2022 Predictions

We will see how this turns out a year from now.

1. Republicans Win 2022 Midterms

The 2022 midterms will be a red wave election and the latest round of backlash politics. This is the norm in American politics. George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump all saw their party lose control of at least one chamber of Congress in 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018. The Republicans will take the House and probably the Senate although their margin of victory will depend on how inflation, gas prices, violent crime, illegal immigration and COVID go over the course of the next year.

2. Rise of the Cultural Tea Party

Powered by the revolutionary platform “Let’s Go Brandon,” the Republican Party will continue its evolution into a vessel of backlash politics and performative lib owning and will be animated by the rejection of vanguard cultural liberalism. The mark of a good statesman in the new GOP will be measured by the ability of a politician to trigger and own the libs, not by passing successful legislation. In 2017, Trump was an outlier in the GOP, but by 2024 he will have successfully purged the haters and the losers like Liz Cheney and will be well on his way to rebuilding the party in his own image with more MAGA Squad members like Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene proliferating in Congress and at the state level. The story of 2022 will be the Trumpification of the GOP by a sort of culture war Tea Party.

3. “Latinx” Voters Shift Right

The Republican Party will become more Hispanic in 2022 as “Latinx” voters continue to shift Right like the White working class Obama-Trump voters before them in between 2012 and 2016. The Democratic Party will continue to bleed these Democratic Leaning Working Class (DLWC) voters whose values and priorities are out of sync with its dominant woke professional wing. This influx of “Latinx” voters which is sure to be complemented by higher levels of support among White rural voters will continue to push the Republican Party in a more moderate direction on economics. Even if this trend is not reflected in policy, the median Republican voter will become more populist, but not socialist, on economics.

4. Red Dogs Come Home Temporarily

At least in this election cycle without Trump on the ballot, more of the traditional Mitt Romney-style Republicans who are unhappy with Joe Biden will continue to swing between the parties and will come home in the suburbs. Basically, the pattern that we saw in Virginia and New Jersey and other states will be replicated on a national scale – high margins among White rural voters, “Latinx” voters shifting Right and traditional suburban Republicans swinging back to the GOP.

5. COVID Fades For Real

The COVID pandemic will end in 2022. The Omicron variant heralds the inevitable transition into the COVID endemic in which the virus weakens into just another strain of the common cold. COVID will never go away, but Americans are exhausted with it after two years and ready to move on with their lives. It is likely that another new COVID variant will emerge in 2022, but I think we have seen the worst of the pandemic and doubt that another nasty variant like Delta will emerge in the future. The bitterness and division of COVID politics, however, is a different story and the backlash against Joe Biden’s COVID policies will play a powerful role in driving up Republican turnout in the 2022 midterms.

6. Gas Prices, Illegal Immigration and Violent Crime Remain Stubbornly High

I don’t think we have seen the worst on these fronts under Joe Biden. I think gas prices and illegal immigration will be higher next summer and violent crime will remain elevated and a major issue in the big cities. All three of these issues will suppress Joe Biden’s approval rating with Independent voters.

7. Polarization Will Increase In 2022

This is an easy call.

The country will become more polarized and radicalized in 2022 which is an election year. The issue that is most likely to ratchet up polarization to the next level is abortion which the Supreme Court will rule on before the 2022 midterms. Regardless of what happens to Roe v. Wade, the Republican base is animated by dozens of culture war grievances now and the gap between the two sides will only grow.

8. Supreme Court Weakens Roe v. Wade

I’m skeptical that the Supreme Court will outright overturn Roe v. Wade. I doubt that Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett and Neil Gorsuch will rise to the occasion. I think they will throw the evangelicals a bone and weaken abortion while maintaining the status quo.

9. Stephen Breyer Retires and Joe Biden Replaces Him With a Black Woman

In light of the fact that Democrats will likely lose the Senate in the 2022 midterms, Stephen Breyer will retire and Joe Biden will make good on his promise to Jim Clyburn and will nominate a black woman to replace him. The confirmation hearings for this black woman will also be full of charges of “racism” and “white supremacy” against Republicans.

