Tucker vs. Brianna

I’m glad Tucker is using his platform to push back against the neocons and neolibs on Ukraine. The correct answer is that this Ukraine thing isn’t our problem and it is none of our business.

Note: George W. Bush caused the present crisis by holding out the possibility that Ukraine and Georgia could join NATO.

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  1. Yes, that’s the show I overheard a little bit of (from another room) last night. But the problem is not that the U.S. “can’t afford” the war at this time, but that the war against Russia AND ALL OTHER imperialist wars are WRONG, and the entire system that requires and depends on imperialism is wrong. Carlson obviously doesn’t believe that, and will never tell his audience that, and if he did, his career would be over immediately. .

  2. Sounds like Tucker is a Russian asset just like drupf, under the control of Putin’s disinformation and probably kompromat as well.

  3. By “democracy” ZOG means a corrupt, unelected government run by billionaire jew gangsters and propped up by the CIA. ZOG is going to have a hard time justifying the spilling of American blood to defend the Ukraine, an unimportant, backwards country that should never have been granted independence from Russia in the first place. But if there is a war the jews will scurry out of there before it starts, so that the gentiles can slaughter each other for the benefit of Zionist world domination.

  4. The jews will foment and finance a war between two hated Slavic countries, then split for Israel or some majority white country for awhile until it’s safe to return to Kiev and Lvov, whereupon they will immediately exploit the misery of the war-weary population by selling shoddy but desperately needed goods at high prices, loan sharking and prostitution.


  5. China wins if you import Chinese Legal Immigrants…For Chinese Legal Immigrants+US born geneline of Chinese Legal Immigrants=racial nullification of the Native White Vote on Nov 3 2024…in the voting both….

    Taiwan belongs to China…..nobody else…

  6. Why is it these bureaucrats and politicians worry about the borders and well being of foreign countries but could care less about borders and the people they’re supposed to represent? Money, money and contracts. Stay out of Ukraine.

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