Spotify Pulls Neil Young’s Music After Failed Attempt To Cancel Joe Rogan


Neil Young has exactly one accomplishment in life.

Hollywood Reporter:

Spotify is in the process of removing Neil Young’s catalog of music from its service after the artist published — then took down — an open letter with an ultimatum: Deal with the vaccine misinformation coming from Joe Rogan’s podcast, or lose Young’s music.

Two days after the letter was published, Spotify is now in the process of removing Young’s music from the streaming service, a Spotify spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter. …”

This is really a fitting end for him.


  1. I love the Buffalo Springfield and his first two solo albums but Neil Young is just a cranky old man now. By contrast Roger Waters of the Pink Floyd and Eric Clapton of the Cream have aged gracefully.

  2. A rare victory. I didn’t know you could turn off artists until yesterday. I turned off Katy Perry (I don’t listen to her but wtf?) and I’m not stopping there. Too funny.

    • “A rare victory”:

      I looked up the facts. This is NOT a victory for the Anti-vaxxers. Neil Young ASKED Spotify to remove him from the same platform as Rogan’s extremely popular Anti-vaxx show. He knew the extremely popular Rogan show that was drawing so many viewers to Spotify would not be removed.

      Also, he was not “pulled” from Spotify, because he demanded to be removed from it, and he will be reinstated immediately when he wants to be: “Spotify, in a statement on Wednesday, said that it regretted Young’s decision, ‘but hope to welcome him back soon’ (…) ‘I realized I could not continue to support Spotify’s life-threatening misinformation to the music loving people,’ Young said in a statement. Young had asked his management and record company publicly on Monday to remove his music from the popular streaming service, where he had more than six million monthly listeners, according to his Spotify home page.”

      The first Rogan show appearance propelled Doctor Malone to instant fame.

      Browning and Krafty pay attention, it’s a Malone and a Kennedy that head the anti-vaxx movement, and Rogan is an Irish surname too. There you have it, a trio of mad Gaels are leading the anti-vaxx “mass formation psychosis.” Some Anglo Saxon said “Gaels are the people that God made mad, for all their wars are merry and all their songs are sad.”

      John Campbell who is accurate and reliable is English.

      • Campbell is Cumbrian (Cumbria = extreme northwest England) English but yes you could say another Gaelic surname.

        • @Anonymous,
          Campbell is a well known Scottish name. It has its own clan and tartan colours. No doubt, you’ll find Campbell’s in England. The borders between England, Scotland and Wales have been merely symbolic, rather than official, for centuries, so people have always moved around the island quite freely.

          • I know. But it is Scottish Gaelic not Irish Gaelic. Cumbria was once a solidly Brythonic region like Wales and there was a Cumbrian language very similar to Welsh that became extinct centuries ago.

            I was contrasting the trio of Irish-surnamed “heroes” (Malone, Kennedy, Rogan) of the Anti-vaxx cult (even though Malone and the rest are vaccinated!) versus Doctor Campbell who clings to real science and continues to urge people to be vaccinated and practice hygiene.

            “borders between England, Scotland and Wales have been merely symbolic”:

            Some Welsh want the border to become more than symbolic. Welsh Ethno-nationalism, not “British” cosmopolitan nationalism!

  3. Let’s not forget Neil Young’s libellous song ‘Southern Man’ from 1970

    When the fact was, whites in the American South were long more comfortable being near black people, than virtue-signalling sermonising Yankees ever were

  4. The artist is expected to lose 60 percent of his streaming revenue by pulling his catalogue off of Spotify.

    Clearly a man of principle — or maybe he doesn’t need the money.

    In line with my previous comment wondering what might be worse than a white male carrying water for the ADL, here I could ask ‘What’s worse than a virtue signaling boomer?’ — but I won’t, because I already know the answer: A virtue signaling boomer who was a rock star when he was younger.

  5. Neil Young is just another washed up R&R hippy. Joe Rogan is no bargain either but I’m glad it turned the other way for once.

  6. Oooh….what a rebel you are, Neil! A real independent thinker fighting for freedom!

    Fukkin’ lefties…..hate THE MAN unless they are THE MAN.

  7. Neil Young supported Jesse Jackass Sr for president in 1988. His song “Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World” was a tribute to him.

    Young always said that “Sweet Home Alabama ” was one of his favorite songs.

  8. Hardly anyone listens to him anymore, especially on Spotify. So he had nothing to lose by not being there anymore. He thought therefore he could burn bridges on the way out by goosing the situation for some cheap publicity for himself. Which he got temporarily. But more than that, I think he thought he would start a mass walk out of artists from Spotify. Except that people quit buying physical media for music long ago, and they don’t even bother with buying digital tracks anymore, they use cloud streaming services like Spotify. Which means that while it might not matter to people like Neil Young, someone who is currently a commercially viable mainstream artist needs to be on Spotify, because that’s where the eardrums are. They need Spotify much more than Spotify needs them.

    • It’s more likely that the ADL or some other Jewish group put him up to it, assuming that it would cause other artists to hop on board and threaten to pull from Spotify, so Spotify would respond by cancelling Rogan. It just didn’t work because nobody cares about crappy boomer music like Neil Young.

      Even though Joe Rogan is extremely normie and moderate and married to a Jewess, organized Jewry is still uncomfortable with him being so popular because they view his show as a pipeline to “domestic extremism” (i.e. his audience is made up of mostly normie moderate White men/boys who aren’t fully on board with wokeness and the liberal social agenda).

  9. I can’t stand the music of Neil Young. I knew a pathetic guy in college who had issues with his military dad and became obsessed with “hippieism”…in 1992. He would rail on endlessly about Nixon during the Bush Sr. administration when absolutely nobody cared about Nixon anymore. Sort of an autist style absorbing the talk of hippieism without being able to adapt it to the times. He played that god awful Neil Young garbage all the time and I couldn’t stand it.

    I also love to watch the old Siskel and Ebert “worst of the year” episodes. They really rip on some awful films and one of them was some Jim Jarmush documentary about Neil Young following him around on a tour bus and they said it was the most boring thing they had ever seen. Neil Young and Steve Bannon must both have studied at the same school of hygiene, he looks like a bum, didn’t most of those people from the 60’s adapt their look once they realized the hippie thing was dead? Nope, not this panhandler, thankfully sounds like I will never have to hear his sour voice and discordant music ever again.

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