10. Inflation Will Persist Into Early 2022

Honestly, I don’t know if the supply chain issues will be sorted out by the 2022 midterms. I assume that inflation will persist at least for the next few months. If I was forced to guess, I would assume that inflation will ebb somewhat before the midterms as the world recovers from COVID and that will take some wind out of the Republican sails. I underestimated inflation though in 2021.

11. Donald Trump Announces His 2024 Revenge Tour

Your Favorite President will announce he is running for president to dethrone Sleepy Joe shortly after the massive Republican victory in the 2022 midterms for which he will take tremendous credit.

12. Merrick Garland Indicts Donald Trump

I assume that the ultimate outcome of the January 6 committee will be finding some excuse for Merrick Garland to press criminal charges against Trump – most likely due to all the shameless Stop the Steal grifting – to disqualify him from running for president in 2024. This will be massively polarizing, but the Democrats will do it anyway.

13. Media Continues Breathless Coverage of “January 6 Insurrection”

The media hasn’t broken away from their breathless coverage of the “January 6 insurrection” for a solid year now which has become the new Russiagate for the shitlibs who watch CNN and MSNBC. The “journalists” will continue to cover the story through the 2022 midterms and even more furiously after Trump is indicted by Garland. Once again, shitlibs will be on the edge of their seats to see if Trump goes to prison like they were over the release of the Mueller Report.

14. Counter-Extremism Grift Continues

The counter-extremism and disinformation grift will continue as the ADL and SPLC and the Atlantic Council’s “Digital Forensic Research Lab” and the “Global Project Against Hate and Extremism” continue to release new reports and push for technocratic solutions to America’s long term social disintegration, but Americans will continue to become more polarized and radicalized in spite of all their censorship, doxxing and lawfare. As social media balkanizes due to censorship and “journalists” abandon their ostensible neutrality in favor of moral clarity, “extremists” will continue to blur with the “mainstream” as trust in “mainstream” sources approaches zero and more of our ideas and narratives spread through the Right and become more prevalent without the moderation on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

15. Build Back Better Will Pass In Some Form

The Democrats will come out of the gates in 2022 with an even more watered down and stripped down version of Build Back Better in the hope satisfying Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema. They will eventually pass something through budget reconciliation to save face and declare victory and House Progressives will cave to Manchin like they always do. Although BBB 2.0 will eventually pass Congress, it will prove as exciting and transformative as BIF. It will be another dud and the last legislative hurrah of the Biden presidency.

16. “Our Democracy” Will Die In 2022

“Our Democracy” will die in 2022 when the woke professional class which is concentrated in coastal metro areas and has lost its legitimacy is repudiated by voters at the ballot box.

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  1. We need to get to work, work very hard to find new local fighters to fight and win on these 3 issues:

    1) Crime (finesse who’s doing all the violent crime – subtle and not so subtle Willie Horton adverts – target more responsible Hispanics “that’s not who we are” – dog whistles)

    2) Corruption – Beltway Demorats/RINO Republicants Harvard and Yale/Hollywood, George Soros, Romney Family/Bush family living the jet set great life, hanging with George Clooney and Bette Milder trashing West Virginia as dumb as* hicks in flyover state that should be replaced. Run against Woke capital Coke a Cola and big agribusiness that wants to replace (White) union workers with diseased Central Americans and Muslim Somalians.

    3) Critical Race theory – BLM, Antifa, castrating little boys who temporarily want to play with dolls.

    These are all proven winners for Republicans. Richard Nixon won highest % of even Black A American voters promising “law and order” an end to urban riots like the ones that destroy Detroit 1967, Newark and the West Side of Chicago in 1968.

    (White) republicans even White Hispanics won Virginia all of the rural counties by opposing torturing children with critical race theory – that’s child abuse. So lame as Neo Con men like Dinesh D Suza, that dot head Indian woman former governor of South Carolina, the Bush Family, every Jew Neo Conservative will say Critical Race theory is only bad because it hurts the self esteem of Black students and White Democrats were the real racists and they and Rand Paul supported the “Justice for Breona Taylor Civil Rights act – fu*** em.

    Some local, probably tough Italian American leaders will emerge somewhere in places like Indianapolis, working class White flight suburbs of Philly and Boston. Find em, promote them.

