Theodore Roosevelt Statue Removed From Outside NYC Museum of Natural History

This speaks for itself.

It speaks volumes about Joe Biden’s declining poll numbers.

New York Post:

“Roosevelt went on a rough ride.

statue of Theodore Roosevelt that has stood in front of the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan for more than 80 years was hauled away Wednesday, photos show.

The bronze monument depicting the nation’s 26th president on a horse flanked by an African man and a Native American man — which has sparked protests for glorifying colonialism and racism — was yanked out with a crane just after midnight, leaving behind only its concrete pedestal. …

Last month, the museum covered the 10-foot-tall statue with an orange tarp ahead of its shipment to the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library in Medora, North Dakota. …”

As I said in November, the Democratic Party has a clear brand.

Our friend Professor Thomas Main, the author of The Rise of Illiberalism, lives in New York City where Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt have recently been cancelled.

Note: Last time I checked, we aren’t the ones cancelling Jefferson.

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  1. Gosh, let’s hope no one tells them about that (hideous, gilded) statue of “Cump” Sherman at Grand Army Plaza in Manhattan. he did after all genocide the Plains Indians and said mean things about blacks.

    • Applying modern and current “ethics” to past times doesn’t work. People used to hunt whales for blubber for lamp oil. People used to kill animals for fur to keep warm. We no longer need to do that. In the future, they’ll demonize us for “clean energy” that produces radioactive waste. How our plastics wind up in the oceans…
      People just praise and praise men from long ago. How smart they were, what they discovered and invented, how they came up with laws, etc. But…when it comes to race, the same people will turn around and call them ignorant or stupid. But those men were right.

    • “Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people are to be free. Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them.”

  2. Yeah, let’s rid the Libtards cities of all the so called “racists” monuments. They shoudl live surrounded by Floyd-Statues and others of their ugly Saints.

  3. The Hollywood cancel culture will have to digitally edit the “Night At The Museum” movies to remove all instances of Robin Williams’ portrayal of that statue. Pretty fuckin’ sad times we’re lining in.

  4. >It speaks volumes about Joe Biden’s declining poll numbers.

    I think there is little or no relationship — if inflation was lower and there was less economic uncertainty, his numbers would be significantly higher — and as I pointed out, for the most recent fiscal year, which ended last Sep 30, Biden inherited a huge budget deficit (and low interest rates) from Trump — if you’re looking for what’s causing current inflation, that’s a good place to start.

    The decision to remove the Roosevelt statue was made some time ago — I believe it was here (?) that I detailed the makeup of the commission that made the decision: it had a disproportionate number of Jews (it’s NYC after all) — if I recall correctly, the majority of commission members (about a dozen in total) were Jews — you can look it up yourself if you want.

    I do not understand white people who do not see this sort of thing as ominous.

    • ” if inflation was lower and there was less economic uncertainty, his numbers would be significantly higher”

      Yes, ppl vote their wallet.
      Too bad, they are so short sighted.
      They’ll be getting the consequences of this, soon.
      Fools, thinking they can ignore the racial quality of a nation and prosperity will just spontaneously bubble up from the ground.

  5. What a sad little libtard Main is. I do wonder why he bothers going through this charade, since he must know damn well that both the far left and the “alt right” could smoke him on this issue. By bringing this up, isn’t he in fact stirring up the very divisions that he himself decries?

  6. It belongs in a Gilded Age and pre-WWI display area of a museum of ancient capitalist history. In the future, the far or I hope near future, President Rosenfeld will be remembered more as an imperialist warmonger than a conservationist/naturalist big game hunter anyway: While President “McKinley sought a diplomatic solution (to the Havana harbor false flag explosion crisis) without approval from Long or McKinley, Roosevelt sent out orders to several naval vessels directing them to prepare for war. George Dewey, who had received an appointment to lead the Asiatic Squadron with the backing of Roosevelt, later credited his victory at the Battle of Manila Bay to Roosevelt’s (issuing of premature) orders. After finally giving up hope of a peaceful solution, McKinley asked Congress to declare war upon Spain, beginning the Spanish-American War.” From then on. the U.S. Empire would be the one exploiting Cuba, Puerto Rico, Philippines, and other former Spanish imperial colonies.

    Rosenfeld was also an incredible showman (much more than Trump and Reagan) and “the first president to appoint a Jew to a Cabinet position; a champion of Jewish rights at home and abroad (…) a vocal supporter of a Jewish homeland in Palestine; an advocate (mostly) of immigration, based on his firsthand dealings with Jewish and non-Jewish immigrants who had settled in his hometown of New York City, and a defender of Jews in the wake of the Kishinev pogroms of 1903. He even kept two Jewish menorahs on display at his 95-acre estate on the North Shore of Long Island, Sagamore Hill”:

    I’m not a supporter of destruction of public monuments, but I think this is a very bad monument to appear OUTSIDE a museum.

    • also TR, in the 1912 Prez election, was inserted and financed by the same (((banksters))) who were financing Brother Woodrow. Result: TR 27%, Taft 25%, Bryan 6%….and Wilson sneaks in with 42%. Shortly thereafter: debt-sump Third Rothschild National Bank (alias “Federal Reserve”, previously vetoed by Taft) gets set up, and debt-financed WW I “mysteriously” breaks out.

      • (((They))) want Moshiach. You have no idea how great and wonderful and awesome the Moshiach is, now do you, you stupid goy?

        And girthy let us not forget now wondrously girthy the Moshiach is and just how much the Jew people need, require, and must have the great awesome over the top abundant girth of the Moshiach to satisfy them. RECTALLY.

