Arizona Democratic Party Censures Sen. Kyrsten Sinema

I think this will help stem the bleeding with the collapse in support among conservative and moderate Democrats and Independents.

Note: Could Democrats go ahead and lose the Senate now before the 2022 midterms due to a party switch?

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    • “Congress does what the bankers tell them to do”:

      …such as go to war, and mass-murder millions of people for profit. The Bible says “The love of money is the root of all this evil.” It begins with the Bankers, but it trickles down and permeates this whole so-called society.

  1. “” switch..””

    Wise rats jump sinking ship by their terms. The later you go, the less bargaining room you have. So sooner or later major rat race to the exit begins. Nobody wants to go down with falling regime and get punished for all the crimes.

  2. You gotta admit, the Dems/Marxists act swiftly in keeping their people in long did it take Repubs to censure Liz Cheney??? And the Dems get it done to sinema in like a week lol.

    Or, look at how the Marxists in DC had their political police, aka fbi, raid their fellow Dem rep in TX. This guy has been an outspoken critic of Biden and the border disaster, and boom, now he’s got the fbi up his butt. Don’t tell me that’s not a warning shot to Sinema and Manchin. Obey or else.

  3. I thought Joe Biden’s whole deal was working with moderates “across the isle.” It is a do nothing administration. XD

    Joe Biden is from Pennsylvania

    James Buchanan is from Pennsylvania

    Both Presidents are the only two to have JB as their initials and be from PA. Is this an omen to events yet to come or a coincidence?

  4. When I first started following politics in September 2005, the OG traitor within the Republican Party wasn’t John McCain, or Lindsay Graham, or the two bitches from Maine, or the two old grandpas from Tennessee…it was Senator (((Arlen Specter))) of Pennsylvania. When he switched sides to the Democrat Party a few years later, I was like, “good, he’s on his natural side now where he belongs.”

    I’d welcome Mommy Sinema and Uncle Joe to the GOP. I doubt Manchin will actually do it because he’s an old school Democrat from West Virginia, but Sinema showed real lady balls and should join the GOP out of spite, like that tweet implies. There’s this Republican chick from New York who was a moderate AWFL type until 2020 when she want full throated MAGApede and said the election was stolen. Sinema and politicians like her are not beyond shedding their skin and adapting a new one.

  5. The cross around Sinema’s neck is particularly interesting.

    From the twitter of the Jew Steven Beschloss—–Along with everything else, Sinema, who did not swear her oath of office with a Bible and may be the only member of Congress to state she is religiously unaffiliated, now is wearing a cross?

    I am telling you the unjust Jew hatred and torment of the innocent will lead all to Christ, be they the atheist Richard Spencer or the atheist Krysten Sinema.

    There is a reason for Christ.

  6. The intent of the “voting rights” bill ought to be clear to anyone with half a brain: To completely disenfranchise Whites. Of course, only a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews will come out and say that.

    • I think they allowed it to be killed because…they KNOW voting doesn’t matter anymore, and votes don’t put anyone in office. So it was a show…

      • Our enemies leave nothing to chance. This was an insurance policy in the event that Whites ever do unite, which will make voting matter.

  7. I do recall when she was first elected the Democrats were beside themselves with joy as they claimed she was the first ever bisexual elected to the Senate. Look it up!

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