Blake Masters: Critical Race Theory Is Anti-White Racism

This is a great example of where we are at in 2022.


“BLAKE MASTERS: Until that point, you were allowed to say critical race theory is racist and that’s bad. But to say it is “anti-white” racism — if it’s racist it is racist against somebody.

And it was a risk, I remember some of my consultants didn’t want me to do it, but I went on Tucker [Carlson’s FOX News show] said I can navigate issues like this.

I think it is important to have people who are going to be bold and take the arrows and talk about some difficult subjects in our country.

So I said critical race theory is anti-white racism. I went on to explain that it is bad for white kids, obviously. But it is bad for black kids and Latino kids, it is bad for every kid to hear that toxic crap.

And when it takes root, you see what you’re seeing today: medical rationing based on race.

If you’re a white person, it doesn’t matter if you are more sick, you’re not going to get this therapeutic because we have a limited supply and it should go to a person of color who is historic[ally disadvantaged]. If you do that too much, even if you let that take root at all, pretty soon you don’t have a real country anymore. …”

The mainstream media doesn’t really exist anymore. It is coastal media now. “Journalists” are self-absorbed Twitter addicts who write for other blue checks on Twitter, not the general public.

The “watchdog organizations” can no longer police the mainstream. They have devolved into discredited partisan NGOs like the SPLC and ADL. They now try to apply the same extreme tactics to everyone on the Right up to the president. This is an admission that the “mainstream” no longer exists.

In the wake of the triumph of Ibram X. Kendism, the Republican base is on fire with White anxiety. Many of these people had bought into the MLK nonsense about how the country was progressing toward a colorblind utopia. They have been rudely awakened from that delusion over the past two years.

GOP consultants, officials and politicians are still mostly cowards. Public opinion has changed. “Extremism” has gone mainstream. They haven’t caught up with their base though.

This thawing of the old taboos and norms is playing out in GOP primaries. It is an opportunity for insurgent candidates who are free to talk about White people and White interests for the first time in decades.

Banning CRT is a racial dog whistle, but the fact that it is even happening says a lot about how much our politics has changed. It is an example of a White interest being translated into legislation. The fact that black grievance isn’t being centered and pedestaled is a change.

As recently as the 2020 election, it was still taboo for conservatives to even acknowledge that White people existed and had interests. Donald Trump had nothing to say about White people until a few days ago. We can expect more conservatives to start tiptoeing into these waters.

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  1. No kid should have (had) to listen to Holocaust lies either but the Boomers missed that boat.

  2. This also might be a very time for a White third party to force the issue with the mainstream Republicans. I had great hopes for the National Justice Party but at least from the outside looking in they don’t seem very active, haven’t had an article sine the end of November. Do you have any insight into them?

  3. “mainstream media doesn’t really exist anymore. It is coastal media now”:

    I disagree. I include the primary inland, non-coastal news source, Rupert Murdoch’s Faux News, in the category of mainstream media.

    Mainstream “news” sources including Fox, CNN, MSNBC, etc. are tailored to sell to different parts of the population, so they differ in style, and they differ about many nonessentials, but when it comes to the essentials, they are united.

  4. Jews must use immigrants and advance non white people by funding their groups etc, because these people are for the most part UNAWARE of who the jews are and how they operate. Their IQ cannot extend beyond simple catch phrases, waving signs or beating up a designated target. If they can make $50 yelling like a moron, they will do it.

    One only needs to read “YOU GENTILES” by Maurice Samuel to see their Satanic Talmudic mentality. The end justifies the means for these agitators. For those too lazy to bother looking for the book, here it is.

  5. As I’ve said before: in CRT, only one race is ‘critiqued’, and the verdict is unfavorable.

    >Banning CRT is a racial dog whistle

    In the two steps forward, one step back sense, some will see it is as a step back and therefore a win — yet massive non-white immigration will continue, non-whites will still have higher birthrates, and the white population fraction will continue to decline — the thing that matters, or should matter, most to Whites is whether they become a minority population in America, and I see nothing being done to address that; in fact, very few politicians will even have the guts to mention that this is happening, and that it’s bad for Whites.

    >candidates who are free to talk about White people and White interests

    This used to be synonymous with American people and American interests — the fact Whites in America are reduced to having to assert their right to advocate for their own self-interest is already a huge loss — people need to see and understand that.

    Saying CRT is anti-white is not the same as explicitly advocating for Whites and the interests of Whites — advocacy for non-whites largely at the expense of Whites (and increasingly Asians) will still be the norm.

    linkI tuned into the football game and the first thing I get is this wildly offensive anti-white ad from the NFL.

  6. CRT: Confederates = Racist/Rebel Traitors

    When will Southern white kids not have to feel ashamed of the gallant deeds of their ancestors who fought for independence from this godless Yankee Empire which becomes more and more demonic with each passing day?

    The Confederates were 160 years ahead of everyone today who has been adversely affected by this godless, anti-Christian monster.

    “No, I cannot [leave untried any means that may lead to peace]. I desire peace as much as you do. I deplore bloodshed as much as you do; but I feel that not one drop of the blood shed in this war is on my hands,—I can look up to my God and say this. I tried all in my power to avert this war. I saw it coming, and for twelve years I worked night and day to prevent it, but I could not. The North was mad and blind; it would not let us govern ourselves; and so the war came, and now it must go on till the last man of this generation falls in his tracks, and his children seize his musket and fight his battle, unless you acknowledge our right to self-government. We are not fighting for slavery. We are fighting for Independence,—and that, or extermination, we will have.”
    — President Jefferson Davis, In interview by journalist James R. Gilmore accompanied by Colonel James Jaquess of the Seventy-third Illinois, 07/17/1864. This article appeared in the September 1864 issue of The Atlantic Monthly, under the title “Our Visit to Richmond.”

  7. For someone who claims to be concerned with “anti-White” policies, it’s a bit odd that Masters is trying to beat out Mark Brnovich for an Arizona senate seat.

  8. America is Ready for White Identity Politics, by Robert Wallace.

    85% of Republicans are concerned about anti-White discrimination. Immigration is their top concern.
    U. of Virginia poll

    For 75% of the 21 million Americans [nearly 16 million] who sympathize with the Jan. 6th protesters, their top concern is The Great Replacement.
    U. of Chicago study

    30% to 40% of White Americans say that White Identity is important to them.
    Ashley Jardina, Prof. Political Science, Duke U.

    23% of White Republican men have a favorable view of White Nationalism.
    15% of White Democrat men have a favorable view of White Nationalism.
    Newsweek poll.

  9. I’d been supporting General Mick McGuire in this race, whom we know personally. But it just might maybe be time to give Blake Masters a second look.

  10. As much as CRT disgusts me, I have come to see it as an opportunity to put out a competing version. One that highlights jewish character traits that have played out in history over and over again. CRT also highlights the need for white political unity. White advocacy and the NEED thereof keeps seeping into the mainstream more by the day.

  11. By calling it “anti-White racism” you have already lost. You have acknowledged that racism bad, which presupposes it’s unnatural, and therefor wrong.


    Racism is just a slander against White ethnocentricity, do not use or acknowledge this term. REFUSE.

    • Good reminder. It is a kike promoted term used to beat down Whites and steer them towards thoughts and behaviors which are harmful to themselves.

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