutocratic, imperialist-warmongering, and 100% liberal in the classic sense of: capitalist.

  2. The original plan was probably to pull him within the first year and replace him with the Brown Bimbo, but she’s proven so ghastly and inept (looks stoned on weed all the time) that she’s no longer an option.

  3. Every citizen has the ability to vote. There’s no free Popeyes while in line and they can’t use another name to vote. Why is this even an issue?

  4. You should have to take an IQ test to vote and at least score 90. That’s not too much to ask for the dumber races.

    • If I were Fuhrer, I’d make it 95, introduce literacy & history/civics tests, and limit the voting ages to between 25 & 75: weed out the retards (most niggers), the snot-noses (most likely to be shitlibs) and the senile.

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