Secular Talk: On The Brink of World War III and Great Depression II

I don’t really expect anything to happen.

In my official 2022 forecast, I predicted that COVID would fade after the Omicron variant, inflation would probably fade in late 2022 and Build Back Better would pass Congress in some diminished form. Democrats would still lose Congress. I also predicted that we would likely avoid a major foreign policy disaster like a war with Russia. This is like a rosy scenario for the Brandon administration.

What if I have overestimated the president again though? What if Joe’s woes simply continue to mount and this White House continues to slide toward even bigger disasters in 2022?

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  1. Everything will continue just as it has, only better.

    Or people can open their eyes. Both sides are massing troops and weapons frantically on the borders.

    Russia will be ready by Feb. 10. They will take back Little Russia and ZOG will sanction. No more Russian oil. How will the Texas refineries operate without Russian sour? No one has an answer.

    The world will break back into two, only worse than the cold war. There will be two separate money systems. As the BIS/ZOG money system weakens, the dollar will collapse. Hello Amero, all digital.

    No Rosy Scenario for Biden, not for any of the three men that stand in front of the cameras and pretend to be Joe Biden, as Biden himself has disappeared and is probably dead.

    If the Edomite/Bolshevik Reds take back the Congress, so what? They have never done anything for us and never will. It will be 2016 all over. They will just make things worse.

  2. Going to war with another foe that has nuclear weapons can only lead to disaster. The govt doesn’t care because they will be safe in their underground bunkers for a while at least.

  3. The Federal Reserves should call an “emergency meeting” and raise interest rates by 1/2%. We know they won’t, and they won’t be able to stop inflation by waiting until March, and then only raising 1/4%. The longer they wait to raise rates, the more painful inflation will become!!!

    Our $800 Billion a year military better understand that the Russians keep prisoners for decades working in Siberia, or the Arctic. The Russians only kept the German prisoners for 10 years after WWII, which was out of character for them. Of course, tens of thousands of German prisoners died in Russian captivity.

    Remember, this is a military that can’t control our southern border.

    • They could control it if they were allowed to. But yeah, tangling with Russians is a different deal.

    • “raise interest rates by 1/2%. We know they won’t, ”

      This economy is so brittle, that the mere suggestion of rate increases could send us into a depression.

  4. I wouldn’t expect anything to happen with Russia if the people running the USA were sane, but there is little evidence of that. These are the same whack jobs who fomented and allowed riots across most major US cities just to own blumpf and to spite White people in general. I could see them escalating to war over Ukraine to own “fascism” or whatever.

    Declining powers such as the USA are very dangerous because the leadership typically becomes unhinged and desperate to maintain power and control. They are unpredictable and don’t act as you would expect of rational powers.

    • Senile old man at the helm, black sec. of defense, kike sec. of state. Those are some bad ingredients.

  5. “What if I have overestimated the president again though?”

    To paraphrase Obama; “Never underestimate Joe Biden’s ability to eff things up.”

    Biden is just a puppet, anyway. He’s not really running anything.

  6. Internet “experts” have been predicting another depression and third world war for years. Before them it was guys on shortwave radio and in monthly newsletters doing the exact same thing. They all wanted their audience to buy stuff from their sponsors, like gold, “miracle” soap or survivalist gear. There won’t be any depression or atomic war unless The Oligarcharcy specifically wants them – and that is not likely.

  7. Re: “I don’t really expect anything to happen”:

    I agree, in the sense that I don’t expect a hot war, or a very hot war, to happen either. But that does not mean I think nothing will happen. The U.S.’s cold and hybrid imperialist warfare IS happening – almost everywhere at once. Everywhere you look, if anyone cares to look.

    Last night I overhead (didn’t watch it or turn it on) a little bit of Tucker Carlson’s show, in which he was supposedly being “anti-war” and taking the Russian side. He wasn’t. Note that he never informs his audience properly about all the wars (including the almost continuous war on Russia since 1920) that ARE happening, and have been happening; and he doesn’t tell them why imperialism is wrong, because that would involve telling them the entire economic-political system we live under is wrong – and then his career would be over, immediately!. But that won’t happen because he obviously believes in the system, so he feeds the show’s target audience a steady diet of what they want to hear: a mixture of facts they will definitely want to learn combined with crucial falsehoods they believe in – real food, mixed with an opiate drug, which makes all of it poison. Real journalism is telling the whole truth regardless of consequences.

  8. The jews will never ditch their ever-lasting psychotic plans of world domination. The jewish menace wants an all encompassing, one world, pro-jewish government. No borders. No identity. No racism., and they will use America as the enforcer. The best we can hope for at this point, is for the absolute, total, final downfall of America. I don’t give a rats behind about the chaos that will ensue or all the evangelicals and patriotards who will cry over it. I’m seriously rooting for Russia and China. This evil anti-white, imperialist, black-obsessed, homosexual, entity called the USA cannot last. It needs to be put down. The jews are a cancer to all decent minded, anti-globalist nationalists across the world.

  9. @Mr. Confederate Man,

    That’s all Zion Don was. He was all tweet, and no feats, except for jews on Wall Street and in Israel.

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