    Needless to say, if you find any Constitutionalist Libertarian economic conservatives trying to come to our/populist parties, rallies insult them, belt them with eggs. Christian Zionists, pro Life people will always just be pains in the as*, don’t bash Christianity, just let them know the opposition is banning Christmas, forcing abortion up until live birth, castrating young boys.

    Don’t fly Nazi flags or give the Roman fascist salutes – those doing it probably are being paid by the ADL, SPLC.

    Have some fun out there.

    • “Go perform free labor for the Republican party that openly despises you and wants you broke and dead.”- White nationalists

      • A better term that, believe it or not, was coined by Ibram X. Khendi and other Critical Race Theorists are the “White Adjacents,” or ” People of Color” who assimilated to the Protestant Work Ethic and thus were able to thrive despite the ongoing oppression of systemic white supremacy.

        It’s another word for sell-outs.

        In any case, CRT is a way to excuse people who refuse to do the work and pay their dues while using guilt trips to take from those who did.

  2. I believe only Tom Tancredo and some Italian American mayor of a town in Pennsylvania has ever made opposing bad immigration, opposing 9/11/01 Islamic terrorists let in to USA on student visas – they’re the only ones that ever successfully campaigned against really bad immigration.

    In contrast the Hungarian nationalists under Victor Orban, Polish Law and Justic party and the Swiss People’s party became #1 by opposing the mass Muslim migration invasions, the great replacement.

    That (very good) French nationalist who’s family was Berber Jewish from old French Algeria – they’re doing it.

    Why can’t we?

    Just show slow motion of the airplanes crashing tin to the World Trade Center, show (White American officer workers) jumping to their deaths to escape the fire, show photos of all the nice looking Americans that were mass murdered on 9-11-01 show really ugly photos of the brown, urine colored Pakistani/Arab 9/11/01 terrorists let in to our country by the idiot Bush RINO/Demorats. Show ugly photos of Osama Bin Ladin, quotes from Al Qaeda, quotes for the Koran threatening to torture, enslave unbelievers (That’s US).

    But, American Right wing Conservatives are infamous for:

    Never missing and opportunity to miss and opportunity.

    Ann Coulter writes that Conservative GOP can’t do obvious things like noticing a $100 bill on the sidewalk and bending down to pick up the $ 100 bill.

  3. Hunter, I politely disagree with your prediction that COVID will go away or (implied) that we should go with the anti vax conspiracy theory types that COVID doesn’t exist or that Muslims never hijacked the airplanes and crashed them in to the World Trade Center on 9/11/01.

    This makes us look weird, kooks, nut cases, part of drop out society that doesn’t even vote in elections.

    The obvious response to COVID and 9/11/01 is to complete ban all bad POC/Muslim/3rd world immigration, migrations.

    3rd world migrants from Afghanistan, Central America and Haiti are filthy, carry spread diseases.

    COVID gives us the perfect excuse to ban them from migration, expel those who are now here.

    “Hey liberals and Libertarian true believers. We’re really just LOVE to welcome the entire populations of Haiti, Afghanistan, Pakistan, WhattheFuc*istan, we’d also love to welcome all the Ebola infected folks in Liberia and the Central African Republic, but….. COVID has just made that impractical….


    Any Liberals or Libertarians that object catch them and lock them in crowded filthy jails with TB, COVID, bubonic plague infected migrants – throw in some Libertarian books by Ayn Rand, Any Rand Paul, Milton Friedman to help them pass the time away.

    • Your one of the biggest kooks on this site and the only conspiracy theory is that your some kind of dissident. Your love of the federal government is sickening, are you on the payroll? I’m sure you dutifully got your 3rd Gates money shot.

      • @Black Label I thought the same thing. There are still people who think they can still elect people who represent them. They still believe if they just could convince the Left, that we deserve to be treated equally, they would stop the madness and be fair. It’s like when people think Biden is “being stupid” when he does something horrendous. He knows exactly what he is doing.

    • “The obvious response to COVID and 9/11/01 is to complete ban all bad POC/Muslim/3rd world immigration, migrations. 3rd world migrants from Afghanistan, Central America and Haiti are filthy, carry spread diseases. COVID gives us the perfect excuse to ban them from migration, expel those who are now here”:

      The Global Empire by its very nature CANNOT implement like China a policy of ZERO TOLERANCE for foreign diseases, and close its border and airports to all except fully-documented, tested and quarantined visitors, who are allowed to enter for purposes of trade, education, and other reasons to the benefit of the nation (people).

