Poll Watch: Black People, “Latinx,” Suburban Women Are Unimpressed With Joe Biden


We need more 1/6 coverage.


“The poll found that 41 percent of African Americans believed their lives were the same, 33 percent believed they were better off and 25 percent said they were worse off.

Among Hispanic voters, 37 percent said they worse off, compared to 32 percent who said their lives were better and 30 percent who believed their lives were the same.

In addition, the poll found that 43 percent of suburban women believed they were worse off now than when Biden took office last year, while just 20 percent said they were better off and 38 percent said their lives were the same. …”

Joe Biden is healing America.

Everyone including the people who voted for him are tired of hearing this broken record.


  1. On second thought I don’t think I will attend that AFFAG III sausage-fest in Orlando. It might be more radioactive than Chernobyl.

  2. Both liberal and conservative keep voting for the same lying parties. Neither one has their interest at heart. The Democrats are just better at blowing smoke up the asses of their voters. Both are getting rich from special interests, lobbies and corps. Neither party cares about the voters. It’s just a number game to them to stay in power or get back in power.

  3. Re: African Americans, Hispanics, and suburban women believing they are worse off with Biden:

    They would all be just as worse off if the Republicans had taken an extra turn. There is no practical difference between the twin parties, and Biden is just another puppet-figurehead-whipping boy. It’s a shell game of distraction, not that there is any grand conspiracy to distract you but it’s just the nature of the system….

  4. Mr. Wallace,

    I am glad you put the word “Latinx” in quotes. I cringe when I see or hear it.

    My family is economically in the 30% group of being the same financially so far. Morally speaking the drive toward war somewhere in the world seems equally strong among both parties but then I am not as knowledgeable on the American parties as many here.

    I am neutral on Ukraine vs. Russia. I do admit a slight bias for Russia however based on who is backing Ukraine.

      • Mr. Wallace,

        I was going to use the word “Latinx” in front of my father but lost my nerve at the last moment. Parents with many children and responsibilities do not always have an easy sense of humor.

        • I think it is funny that these people live in such a cloistered bubble that they have found new ways to offend their own voters. They’ve been doing it with us for decades and losing elections and never learn anything

    • “who is backing Ukraine”:

      This is why “Little Russia” (Malorussia, aka Ukraine) where Russia began (Kievan Rus) and Russian Orthodoxy began is being separated from Russia: Outside of Donbass, especially in eastern Ukraine (Galicia) there is a majority of Uniates (“Uniate” is the name given to formerly Russian Orthodox churches that have been received under the jurisdiction of Rome) and outright Papists who are anti-Orthodox. The Pope’s Northern Crusade has never stopped marching toward Moscow.

    • I forgot to add that I am learning to speak/write Russian so that influences my attitudes on Russia as well.
      A difficult language.

    • My definitive view on Russia vs Ukraine is that I would want for the peaceful union of Ukraine into Russia with the rights of the Ukrainians respected but under one country called Russia. 50 million more Russian citizens and all that territory would be a great buffer against the European Union.

      Russia has many flaws like a high abortion rate etc. but they are not currently the cultural, immoral threat to the world that their enemies are.

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