Tucker Carlson: Biden’s Promise

As Tucker pointed out on his show last night, the irony is that the people who whine the most about “racism” are the people who are the most obsessed with it and who make decisions on that basis. In fact, they are far more obsessed with it than most White Nationalists.

It is the same way with “authoritarianism.” The people who whine the most about that are the ones censoring the internet, supporting vax mandates, surveilling their neighbors, weaponizing the FBI, denouncing their “domestic enemies,” criminalizing their domestic opposition, etc.

I’m proud to be White. I still judge people as individuals though. Would you be ecstatic about, say, Joe Biden nominating Brian Stelter or Lawrence O’Donnell to the Supreme Court?

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    • @Dart – You wouldn’t rather see another White man instead? You’re fine with your own dispossession??

  1. Black Transwomyn’s Supreme Court Justices’ Lives Matter!

    … since tranny men are now “women”, it’s a real possibility.

  2. Talk about affirmative action hires. All of them are unqualified but they’re black so they’re more “qualified” than Whites. Black privilege.

  3. Since she is going to ALWAYS vote for the Left, Biden should nominate the most dishonest, venal, bigoted, poltroon he can find as a lesson on the evils of affirmative action.

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