1. All places where it’s majority nonwhite , extremely leftist leaning and crime ridden to the max…(mostly by blacks)

    Thanks Jews, you are the goyims best ally!

    I ask people all the time what has isreal ever done for america or what have Jews done for the western world besides dominate our media , completely fleece us with their ‘money changing in the temple’ usury and normalize degeneracy in music/pop culture or with poisonous garbage like pornography …and all I ever get in return is – derp derp Hitler
    Its so tiresome

  2. I’m surprised Oakland is on that list. But I guess its proximity to SF and Berkeley makes it somewhat desirable. If you want a small but decent apartment near the beach in SoCal it’s going to cost around $2,000 a month. But rents are going up everywhere.

  3. Not just real estate rents, there are many other kinds of rent (usury) being extracted by those in privileged positions, from those who are in vulnerable positions. Rents will always be raised at least as high as “the market” (the victims) can bear. There is no room for love, empathy and self-sacrifice in the private profit system, that rewards selfishness, salesmanship, and wealth as the highest virtues, and despises poverty.

    • The best is yet to come,
      Prices will keep going up and salaries will go down.

      Greece, here we come.
      (Just watch, they will be talking austerity within 2 years, cutting pensions, social security etc.)

  4. How about used cars , 29k for an average ?

    Rents up, print 2 trillion in fake money and import 2 million immigrants a year.
    How could rents possibly go up ?

    Notice, cities with the highest rents are notoriously immigrant cities ?
    Also, mainland Chinese are big buyers, in the above markets.
    Chinese have bought up all of Arcadia .
    In 1960, Arcadia was 98% WHITE.

  5. WHEEEEE, it’s been a fun ride, printing 10 trillion in fake money, 30 trillion in national debt , bringing in 100 million immigrants, 0% interest to dumb savers.


  6. Axios: Rents Hit Another All-Time High.

    The jewish landlords are drooling.
    They’ve done this in every country they’ve occupied.
    Always the same, they make bank and goy gets fleeced (suffers).
    (All the above cities have large jewish communities.)

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