    • Interesting rundown of TR’s positions (I already knew about most). He was a fore-runner of the Church of Woke in many respects. Part of the Repuke “Progressive Movement”. He did take on some oligarchs but they must have been opponents or competitors of those who wanted the empire (and got the “Federal” Rerseve). All in all, TR’s cancellation was an own-goal for the shitlibs. Contrary to opposing US involvement in WW I, he was all for it – at least as much as the loathsome Woodrow Wilson. I do hope they go after Sherman too. He was a nasty piece of work to be sure – basically just a thug in uniform.

      • Is the character of the men what is really the question here?? These statues are being removed or destroyed because they are of powerful WHITE men. You can pick apart any person’s morality and character but you are missing the larger point. History should not be torn down!

        • I agree on the reason SJWs are removing the statues. You missed my point about TR’s actions though, which only tangentially was about his character. At the end of the day, he was one of them. A yankee shabbas-goy of the (((Banksteins))). The USA had zero legitimate reason to enter WWI. It was all about lucre for the usual suspects (and cost 100,000 American dead). Four empires collapsed altogether (Russia, Austria, Germany, Ottoman) and the remainder (British, French, American) were in debt-slavery to finance capital until they were ultimately strip-mined of assets. TR, who was highly intelligent, had know know what the game was. As it states in the scripture: Chose this day whom you will serve. TR chose Satan and betrayed his people. Only marginally less evil than Wilson. Hence my point about the present crop of Satan’s minions destruction being an ‘own goal’.

          • Re: the First World War: The bankers of the UK and US were working feverishly for almost two decades to bring about a war to subdue Germany that was overtaking (economically) the British Empire then, like China is overtaking (economically) the U.S. now. The Great War was not started by the Kaiser or by Serbian nationalism. The socialist-leaning anti-war British Prime Minister was replaced with a right-wing Prime Minister eager to go to war, and in the U.S., Woodrow Wilson was (s)elected for the same purpose. The Federal Reserve system was also designed to fund the war (with debt).

  7. @ New York shitheads should replace it with a statue of one of their finer citizens, pushing asian woman in front of a train, that’s something that should really be discussed…..

    • You’re onto something with that suggestion Terry.

      Statues and murals should be created and displayed showing some of the ceaseless heinous crimes committed by jews and their golems.

    • They should just put up a sculpture of a flying phallus, attached to Andrew Cuomo’s ugly face as a tongue protruding from its mouth. The more flatly evil this city becomes, the more I hope Putin has 4-5 Poseidon’s lined up off the coast the wash away the trash when the time comes. They have it coming.

  8. The contradictions of a multi-racial multi-ethnic empire are evident in that statue. It belongs inside a museum.

    • @ Anonymous” It belongs in a museum”, agreed, but when we get ready to put in there, I don’t want our enemies dictating anything too our people, they have no right or authority too do so, our enemies belong in a museum, or a graveyard, makes no difference too me……..

  9. This is just a stepping stone. The real target is Christ and Christianity. They made a push last time and then backed up. Shaun King said it right Christianity is a racist religion. Christians hate the blood of the tormentors ans persecutors of the innocent son of God. They will try another attack again. Why do they hate an innocent man who did no wrong? Why?

      • @banned4life——It is God making me say these things. If you are unhappy, or dislike anything I say, you gotta take it up with God. He is the one making me hate your fzxcking guts. God could have brought me into this world deaf dumb and blind, but he gave me eyes to see the disgusting filth that is you and your kind. It is Gods fault Mick, shake your fist at the sky and curse the heavens, he is responsible for me hating you.

          • Why does God make me hate those who persecute and torment the weak and the innocent? I don’t want to hate your guts, but I do Christ killer. I really do. Can you help me, I need help. BAHA you are one retodded Mick let me tell you there professor.

  10. You’re being erased goy and most are too stupid to see it.

    (Statue removal is a big mitzvah among the self-chosen, essential to their global rule.)

  11. I have no love for Teddy, but I am against Bolheviks tearing down history and statues made with true artistic ability.

  12. Jefferson was against slavery, but he explicitly spoke against blacks and Whites sharing a government: “Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people are to be free. NOR IS IT LESS CERTAIN THAT THE TWO RACES, EQUALLY FREE, CANNOT LIVE IN THE SAME GOVERNMENT. NATURE, HABIT, OPINION HAS DRAWN INDELIBLE LINES OF DISTINCTION BETWEEN THEM.”

  13. “The 2 races (Whites & nigras), equally free, CANNOT live in the same government. NATURE, habit & opinion have drawn indelible lines of distinction between them.”

    That’s far truer than his much-abused “All men are created equal” irrational exuberance

    Shitlib Main oughta just hang it up. Better yet, hang himself.

    • “All men are created equal”

      That is the most misunderstood phrase in all politics.
      It means “All men are created equal under the law”, that there are no special laws for certain groups, like nobles or affirmative action for non-WHITES.

      I wish Jefferson had fully explained his concept, instead of being overly brief.

      • He should have said: All men are equal under the law but all men are not created equal in intelligence, Wisdom, strength, creativity and morality.

        • He made the false assumption that future generations would be smart enough to understand the usage. He didn’t anticipate the devolution of education.

      • It’s the worst phrase in American history because the kikes & shitlibs have always twisted it to mean what its author never intended.

  14. One of the biggest scoundrels in history. Why should we care about an idol of that maggot? He took sheenie money in order to defeat Taft in 1912 because Taft was against letting the yids own the bank privately. He split the vote and got that lunatic Wilson elected, and the yids got their private bank, The Federal Reserve.

    Really, why should we not be happy that the idol of that cockroach is moved to bumfook Dakoda?

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