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  1. The answer “conservatives” never give: “Racist” means White person. Only Anti-Whites call people “racists”. “Anti-racist” is a code word for Anti-White.

  2. My manager is black, a nice guy from an intact family who is married himself and disapproves of the thug lifestyle. Yet still I got to see how they think yesterday. The discussion was on cooking and he rambled out about how “Columbus was looking for spice” and then went into a typical black resentment of white achievement by denouncing Columbus as a fraud. All the blacks seem to learn this in school or from online memes and I hear it every Columbus Day. “How could you discover something that has people.” Of course that’s not the point, nobody said he was simply the first to set foot there, what he did is bring knowledge to the learned world spanning the civilizations of Eurasia where knowledge had been flowing back and forth for 5 millennia. Simply setting foot onto North America chasing big game living in a state of Savagery doesn’t count. Such people had no concept of the larger world, they didn’t know about the “old world” so couldn’t discover the new world. Yes Columbus was a bit of a quack thinking he was in Asia and refusing to accept his own discovery as two new lost continents. But he did have the balls to lead a perilous voyage west across the Atlantic into unknown territory and the holiday is a general celebration of the entire Renaissance Enterprise started by Prince Henry the Navigation all the way to Captain Cook. Why blacks “diss” it is liberal whites have given them permission to reap scorn on white achievement. What bothered me the most was the young white loser who jumped in completely agreeing with him eager to denounce his own civilization. Too many young white men at work are voting for the democrats and siding against civilization. He mentions all the envelopes he gets from Chuck Shumer asking for money so that means he donated his hard earned money at some point to them. Loser, total weakling who stays home due to “anxiety,” the 2020 embodiment of the coward who got slapped in the Patton Movie.

  3. Re: “these people are suicidal. They are going to squander their precarious position”:

    Someone commented on suicidal, position-squandering Biden administration foreign policy: “As I understand the argument, the US desperately wants/needs war 1) to disconnect Europe from Russian energy, 2) to wreck the European economy so the US can pick up the pieces, 3) to unify a fragmented America, 4) because neocons dominate the Democrats, and 5) it would help the Dems at election time. I must respectfully disagree. The result of #1 would be sky high energy prices and crazy inflation in the West, including the US. US elites are primarily investors and wealthy businessmen, and understand this quite well, so #1 is not a player. #2: US and Western corporations are multinational. Destroying the European economy would have a huge impact on corporate profits. It’s a global system–economically and financially. You cannot destroy the European economy without destroying the US economy. American elites are well aware of this. #3 No, it would not unify the US. The hysteria exists in the media. Ordinary Americans could not care less about Ukraine–or Russia for that matter. They are trying to survive covid and inflation and simply don’t give a dam about foreign policy. There is zero political benefit for this particular war. #4 Yes, neocons hold powerful positions in the administration and have a lot of media support, but the actual Democratic Party and its fundamental policies are determined by the donor class–the billionaires, major corporations, bankers and investors who ultimately own the system and call the shots. The neocons will not be allowed to bring down the economy of the West. #5 No, an unsuccessful war that generates an energy crunch and widespread inflation would not help the Dems at election time–and the politicians know it. Finally, no one at the top gives a dam about race or history. It’s primarily a commercial empire. Profit is in the driver’s seat”: https://thesaker.is/latest-update-from-andrei-martyanov-01-24-22/#comment-1009734 Yes, Profit is in the driver’s seat.

  4. “Who we are.” This constant repetition of trite slogans among the DILE class marks them as lacking in all creativity. They are incompetent people with unearned positions of authority, whose only skill is signalling their in-group status. That is why everyone hates them.

    • @Dart – I actually thought that slogan was some kind of spoof or meme. Good grief — the sanctimonious smarminess and total lack of self-awareness of those empty-headed twits!

  5. Negroes must remain in a permanent state of servitude and humility because if you give them even a little bit of wealth, fame or “equality” they will go APESHIT. All Negro males should wear overalls and straw hats with no shoes; All Negresses should dress like Aunt Jemima. Any talk of “civil rights” or “freedom” accomplishes nothing except to agitate them.

    • Noticed at the grocery store, no more Aunt Jemima syrup. It’s called something completely different and has in small print, “same great taste, formerly Aunt Jemima syrup.”
      A bottle of syrup cancelled for being irredeemably racist!

  6. Without Whites mechanization, technology, abstract thinking, blacks would still be living in in mudhuts as they are in parts of Africa without White interference.

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