      Infected Mongolians (Mongolia follows the U.S.’s laissez faire “herd immunity” example) crossed the border causing the recent outbreak in Xian, China. Yunnan province that borders infected Myanmar, India and Thailand, has also had outbreaks from border crossers. The border guards and public health officials who made mistakes or were negligent are being disciplined. The Chinese people are very pleased with their increasing bio-security.

      • I agree that Covid will fade away in 2022, and the working class of the U.S. population’s memory of what really happened will also fade away, and be distorted, in the fog of consumerist “culture.”

        While we can still remember, comparing China to Russia and the U.S.: (1) The real reason why the U.S. does vaccination (and does it very poorly) is to help Big Pharma to rake in billions of dollars of record profits, while almost one million U.S. citizens died from or with Covid (based on excess death statistics) and U.S. life expectancy continues to decrease. (2) But China with its Zero Covid policy of total control and eradication doesn’t really need vaccination (yet has a higher vaccination rate and safer vaccine than the U.S.) and has lost only a few thousand citizens to Covid (all but five of them died in 2020) and Chinese life expectancy is steadily increasing through the pandemic. (3) Russia, which has been thoroughly infected with capitalism since 1992, follows the U.S.’s laissez faire example of “herd immunity” with voluntary vaccination and a very low vaccination rate (even less than the U.S.) and consequently has lost over one million citizens to Covid so far, based on excess death figures, and Russian life expectancy has dropped by THREE YEARS!

        What an excellent and profound science lesson (both medical-epidemiological and political sciences) the global pandemic of 2019-2022 has been!

    • Do some reading, and you’ll find out what real vaccines are. Most people aren’t against vaccines, but the Covid vax has caused some real injuries and deaths. Check out the VAERS site. Just calling people “kooky” is a form of intimidation and insult, when I’m guessing only about 50 percent of Americans got the gene vaccine.
      You can’t make everything a conspiracy theory. That’s like saying no one that has it in for us. Or no one ever conspires….Sources at the border say approx 200,000 or more, per day, are crossing into the US, and no requirement for testing or vax for them.
      The same admin bringing in more Mexicans, Central Americans, Afghans, etc., are the same people pushing the vaccine.
      Good luck if you got it, which plays right into their game.

  4. I agree that, for the same reasons you stated, there will likely be a major fall of the Democrats and rise of the Republicans in the midterm (s)election this year.

    I predict that, regardless of which of the twin parties “wins” the next midterm (s)election, the System itself will continue to struggle to prevent China and other independence-minded nations from establishing a viable alternative to the SWIFT system and other financial mechanisms that are used to bleed or steal their peoples’ wealth.

    The U.S. and its satellites will use all manner and methods of war, hot, cold, financial and hybrid, and the mastery of propaganda, and internet, and all global media, to prevent the appearance or destroy the development of Ethno-socialism in China, Iran, Nicaragua, etc.

    I also expect that the vast majority of the Empire’s “homeland” population will continue to love their “freedom” (chains) and believe in “the American dream” – which means they are actually pleased about being exploited by others (“it’s the American way”) because they want to be able (free) to exploit others themselves; and they each, individually, harbor the secret ambition to climb to the top of the “heap” and become one of the “fantastic” superwealthy privileged Elites themselves someday. The U.S. is not a real nation, just the geatest global-imperialist Usurers’ protection racket in human hisgtory; and there is no “American people,” just a population of the imperial “homeland,” and no American ethniicity, just a cosmopolitan cult of the Almighty Dollar.

    • “The U.S. is not a real nation, just the geatest global-imperialist Usurers’ protection racket in human hisgtory; and there is no “American people,” just a population of the imperial “homeland,” and no American ethniicity, just a cosmopolitan cult of the Almighty Dollar.”

      This is sadly true. Never should have been a single, unified entity. Which is now disunited once again.

    • The culture? Consumerist 1950’s dude! The Good Old Days! Back when Jews still controlled everything but people were too stupid to notice.

