Poll Watch: Fewer Than 1 in 6 Americans Want U.S. Troops Involved In Ukraine-Russia War

We hear a lot about polarization.

The public really ISN’T divided though on inflation being the most important issue facing the country or wanting nothing to do with any border conflict between Russia and Ukraine.


“A poll from Convention of States Action (COSA) in partnership with the Trafalgar Group found that just 15.3 percent of likely general election voters believed the U.S. should provide troops as “boots on the ground” in the event of an invasion.

The figures came as Secretary of State Antony Blinken met Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov for talks in Geneva with tensions between Russia and Ukraine remaining high. …”

Everyone also agrees that Joe Biden is focused on the wrong priorities – Build Back Better, voting rights, his domestic enemies – and doubts his leadership and the competency of his administration.

Note: Seriously, are we ready to trust the same generals who lost in Afghanistan in the Taliban to lead us into a new conflict in Ukraine with Russia? Really?

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  1. “The public really ISN’T divided though on inflation being the most important issue”:

    The public is united in ignorance then. Inflation is only a symptom. Like fever it could be caused by several diseases. The public doesn’t know what the disease is, or they have been indoctrinated to believe that the disease is health. The public really loves successful imperialist war, because it brings the wealth of nations to the imperial homeland” – or at least, some of the stolen wealth trickles down.

    • Not to worry, we’ve got the GOP’s Miss Lindsay (Pink Palmetto Princess) channeling the frothing madness of McStain – in her own unique Southern-Belle way. Betcha Winnie and Volodya have a good laugh when she threatens…

    • You know he was Irish right? Like Biden, like Miley, like Kelly. We are going to be led to a crushing bloody disaster by this filth. The question becomes should Irish blood be held to account for their sins against our nation? The Jews are not going to say it is our fault, they are going to be pointing the fingers at the Irish. And the Irish are to stupid to see they are going to be taking the fall for nay coming disaster. Who do you strike out against when your entire family has been killed and your life destroyed because these people who profess to be Christians do not live by the teachings of Christ? You strike out against the blood, is what you do. Racism is going live because of the short comings of the blood and peoples refusal to adhere to the teachings of Christ. And racism is going to exact its vengeance on the blood. It matters not if an Irishmen calls you a racist when your whole family has been killed now does it?

      • Is your real name Robert…….Robert-a Kaplan? You must be still steaming since you lost that lawfare SLAPP case to the League of the South and others on the Right. What a “coincidence” that a strange acting anti-Celt character would show up here and start trashing the Celts when we all know that the leader of the League of the South is known for writing a book on Celtic warfare. No wonder you hate the Celts so much. What a joke you are!

        You lost Robert-a … get over it. You wasted the money (25 million dollars) of all those Jews you suckered into giving to you and you didn’t cripple the League of the South as you promised. In fact their membership is growing and they are once again doing public demonstrations.

        Boohoo for you!

  2. Ukraine is the Pale of Settlement the former homeland for the kyke people. This Israel business is not going to last forever and the American people are fed up to the gills with this Jew filth. So where oh were do the unwanted and undesirables go? Ireland I say. Send the Jews to Ireland. The Irish and the Jews belong together.

  3. I’m curious about who – exactly – are the 15% that support such madness? It’s probably a fake number, given the nature of the lie machine which generates these polls. It’s literally impossible to despise “journalists” too much. There is really no level of cruelty which they have not fully earned, doing Satan’s work every single day.

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