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  1. “Not really radical or revolutionary” would be the accurate terminology, not “conservative.”

    In contrast to the controlled-opposition MLK who only went off the reservation (a little bit) by starting to oppose the Vietnam War, Black nationalist Malcolm X was really radical, and Thomas Sankara was a genuine African revolutionary. Of the three, all assassinated, only Sankara had good, practical success.

  2. There is nothing more pathetic and dropping by a “conservative” site like Instapundit and reading how only the Republicans are the only ones to have kept alive “Martin Luther King’s vision.” And the crap about Harriet Tubman as a “gun toting Republican.” Nauseating.

    • “Conservatives” are the biggest, if not the only, perpetrators of the “conservative MLK” lie.

  3. Can’t this guy and all the rest of them just do nonvideo, radio-type broadcasts? I’m tired of seeing plain looking or ugly people close up and badly lit in front of those damn bookcases. The only interesting thing they could do is to get up and go back and pull out some of those books and talk about them to prove they read them.

  4. MLK was a communist that served at the behest of his wealthy jewish handlers

    George Floyd is a conservative hero

  5. The Tea Party, that hated Obama, was always invoking MLK, holding him up as a good example, like these conservatives are doing now.

    I disagree that MLK was communist, rather an opportunist who received assistance from some Neo-Marxist, Trotskyite and U.S. intelligence service handlers.

  6. I do not believe the conservatives of the 1950s and 60s regarded King as one of their own. In fact I’m sure of it.

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