  5. MTG is such a pig. Science does not say there are two genders. If an XXYY (or similar) individual can reproduce there are more than two genders. Chimeras are another oddity we don’t know much about.

    • In birds “females” have the Y chromosome so if you use “Y” for maleness, males lay eggs in bird species. Anyway, please don’t quote “science” for tranny insanity. It is a media infuced psychological disorder inflicted on children intentionally and it needs to be stopped.

  6. 1. The Republican Party continues to be a well tested path towards demoralization, wasted energy, and failure (see Ted Cruz’s latest betrayal on radical left wing nominees to stop NordStream 2)

    2. Hopefully something happens to Blormpf so he is removed from the political arena. He is a complete fraud and failure. The more that time elapses the more this reality sets in.

    3. MAGA ultimately failed at everything and was thoroughly defeated in every way, shape, and form. Ben Shapiro and Dave Rubin won and removed the Alt-Right from the conversation.

    4. The Republican Party is a skin layer hair width away from openly being the true Neocon, Open Border, Pro-Deep State, Gangster Capitalism party it’s always been.

    5. Be on the lookout in the next 10 years for some false flag attack trying to draw us into a war with the Hezbollah-Alawite Syrian-Iranian Resistance Axis.

    6. Police are now attacking small children and women who are unvaccinated and want to get something to eat at a restaurant. Back the Blue is a slogan for complete suckers and losers.

    7. J.O.G./The Great Satan’s Military has now forced 98% enlisted servicemen/women to take the jab. They are now forcing these jarhead white peasants into the front lines in Ukraine/Eastern Europe daring Russia to invade and risk turning Patriotard Red America back into the Pat Tillman Brigade. White men who continue to serve and risk their lives for The Great Satan remain the biggest suckers of all. If you have friends/family in the military please help get them out asap.

    8. Defeating and/or weakening Christian Zionism remains a very rational goal of high utility. White Christians in churches/areas where this poison remain saturated should put this at the top of their list.

    9. Those who live under Jewish Occupation in the Middle East have not surrendered and neither should we.

    • Fox News (aka Fox Republican News) is crowing about its discovery of a screenshot of a post on Instagram by one of Ocasio Cortez’s staffers saying “Israel is a racist European ethnostate built on stolen land taken from its indigenous population!” Fox News implies that AOC agrees with the statement, and Fox News also implies that the statement is not true.

    • I don’t think it is possible to actively defeat Christian Zionism. The brainwashing goes too deep. What will defeat it is declining Church attendance, which unfortunately is also a symptom of the declining White population.

  7. Republicans continue to attack Nationalists. Groypers encourage others to trust the plan, and demonize anyone not willing to trust the plan as wignats. This will probably continue past 2024.

    The internet closes much more than it is now. It will go the way of TV and Radio by the absolute silencing of dissent.

    Poverty increases alongside austerity. Any yellow vest type tea party movement is swiftly derailed by niggers making everything about them. It worked on Occupy Wall Street and it will work as long as the rich jews can get the niggers to show up and agitate.

    More trends of extreme anti-White violence arise, particularly in black culture.

    Trump runs again and it’s a fucking disaster for White people.

    • Nationalists have no plan. Why should anybody support them?

      Its gonna be a disaster for White people either way because nobody advocates for us, even our own intellectual brain trust is only interested in writing blogs and making formulaic podcasts, after destroying the organic movement that the anon trolls built (Altright) through endless memeing and shitposting, they infected it with their autism about the JQ then crashed it into the mountain at cville.

      At least trolling is fun still. Now its time to own libs and try to provoke them to start a civil war cause, why not?

      • ironic sock account,

        I take it you are on ‘Team Keesler’ side in the debate HW will be having with Jason about emphasis on the JQ.

        It doesn’t surprise me though. You took supported the neoconservative and Likud POV on the cowardly assassination of General Soleimani.

  8. Current world order, Empire and centuries old Jewish power goes down in flames and still people complaining that we are losing.

    I think that we are close to greatest victory what white people ever had.

    In addition to Hunter predictions, there is life outside Empire too and foreign players action might be accelerate some events. Taking down Empire is global project .

