Breaking Points: Biden Floats Sending Thousands Of Troops To Eastern Europe

Ross Douthat thinks we should fold on Ukraine.

No one outside of the American foreign policy establishment has “we should be willing to go to war with Russia to protect Ukrainian democracy” on their list of priorities.

New York Times:

“One of the hardest challenges in geopolitics is figuring out how to conduct a successful retreat. We witnessed that reality last summer in Afghanistan, when the Biden administration made the correct strategic choice — cutting our losses instead of escalating to preserve a morally bankrupt status quo — but then staggered through a disastrous withdrawal that wounded Biden’s presidency and laid bare American incompetence to a watching world.

Now we face the same problem with Ukraine. The United States in its days as a hyperpower made a series of moves to extend our perimeter of influence deep into Russia’s near-abroad. Some of those moves appear to be sustainable: The expansion of NATO to include countries of the former Warsaw Pact was itself a risk, but at the moment those commitments seem secure. But the attempt to draw Ukraine out of Russia’s orbit, the partway-open door to Ukrainians who preferred westward-focused alliances, was a foolish overcommitment even when American power was at its height. …”

Many an empire has fallen for the sake of maintaining its “credibility.”

The most famous example was the British Empire which collapsed after Neville Chamberlain’s guarantee of Poland triggered World War II. Britain wasn’t in any position to do anything to save Poland, but it was in a position to transform a regional border conflict into a global conflagration.

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    The Global Homosexual Pederast Empire

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  2. “to protect Ukrainian democracy”:

    Democracy indeed. Khazar-kraine was created by a U.S.- and Israeli-managed coup and colour revolution, and is as far from democracy as it is possible to be. Run by a handful of mostly Jewish oligarchs who are protected by anti-Semitic Neo-Nazi militias and by Israel and the U.S., living conditions are so bad that millions have fled (and are still fleeing) mostly to the Russian Federation, and the Donbas region seceded, and Crimea (which is not Ukrainian, but was added to Ukraine by Khruschev) voted to join the Russian Federation. Corporate mainstream media will never tell you the truth about Ukraine.

    Andrei The Saker compiled this list of today’s news headlines (with links on the site):

    US, European Stock Markets Tumble at Opening As Tensions Rise Around Ukraine

    NATO Sends Additional Ships, Fighter Jets to Eastern Europe Amid Ukraine Tensions

    White House discussed plans to send up to 50,000 troops to Eastern Europe

    NATO announces major new deployment

    US Navy displays 2 supercarriers in Philippine Sea drill

    Chinese Air Force alarms Taiwan with massive flyby

    NATO Puts Forces On Standby, Deploys More Jets & Ships – Russia Responds With 20 Warships In Baltic

    Futures Tumble On Rising Fed Fears, Geopolitical Tensions

    Kremlin: Ukraine Amassing Troops on Contact Line in Donbass in Apparent Preparation for Attack

    Iran, Russia and China joint military drills

    Russia sends fighter jets to Belarus for drills

    Kiev actively preparing for forceful resolution of Donbass conflict, DPR says

    Bank of Russia suspends currency buying due to market volatility

    Russian stocks sink 8%, ruble plunges to 14-month low as conflict fears intensify

    Dow tumbles over 600 points early Monday as Wall Street extends decline ahead of Fed decision, earnings wave

    U.S. Orders Family Members of Embassy Staff to Leave Ukraine

    Israel said preparing for potential need to evacuate Ukrainian Jews in case of war

    EU to weigh €1B aid package for Ukraine

    Diplomat slams ‘report’ of Xi asking Putin not to attack Ukraine as jaw-dropping fake news

    China slams Bloomberg’s fake news about China-Russia relationship

  3. “Note that this is not a question of what Ukrainians deserve. Russia is an authoritarian aggressor in the current crisis; Ukraine is a flawed democracy but a more decent regime than Vladimir Putin’s oligarchy. When we gave Ukraine security assurances under Bill Clinton, opened the door to NATO membership under George W. Bush and supported the Maidan protests under Barack Obama, we were in each case acting with better intentions than Moscow in its own machinations.”

    Pure jewshit. The bottom line is Boosh I solemnly promised the Russians that the jewS wouldn’t take one step toward Russia’s borders. The word of the whores who run this global golem mean less than nothing, therefore they have no right to pretend outrage when other countries defend their vital interests.

  4. “Biden Floats Sending Thousands Of Troops To Eastern Europe.”

    As I said in a previous post.

    Look for the Visegrád Countries, adjacent to Ukraine, to block any overland movement of U.S. heavy maneuver elements into Ukraine. And for Germany to quietly decline to participate. 

    Several other countries might decline to participate, too. And surprisingly, the U.K. might be one of them. Nobody in Europe, except maybe the Poles, wants a war.

    USZOG troops may find themselves cut off and alone in Eastern Europe, and Biden’s handlers may find themselves politically defeated and humiliated. But they’ll have Biden as a scapegoat.

    Probably won’t happen, anyway.

  5. at this point I’m wondering what the next ZOG globohomo false-flag is going to be. Do another airliner massacre then blame it on the Russians? Or something really (((Hollywood)))-style grandiose like Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, or 9/11? Time will tell.

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