Elie Mystal: I’m For Everybody Black

Elie Mystal is a national treasure.

The only thing that matters to him is that Joe Biden is nominating a black woman to the Supreme Court. Race is everything in his worldview. It is all he ever talks about.

Note: It would never occur to me to support Joe Biden simply because he is a White male.


  1. Isn’t the “white liberal press” guilty of PERPETUATING NEGATIVE RACIAL STEREOTYPES when the only black commentators they hire are ones who complain about raysisms? It’s almost as if the people who controlled the press aren’t really white at all, but rather members of some hostile alien tribe who are trying to pit the gentiles against each other!

    • We seem to forget: Niggaz is Gentiles too. Call me crazy, but I say the possibility exists at this political moment, for White and Black people (especially Southerners) to get together in a tactical alliance against The Tribe…IF we don’t blow it because of our own tribalism. Let’s defeat the Jews and sort the other stuff out afterwards.

      • @Gus – You’re crazy. “Niggaz” want you dead.
        Re divide and conquer — Dividing ourselves from Blacks would result in our freedom — not conquest.

  2. Even the bad ones Elie? Even the evil blacks that prey on the weak and the innocent, Elie? How can you call yourself a civilized human being Christ killer? You are not human and you just should your true face.

  3. Elie Mystal is a national treasure.

    He is great. He cannot be shoved in the faces of race-denying white cucks often enough.

  4. Good for any black man or woman that places their own people first. If even a quarter of whites took that position we would at least have a fighting chance. On a day to day level I realize blacks are different but I like them alot more than most other groups who have moved here. Most of the hood people want to stay with their own and when i do deal with them it is usually very friendly. That is the benefit of being a Southerner or a Yankee near the hood. You have an understanding of things that distant suburbanites and the wealthy urbanite do not have

  5. Elie Mystal’s racial loyalty is admirable. He’s a team player.

    The difference between Mystal supporting Black judges and Whites supporting Biden is that Blacks can typically count on their people being on their own side (when they aren’t murdering each other, of course). Whites are the only people with such a massive race traitor problem, where typically you can expect the average White person to be somewhere between race neutral and anti-White. So it makes sense for them to support any random Black person, since the probability is high that it will turn out well for them.

    • That was a good addition addition. Blindly supporting anyone who looks like you is a recipe for disaster when you factor in that multiculturalism is always a disaster. No system has ever been tried let alone worked where you had antagonizing racial and ethnic groups living in close proximity.
      But reality is you deal with your current reality and if multiculturalism is the default supporting your own blindly or not is a must

  6. If I thought the Supreme Court merely interpreted law, I wouldnt want an African barbarian on the Court either But I see no reason given the current requirements for the job why it would not be of benefit that our next justice know how to snake dance. And I think it is the common touch that no doubt she will afflicted with periodic fits of uncontrollable screaming and other wild ejaculations.

    • No, they write new laws all the time under the guise of “interpretation”. It’s basically a Talmudic court. The “law” is infinitely mutable and can mutate according to the particular desires of those who decide. Blackrobed Philosopher-Kangz, all nine of them. It all started with Marbury vs. Madison and has grown steadily more outrageous ever since.

  7. I’m am only for the Native White American Working Class!!!….

    The Civil War wasn’t worth it…that’s for sure..

    ‘Ol Abe Lincoln was a filthy homosexual pederast from Hell!!!!

  8. > … the only black commentators they hire are ones who complain about raysisms?

    I agree that (what I will call) the black media presence, including in ads, is totally contrived — I also agree in the sense that I can say anecdotally many normal, employed Blacks who are just trying to get by living in this country like the rest of us are also uncomfortable with this sort of thing — they can see that it is making race relations worse.

    Still due to HBD, especially its effect on average SES, I don’t think Blacks and Whites should both inhabit the same polity — we’ve seen that it just doesn’t work, and due to the genetic nature of these differences it can never be made to work in a truly free society — and I think everyone can see the US is becoming less and less free.

  9. Get a load of that shitlib chink Kang running his mouth. Yeah: the “Model Minority”, who were so desperate to make it to the Golden Mountain. They weren’t going to make any trouble, oh no: they were just going to work hard, get rich, and keep to themselves – certainly not try to jump on the Hate Whitey Gravy Train with loudmouthed niggers like Mystal.

    Race is ALL. Naive Whitey must a long last grasp that and band together to fight for our collective interests against these aggressive shitskinned scum.

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