    • Indeed. Events will be in the saddle next year, not scumbag U.S. politicians and their owners. Just look at the age of the dinosaurs in U.S. politics: that goblin Nancy Pelosi is 81 YO, Pres. Dementia Joe is 79, Mitch “The Undertaker” McConnell is 79, Trump is 75, Pocahontas is 71, Dianne Feinstein has Alzheimer’s and is 87, so is Chuck Grassley from Iowa. The corrupt old bastards are simply aging out, they will be replaced by new corrupt lunatics contributing to the turmoil and failure which will have the effect of thoroughly discrediting the Globo Homo Shopping Mall Empire, all to the good, too.

      What comes next is up for grabs. We know the Left’s answer: Hate White people. They want us dead, six feet under, that is the colored people’s answer to everything, inspired and funded by The Usual Suspects. Things have to go from bad to terrible to get White people to Wake the Fuck Up and that is exactly what Globo Homo Shopping Mall is doing now, and the dumb fucks don’t even know it. They will regret it however.

      With an addle minded President, a stupid, angry, impulsive, vindictive, spiteful, small minded, mulatto VP waiting in the wings, Idi Amin as Secretary of Defense, a frustrated rock and roll singer as Secretary of State, a Secretary of Energy who doesn’t know how much oil is produced and used and the most presentable Cabinet member with a nickname of “The Buttplug” who is also incompetent it’s hard to see a good outcome for anything next year from this Regime. Failure is on the menu, come and get it!

  9. I predict 3 million excess deaths in 2022. As the hospitals overflow the yids will lock us down and force vaxx more than ever. Anyone, and I mean anyone, who points out that these are iatrogenic and vaxx deaths will be banned from the net, and they will start the arrests. The first camps will appear in 2022, for the purebloods.

    If the Republicans take over, its the same old story. There is only one party.

    I predict that by the end of 2022 Camel will be dead and Merrick Garland will be vp or potus.

    The Russians will take the Black Sea Coast from the Jewish Ukranian regime, and no one eill even try to stop them.

    Nord Stream 2 will die, replaced by Power of Siberia, going straight into Eastern China.

    Bolsonaro will lose badly. He will go peacefully, perhaps to Israel, perhaps to prison.

    Anglin will STILL be a moron, misleading his mostly young Catholic homosexual readers into believing there is no such thing as a virus. How much do they pay him to do that, I wonder? He is to Covid what the flat earthers are to 9 11 truth, he is there to discredit unapproved narratives.

    The most important book since Luther’s On The Jews And Their Lies will finally be published in 2022, called The Divorce Of Israel, by Rev. Kenneth Gentry. It will be the beginning of the end of the Judeo Christian heresy.

    The vaccine mandates will be upheld. They will then begin denying new entries into social security, based on vaxx status. This isnt going away.

    • Gentry is a “Young Earth” denier of evolutionary biological science, and a Calvinist, and promoter of Postmillennial Calvinist dominionism which, although it may be opposed to pro-Zionist Premillennialism, is not harmless either, only replacing the 19th to 20th century “Judeo-Christian” heresy with a new destructive heresy, that teaches that God chooses only SOME people to be saved, with a history of brutality and TORTURE: “Calvin spelled out his theologically-reinforced vengeance:’I am persuaded that it is not without the special will of God that, apart from any verdict of the judges, the criminals have endured protracted torment at the hands of the executioner” – Calvin’s letter to Farel (…) Calvin believed God made sure criminals didn’t die quickly when tortured. This vengeful attitude and his support for outdated Old Covenant laws that legislated capital punishment for competing theologians that challenged his preferred doctrines look more like ISIS than Jesus (…) Personal correspondence and city council records betray John Calvin’s extraordinary influence in Geneva. Although he was asked to leave in 1538 when he enforced his strict moral standards and pushed for the church’s independent power to excommunicate people, Genevan officials invited him to return in 1541 to resolve church divisions. Upon his return, the city council approved his Ecclesiastical Ordinances that included the establishment of the Consistory. The Consistory, a church court that oversaw the discipline of the citizens of Geneva, met every Thursday to review cases (This book is a chronicle of the Consistory’s records from 1542-1544.) John Calvin led the court. Although the Consistory did not have the power to imprison, exile, or kill those who were guilty, Calvin could still convince the city magistrates to wield such power when his theological opponents contradicted him. When Jacques Gruet, a theologian with differing views, placed a letter in Calvin’s pulpit calling him a hypocrite, he was arrested, tortured for a month and beheaded on July 26, 1547. Gruet’s own theological book was later found and burned along with his house while his wife was thrown out into the street to watch. Michael Servetus, a Spaniard, physician, scientist and Bible scholar, suffered a worse fate. He was Calvin’s longtime acquaintance who resisted the authority of the Roman Catholic Church. However, he angered Calvin by returning a copy of Calvin’s Institutes with critical comments in the margins. So what did Calvin do? You can read his resolution from a personal letter he wrote to a friend:
      ?“Servetus offers to come hither, if it be agreeable to me. But I am unwilling to pledge my word for his safety, for if he shall come, I shall never permit him to depart alive, provided my authority be of any avail.” – Letter to Farel, 13 February 1546. The next time Servetus attended Calvin’s Sunday preaching service on a visit, Calvin had him arrested and charged with heresy” – and then, burned at the stake. https://www.reenactingtheway.com/blog/john-calvin-had-people-killed-and-bad-bible-interpretation-justified-it

