1. Time to turn the tables on BRA, BLM.

    It’s been “Everybody against the CIS White Gentile/Christian males for a long long time. This was led by the worst anti White Js.

    Most everyone including Asians, Hispanics, Native Americans are tired of everyone pandering to the worst Blacks, BLM riots, Black criminals.

    Conservatives in California should stop virtue signaling by trying to run some Black GOP Conservative like Larry Elder for GOP Governor of CA – “Look we’re not racist, Liberal Democrats are the real racists, The Democrats did segregation and the KKK”.


    Run well liked White retired sports stars or actors like Tom Sellek (Was he gay?) and get them to marry a pretty Latina like John Wayne married 3 Latinas. John Waynes grand daughters look beautiful and very White.

    • Beaners aren’t White.What would that prove.John Wayne can eat s..t with his beaner wives.Why are you promoting race mixing?

  2. His seat is considered one of “the jewish chairs ” on SCOTUS.

    If Ron Klain wants a perfect compromise pick, he would chose BLM co-founder Alicia Garza who is half black and half jewish.

  3. Kamala Harris to be dumped into the Supreme Court as a fake ‘promotion’ for her

    Jim Stone says Hillary Clinton will be nominated as the new Vice President

    And then … and then …

  4. It’s probably too late, but it would be funny af if Brandon and the PMCs piss off Sinema or Manchin enough to cross the aisle, flip the Senate, and let good ole’ Mitch run out the clock …. again!

  5. Yes, because being a black female should be the primary fator in choosing a SC Justice.

    Fuck this country.

    • Sotomayor has a Jewish mother.She’s a Jewess.Two percent of population and 4/9 on the Supreme Court until RBG croaked.So Breyer,Sotomayor and the lesbian Kagan are all Jews.Somebody tell Hunter that Breyer is NOT a White man.

      • Breyer was pushed to retire. Jews once in a position of authority do not retire. Ruth Ginsburg and George Soros are examples. And the person who pressed the forcing of Breyer to retire was the Irish Mick Brian Fallon. It would have better served our purposes if Breyer would have died on the bench under a republican president. The Irish are not our friends they hate whites the most.

        • I imagine the ethnic group you belong to has betrayed Whites as well, you slanderer. Let your own words rebuke you and get lost White hater.

          (That’s why you refuse to tell us your race/ethnic group/mixture.)

  6. Secession. Our only choice.

    Speaking on Article VI, Clause 3 of the apostate covenant document known as the Constitution: “…If there be no religious test required, (of citizens, and people in public office) pagans, deists, [Jews] and Mahometans might obtain office among us, and that the senators and representatives might all be pagans.” [Henry Abbot, N.C. Ratifying convention, 1780’s] A prophetic voice, indeed! But it was not heeded.” – G. North, Political Polytheism, p. 390-91.

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