Based Black Man Turns On Joe Biden


If the polls are to be believed, 36% of blacks in Georgia disapprove of Joe Biden. 19% strongly disapprove of his job performance.

Chuck Todd and Steve Kornacki have both recently highlighted the fact that Joe Biden seems to have slipped with a big swath of the black population. Who are these blacks? Why have they turned on Brandon?

Note: It seem to have finally dawned on him that he voted for libtards. He voted for the vax mandate and wearing his muzzle and “trans” and all the crazy woke stuff.


  1. Re: “the vax mandate and wearing his muzzle”

    Are you serious? Is this really you, writing this? But you are correct about the “trans.”

    Regarding the Black man. He is not a “based” (if I understand correctly what that means) Black man at all if he is opposed to the separation of races, and if he is angry (he should be thrilled) about the withdrawal (the apparent, temporary withdrawal) from Afghanistan. He’s just very confused, misinformed, and swept along by the tide of the “blame it on Biden and the Democrats” distraction from noticing the real source of evil.

    • I thought it was hilarious.

      These people also exist in the polling: black conservatives or moderates who vote Democrat out of racial solidarity, but who are culturally and ideologically out of step with the party on issues like the vax mandate and “trans.” The same thing is happening with Hispanics. Not every Hispanic Democrat is a libtard.

      • It’s refreshing to see anyone talking without a bookcase behind them. Blacks read, but they don’t feel the need to preserve the Donald Goines-style paperbacks they steal from the library as evidence against them when they’re talking to a computer.

    • He is on Fox News anonymous. He is hoping for a. regular Diamond and Silk appearance fee and donations. Maybe political office so weak whites can pretend they love MLK and can chant “I would be proud to vote for this black man”. Just hang around a boomer or most white women, this is the MO

  2. I’ve been hearing this same lie for 40 years from all the squishy cucks. The negroes are coming over to us, they will save us! At election time it is always the same, over 90% for whoever has the D by his name.

    Time to quit cucking and simping for the negroes.

  3. I agree with HW, this character was like some cartoon figure come to life. Just now figured out he was voting shitlib – Acela corridor PMCs all the way down. Even the black ones act and speak the same as the white ones. PMCs needn’t worry however. The polls say wymynz still approve of Shitpants Joe the Pedo. Guess he must be the ultimate alpha, or the bitches ‘n hos be dumber than kneegrows.

  4. He watched the 2020 riots and thought, I’d like the people financing and supporting BLM and Antifa running my country. He’s either a moron, evil or both. Screw the negroes.

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