Patriot Front Leak

My immediate thoughts on this:

1. Patriot Front is an activist group of a few hundred people scattered across the country.

2. The so-called “far right” is millions of people who tend to be Whites without college degrees who live in rural areas, small towns, small metros, exurbs, middle class and working class suburbs.

3. Patriot Front distributes propaganda and holds non-violent, non-confrontational flash marches across the country. They’re not politically significant or even doing anything threatening. The group is essentially content to stage and compile Instagram photos and videos which is harmless.

4. Patriot Front isn’t even trying to organize the “far right” who tend to be older and not up to their optics standards. The group has a physical fitness requirement and an age cap.

5. The obsession with Patriot Front shows how absurd and antiquated the Antifa playbook has become. It mistakes molehills for mountains.

6. The millions of Trump supporters who have become radicalized and who would support using violence to restore Dump to power have nothing to do with small activist groups like Patriot Front.

7. Ultimately, these tactics like violence, censorship, doxxing and lawfare don’t work against the “far right,” but suck up an enormous amount of time and resources from our opposition. Most people who share our views don’t even know Patriot Front exists.

8. The costs of violence, censorship, doxxing, lawfare and so on fall on activists and influencers. It doesn’t fall on the mass audience. Ruining MILO or Richard Spencer accomplishes nothing. The audience just moves on to another eceleb and continues its trajectory.

9. The League of the South, for example, was mired in lawfare over Charlottesville. We’ve stopped holding volatile public rallies. And yet, the core idea of the group which has always been secession has gained major new traction since 2018.

10. At the end of the day, persuasion is what matters. We’re either winning the argument with our target audience or not. Either more people are “radicalizing” and becoming more like us or not. Politics will inevitably follow these shifts in public opinion.

11. The other side is focused exclusively on repression of marginal groups like Patriot Front, not persuasion of the masses. They honestly have no idea how to do this. This is why their media bubble continues to shrink back to coastal metros. As long as that continues to happen, what groups like Patriot Front or the League of the South is doing or not doing is irrelevant.

12. If Jake Tapper can’t speak to a national audience as an authoritative figure on State of the Union or the New York Times and NPR continue to lose prestige and credibility by catering to niche super woke urban audiences, no amount of censorship or leaked chats of marginal groups will work to stop the “far right.” Jim Acosta and John Avlon speak to other people who live inside their shrinking bubble.

13. “Journalists” are accomplices in the murder of American democracy. They are so distrusted and discredited and disliked that “far right” narratives like the Great Replacement blow right past them. They are obsessed with themselves. They endlessly cover things like 1/6 that no one cares about.

14. Who is even listening to Cynthia Miller-Idriss outside of the progressive bubble on MSNBC?

15. Joe Biden is our greatest asset in persuading millions of White people that “far right” narratives and takes are correct. Every time he opens his mouth and says something ridiculous like comparing Mitt Romney to Bull Connor it has a billion times more of an impact than a Patriot Front flash rally.

16. This post was originally about Patriot Front, but meandered onto the real battlefield which is largely an information war. It pits us against people like Brian Stelter and Perry Bacon, Jr.

Patriot Front is a flea on the ass of an elephant and spying on people and leaking chats that no one cares about when everything is becoming more expensive for normies isn’t going to stop the rise of “fascism.” Not even close. The same is true of the pointless street battles in Portland.

Joe Biden pitched his presidency as “a battle for the soul of America.” He is getting crushed in that fight. It is the Brian Stelters, Jake Tappers and Lawrence O’Donnells of the world who are losing the war in the trenches. They can’t control the narrative anymore even with all the censorship.

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  1. I think Patriot Front and other far-right groups, Klan, Tea Party (it still exists in some places) and other right-wing, right-populist, right-libertarian and conservative groups function as pressure release valves, disinformation means and political dead ends for common people who are suffering. These groups are demonized but if they did not exist the system would need to invent them. Maybe some of them have been invented.

    And on the opposite (fake “left”) side of the very limited political protest spectrum, Antifa shows signs of being invented, and it also functions as a pressure release valve.

    • There are no real electoral options here. In countries like France and Hungary they can vote for genuine right-wing parties.

      • @ “they can vote for genuine right-wing parties”, as long as our people vote keep voting for the party of lincoln, their never will be a strong right-wing party to vote for….

  2. I don’t see any of the claims being made about TR as particularly incriminating. I don’t pretend to think that ZOG would actually be consistent, and extend any charges laid against him over ‘conspiracy to cover up graffiti’ to the Facebook group chat of local chambers of commerce that do the same every day, but to lay the charge in the first place would really reveal their hostility to any Americans who are still human.

    It does confirm why operational activities should not be discussed on persistently-logged text chats, and ideally should be dealt with through a series of cells.

  3. I guess if it freaks the establishment out and causes them to waste energy and resources on effectively nothing Patriot Front is doing good.

