Brian Stelter: These Students Are Learning How To Spot Misinformation

This is what is going to work, guys.

We’re going to turn this around and save democracy.

The next generation is being trained to see us as real news.

The “extremism researchers” like Cynthia Miller-Idriss actually believe this. Even after five years of draconian censorship and all the resources of coastal media at their disposal, the fight against “misinformation” isn’t going so well. “Journalists” are becoming more insular.

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  1. “””..what is going to work..”””

    Don`t believe very much but when they can pull off Hung Wei Ping movement then things go really ugly. Our side can thank God that todays communists have less organizational skills than Stalin or Mao.

    Chinese learned their lesson and after Cultural Revolution when college students showed up again, Chinese rolled them over with tanks.

    BLM and Greta Climate Children riot and Corona mass violence against science deniers failed but also in Russia liberals failed many times until Lenin got things done. So careful with any sign of mass psychosis.

  2. Stelter: a clown with a face made for a shotgun. I sometimes wonder if it’s a bot – totally fake. Even Krusty the Klown has a more likable face. What’s the phrase? Physiognomy is real (even if it’s a created one).

  3. I am surprised this NY school has that many whites. That would not be the case in the majority of public schools in the American south.

    • Not a single Black face in an elementary school in Queens? This segment was directed at the type of people OD has called out for months: White, Affluent, College-Educated, Liberal.

      The dividing lines are being drawn. Its unfolding before us. The Democrats and CNN are the party of liberal White families in cities like Queens. In a strange sort of way, I expect the Democrats to be the party of “Traditional American Families” by the 2028 election. In other words, when you see a stock photo of a happy, good-looking White family on the internet, you can automatically assume that they:

      -Think climate change is real, is anthropogenic, and can only be fixed by taking away steaks, burgers, and SUV’s from “Those People” in the Red States

      -Think Covid is a deadly disease that can only be stopped by lockdowns and vax mandates, that jabs should be mandated, and that its “wrong” to “let people die of covid.”

      -Think “White Supremacy” is a threat to “Our Democracy,” and that the Republicans and Conservatives are “Fascists.”

      -Support the Woke agenda, or downplay it, or possibly play a version of “Dems are the real raycists” by accusing Republicans and Conservatives of being the party of gheys and fags (Alt-MSNBC and the 5 percenters are already doing this)

      -Selectively believe in biological determinism by ignoring the “Racist” parts they dont like (IQ differences between Whites and non-whites) while playing up the parts that emphasize class differences among Whites (the High-Low vs. Middle/Midwit war)

      I thought about all this when I saw a pic on twitter of Spencer at Disney World with his two kids. Happy, good-looking White families used to be propaganda tools for White Nationalists. Turns out those people support all the policies and values that make life miserable for the majority of the White Race. We’ve got to stop the Religious Right. We must secure the existence of Birth Control and a future for Women in the Workforce. We must support Eugenics, which is why we must stop people from dying of Covid and Climate Change.

      Right Wingers and Conservatives have a different physiognomy: Tough, dark around the eyes, assertive, psychotic, like they could murder someone and feel no remorse. Sith like. They are all holding guns or wearing sun glasses in their avatars. As amusing as the Soyjak memes are, or the antifa mutants, or the Blue haired SJW, the fact is, those are all extreme outliers. This is the face of White Liberalism:

      Cross reference those photos with the faces of the 8th grade White kids in that CNN video, or the reels Mark Brahmin uses here from 4:50-5:17

      That’s the Enemy. Those are the people who hate us, want to subordinate us, and think us less then human for our values and policy vision. No more brother wars? No, more brother wars!

      Lets Go Brandon

      Hail Victory

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