    • @ Tim, I can’t agree with you about merrick garland, biden and the floozy vice president, will be gone, replaced probably with the Demoness Hillary Clinton and Pete butt ranger, time will tell…………

  10. I won’t be shocked if the eastern half of the Ukraine merges with Russia. Remember, large parts of Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldavia were part of the Ukraine before WWI.

    • @ Krafty, agreed, I believe the country will be partioned, samuel huntington, wrote in his book ” clash of civilizations”, specifically about the ukraine, the west of the country, the ones who greeted the German army with flowers, operation barbarossa ie..are roman catholic use the Latin alphabet, were once part of the old Austro/Hapsburg empire, will go too the so called west, the the eastern ukraine, orthodox, cyrillic
      Alphabet, Russo oriented, will fall back into the Russian orbit.time will prove you and Sam huntington correct….

  11. “9. Stephen Breyer Retires and Joe Biden Replaces Him With a Black Woman”

    You can’t get any worse political leadership than black women. Absolute worst, a big part of the implosion of the democrats. They put all these black women into powerful positions because they trust them to hate us and it’s been total disaster. Black female DAs refusing to prosecute savage black criminals, black female mayors like Lightfoot Beetlejuice, black women in academia saying just the stupidest stuff. I was listening to the blacks at work talk about past jobs managing retail at the mall and the consensus was “all the girls in Champaign steal, all of them” of course they are referring to ghetto blacks by “all the girls” and if they were bold enough to use “all” it must be a huge supermajority that are thieves. This is civilization destroying crap, blatant stealing, I also see too many white girls going black due to attending the local school system where they rub shoulders with all these hood rats. Terrible, one used to run scams, bedded down some of the dumbest 65 IQ ghetto blacks, got beat up in the process, had a litter of pickaninnies, and now the brothers are talking about the latest gossip about her…she’s now an “escort.” Blacks are horrible, hopefully the democrats gave us “peak black” over the last couple years and the electorate punishes them for this outrage.

    • I think Breyer’s seat will be offered to Heels Up Harris as an inducement to vacate The Vice Presidential slot and then Biden will put Hillary Rodham Clinton in her place. Biden will then retire from the Presidency for “health reasons.”

      I think the Republicans will take several seats in the House and a slight majority of Senate Seats.

      President Hillary Clinton will galvanize the Republicans to be a more aggressive opposition wing, so I think that they will take even more seats in the House and Senate in 2024.

      Will Trump take the White House in 2024? Not if he is smart. He knows the vaccines are unpopular, yet keeps taking credit for them and pushing them. That’s why I have to wonder if he wants the hassle of another lame duck presidency riddled with open and covert coups by what should be his most trusted advisors.

      So, I have to wonder if he is holding his rallies to keep the flak away from the real Republican candidate? The GOP wants Trumpism without Trump, seeing The Donald as too polarizing. He would be in a stronger position as kingmaker and advisor and, at least we would be spared another term with Jarvanka in The White House.

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