  4. With high oil prices you may have wondered why the shale boom has not reignited. The tree huggers have persuaded Citibank to cut off financing to the industry. That is why.We are going to be paying north of $4 per gallon this summer. Thank you neo-liberal Joe, you are a great america, who needs to pick himself up and get on the next Aer Lingus flight to Dublin. The blight is over Mick. Go home. Nobody wants you here.

    • You write as if 4/gallon gas is a bad thing. It’s only bad from a very short-term view. High gas prices, among others, is one of the few things capable of waking up the vast legions of stupefied white normies out there that something is seriously wrong and the media are lying. The ruling oligarchs are quite adept at playing on the normalcy bias of the dumbed-down normies – who generally have no idea of what is going on. If enough of these clueless types start to ask some questions and see bits of the man behind the curtain, they’ll not like what they see and a herd-movement can start some real resistance.

  5. Patriot Front is clearly the largest, most active and well put together organization on our side in the country and is deserving of our support.
    As to antifi, this as well as their other actions exposes how they’re nothing but shock troops for the establishment, they will never go after the corporations they falsely claim to oppose, their only target is the White working class.

    • @The Virginian

      “-their only target is the White working class.”

      They always attack stores and restaurants in fashionable neighbourhoods, in safe, urban enclaves, never truck stops, biker bars, or BBQ pits.

      The few times that they have ventured outside of Portland or Seattle, into the Inland Empire, they’ve been met by armed townspeople, who sent them back to where they came from. Tails between their legs.

      Their planned attack on the Sturgis Motorcycle rally didn’t happen, probably because the bikers, unlike the small town normies, wouldn’t have given them the option of leaving alive.

      There was an AntiFa with an AK-47, who had set up a road block, here in Texas, who was promptly shot dead, by a man he had stopped. It’s anybody’s guess why the Judeo-Yankee media didn’t exploit this for anti-Southern propaganda purposes. I guess, probably because there were no grieving parents “back home” in Michigan or Ohio, that they could show crying and demanding that “their government” finally do something, once and for all, about those evil Southrons who’ve been ruining “America®,” for the last two hundred years.

  6. The last I checked PF hasn’t looted any stores and burned down any stores but Antifa and BLM has on multiple occasions. But for some reason, those groups are never mentioned as domestic threats.

  7. Yep, the O’Assholes and their Catholic nonsense have been given a pass for too long! It’s not just the Irish Roman Catholics, but, also the Italians, French, Poles and Germans too. They all blow hard at election, and make big promises, and then do nothing for White Americans!

    Most realize that the Democrats, Catholics, Jews and Blacks, have ruined what could have been an excellent relationship with Russia, and there will be hell to pay, if we stumble into a war with Russia.

    There is a movie on YouTube and other video places called “Panfilov’s 28 Men”, it’s about the Russian last-ditch effort to defend Moscow from the Germans. Well worth watching, in English and with sub-titles. The battle site today is an Ikea store in the Moscow suburbs. LOL.

    • The Evangelicals are just as bad. The reason that Christians don’t really care about what’s happening is…they think their good life will be in heaven. Their life now doesn’t matter, which is what their religion teaches them. So if they bring millions of Mexicans to the US and get them free housing and medicine, God will give them rooms in his everlasting mansion of glory with giant watermelons and kegs of wine.

      It’s all rather self-serving and selfish. They don’t care about wrecking everything for the people who come after them. It’s all about getting something from God later on.

      • That’s completely un-Biblical. Christians are supposed to be builders and good stewards, good shepherds who kill the wolves instead of allowing them in to destroy the flock.

      • ” Most people who share our views don’t even know Patriot Front exists.”

        I didn’t either, until you mentioned them.

      • The Hitler Youth and Home Guard destroyed more invading communist tanks during The Battle of Berlin with not much more than Panzer Fausts.

        The good (((communist))) is a dead communist.

        • November,

          I wonder if other pro white websites have pro-communists in them? The only other southern nationalist website I am familiar with is the Political Cesspool. Their comment section has sparse comments but seemingly does a good job of moderation.

          Political Cesspool is way more pro-Trump than the people on this site so in that regard I give the advantage to the commentators on Occidental Dissent.

  8. Pro-white orgs needs to think that everything they write down is public, as amateurs can’t keep secrets from the modern security state, once they are defined as a threat to national security.
    Not only will the glowjoggers leak written material, they will for instance use recordings of the leadership bad mouthing eachother to create conflicts.

  9. What leaks? If you write an article referencing something thats going on, at least link to somebody who cared enough to actually explain what it is, or maybe take time to spin it how you want it seen instead of assuming everyone is following social media or whatever new echo chamber the cool racists are using now.

    I for one don’t give a crap what patriot front is doing. Change my mind if you think these leaks or… whatever are meaningful even if just to tell us why you also don’t give a crap what Patriot Front is doing.

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