Katie Halper: CNN Hiring For Hilarious ‘Misinformation’ Editor

This could be a huge break for Jared Holt.

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  1. The Anti-vaxx and Chinese lab origin conspiracy theories are litmus tests of will and ability to fight misinfomation, and they really are ridiculous. CNN should start with those. Most of conservative “news” media and Alt-right blogs and social media sites are involved with those CTs.

  2. “‘Misinformation’ Editor”

    The only honest ‘Misinformation’ Editor they will get is the bankruptcy judge that shutters CNN.

  3. Oof. That ‘Rising’ show does have some serious problems with the vibe of the thing.

    I’m a big fan* of Katie’s cackling yenta energy, it’s very entertaining (as long as she’s talking about economics or foreign policy, not cultural stuff) and it just wasn’t clicking here.

    * I listen to most episodes of her show and the Taibbi/Halper show, and actually subscribed to her Patreon for a while, but most of the bonus content is interviews with Puerto Rican sodomites who made autobiographical Broadway musicals about being Puerto Rican sodomites and stuff like that, which is only funny once or twice.

  4. Folks are still failing to understand the power of fake money. CNN would be on the air even if literally nobody watched it. Their business model is total bullshit. They are basically a money-laundering operation for the regime and its oligarch owners for income obtained from drugs, human-trafficking, child-porn and the like – so called “dark money”. They also are likely recipients of all sorts of indirect federal funds (COVID relief, Diversity grants from NGOs, etc.). If the oligarchs had to pay out in real assets, it would be shut down in a day. The same applies to countless Church of Woke organizations. Our best strategy is to do things which accelerate the economic collapse of the empire. Wall Street must die.

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