Picard: Season 2

Coming in March.

It is the year 2024.

After reading Barton Gellman’s latest cover story in The Atlantic, Q has changed human history for the lulz. Libtards are on the wrong side of it. Post-liberals win.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard has to travel back in time to stop the imminent demise of American democracy. Progressivism has died in this timeline. Presumably, Joe Biden has lost the 2024 election to his domestic enemies and the Federation has become the xenophobic and authoritarian Terran Empire. The Enterprise is a heavily armed battleship and a forcefield around Earth keeps out alien races.

Note: Whoopi Goldberg has taken time off from The View to return as a cast member.

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    • There is that name again, Patrick. Stewart is of Irish blood and you do not get to be a trusted henchmen for the Jews without the prerequisite treacherous Irish blood. Jews are not going to trust no southerner to do their bidding, sheeit they might get strung up.

      • Where I work there is a young man name Patrick. He is clean cut, big, strong, works out, respectful to those in leadership. He pictures the very opposite of some shriveled up full of venom demon like yourself.

        • You are entitled to your opinion, Christ killer. You obsession with the infinitesimal speck of nothingness that is I, is duly noted. BAHA

          Go tell it on the mountain Christ killer, see if any one cares.

          • You ride “shotgun” with Satan the Devil. Are you a Christ killer? You can’t even answer the question.

            I am sure everyone now is going to avoid naming their sons “Robert” after reading your garbage.

      • Robert and Krafty, here is more evidence: “Irish fishermen plan to disrupt Russia’s naval war games: Our presence is our protest” – Headline today in mainstream news

        I didn’t read or even click on the article. I wonder how much were these Irish PAID to say they will go after the Russians, or are doing it entirely “on principle”?

  1. There is a genetic defect in Jew blood, placed there by God almighty. Jews lack the ability to lead and to rule over others and when they ever so do attain power everything goes straight to hell. You are witness the power of God almighty. And the Jews are the only ones who do not see what all others see.

    • You have a brain defect coming on here and attacking our white brothers. You are the Jews’, Blacks’, other anti-white demographics best friend.

  2. Yes, I have been following this. Homeland Security gets beat up by Picard’s former negro wife.

    There is a Lesbian scene between Jeri Ryan and the negress…

    Go to Jeri Ryan’s twitter….nonstop about White People being racist for opposing Critical Race Theory in the classroom..

    Let’s face it…Jeri Ryan has always been a filthy Hollywood Whore….And she was Jack Ryan’s Ho-bitch….and she got very close to being America’s First Lady….

    Patrick Stewart is very likely bisexual…..

    I have no doubt that Michael Chabon is very enthusiastic about Israel’s Wall….

    Hollywood is just a Comet Pizza toilet bowl…And Jeri Ryan and Patrick swim in it…

    Jeri Ryan’s son is an autistic retard…now doubt because of Jeri Ryan’s venerial disease….Jeri Ryan is just a filthy smelly disgusting Slut…..

  3. The writer is a Jew…as are the three consultants to this essay:the policy sci professor…..Anne Applebaum…and Jeffrey Goldberg….All four of them support Israel’s wall….paid for by US taxpayers..

    These 4 Jews are waging Jewish ethnic warfare against Slavic Christian Russia and the Native Born White Christian American Working Class…

    What vile creatures they are…

  4. Most recent science fiction depicts a future in which extreme technological advancement (to the point of allowing colonisation of other planets) is occurring or has occurred in conjunction with a REGRESSION to an earlier stage of social-economic-political development such as early capitalist-imperialism without social democracy or to anarcho-libertarianism, or even to tribalism, feudalism and monarchy – which is impossible! Jules Verne was a good, believable science fiction writer. I don’t read or watch recent science fiction, too implausible, waste of time, in my opinion.

  5. Only the White race has been selected by Nature to explore and colonize other planets that orbit around other stars. The lower races should be regarded as useless and eliminated.

    • “Only the White race has been selected by Nature to explore and colonize other planets”:

      Han Chinese are the first to explore the far side of the Moon, and have a much lower incidence of sociopathy than Europeans. Better social cooperation might be advantageous.

  6. The only good thing about Picard was Andrew Anglin’s review of the show. Those reviews were the last entertaining thing he wrote.

  7. You’re right about the Jews’ total inability to see reality about themselves. To borrow a quote from an older show ‘Picard’ featured in: Their belief in their own superiority is beyond arrogance.

  8. I am sure the Jews must have noticed you condemning the Celts. They must have thought, hey, this Robert Browning is on to something.

  9. I never took you for a masochist, Hunter, but I’m starting to wonder. How can you watch this POS? I’m a Boomer who grew up on Star Trek but this…my god. Patrick Stewart looks like a giant white prune. Compared to him, William Shatner – who’s 110 – looks like a Star Fleet cadet. OTOH, if there’s an alien race that looks like giant white prunes, Picard’s your man. I mean, they’ve got everything else: toothy rats (Ferengi), professional wrestlers (Klingons), Jews (Vulcans), so why not prunes?

    But then the writing’s so bad it doesn’t matter.

    If you have to watch Star Trek, try Deep Space 9. Avery Brooks does a good Angry Negro.

    • I just saw the trailer in my feed and laughed. No plans to watch it. It reflects the hysteria that I see everywhere though

      • @Hunter Wallace

        I just saw the trailer in my feed and laughed. No plans to watch it. It reflects the hysteria that I see everywhere though

        Science fiction is more a reflection of the time in which it was made, rather than a portrayal of the future. Watch Blade Runner in 2019, and Soylent Green this year. They portray alternate reality. Not any possible, real future.

  10. These god damned kike/shitlib race traitor scum, forcing their filthy, lying worldview on befuddled Whites from the top down…When is that leftist coprolite Stewart finally going to ooze into the Void where he belongs?

    • Here’s something white folks should consider: Nobody is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to pay your few shekels to watch this bullshit (or any other bullshit). Most white folks do this voluntarily, just as you send you’re kids to the academia indoctrination centers voluntarily and are then surprised to hear them come home spouting woke dogmas. Stop supporting those who want to erase you.

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