Tim Pool: The GOP Fears Being Called Racist

Tim Pool, the Boomer Whisperer, is correct about this.

The GOP acts like the “mainstream media” still exists. They act like their voters care about the norms. They act like “journalists” are still taken seriously by their base. It is a reflexive reaction to punches that may have landed thirty years ago when the “mainstream media” still had credibility.

Joe Biden went down to Georgia and compared Mitt Romney to George Wallace, Bull Connor and Jefferson Davis. He dropped to 34% in the polls there. Jim Acosta now has a primetime show on CNN in which he accuses the GOP every night of being an “authoritarian” party bent on destroying American democracy. Fareed Zakaria recently had a big special on CNN in which he compared Trump to Hitler.

Every single day there is some “journalist” out there on CNN and MSNBC accusing the GOP of racism and “fascism” and “white supremacy” and “authoritarianism” and destroying American democracy. They have already used every scare word in their arsenal to try to spook the electorate. It is the Chicken Little / The Boy Who Cried Wolf scenario. The rhetoric is so inflated that most people just tune it out now.

The New York Times began the year with that breathless editorial about how “every day is 1/6 now.” The “pro-democracy media” which has rejected “both sidesism” put on a big solemn show for the “1/6” anniversary. No one cares anymore. In fact, the GOP began to explicitly talk about White people and the Great Replacement in 2021 and seems poised for its biggest victory in a century.

Republican politicians are too afraid of being called racist by the media. If that was working, then millions of people would be watching Jim Acosta on CNN.


  1. Fathered Zahkaria=street shitter from India…..Go back to fucking India!!!!…..Oh, wait Zahkaria is shit on the streets………overflowing from the toilets of the Punjab…

  2. When I think of the Republicans, I think of a term from paleontology. Called “evolutionary anachronism” is the idea that a surviving species has lost its assocation with an another extinct species it coevolved with. Osage orange, and avacado come to mind. Neither plants big fruits are eaten by anything that still exists. The large megafauna that ate them are gone. The American cheetah that one chased the pronghorn antelope is extinct, but the pronghorn doesn’t know it yet. Its still the fastest animal after the African cheetah. Well the Republicans don’t seem to understand that the world isn’t the same either. It isn’t that long ago time when the media controlled everything. Their ancient leftist enemies are going extinct, but they haven’t figured that out yet. The old Republicans dinosaurs need to die off and let new blood who understand the present move in

  3. “The GOP acts like the “mainstream media” still exists”:

    It does exist and FOX NEWS is part of it; and when most of “independent alternative news media” also supports the same system, I include those sources in the mainstream as well.

    The vigorous and “exciting” racist versus anti-racist “debate” happening in the U.S. now does not impress me. Even the “racist” side remains well within the bounds of allowed thought (despite the show of partial censorship) and neither of the possible outcomes (“left” or right) of the struggle, such as a form of right-populism, will make any practical difference in changing the condition of common people. What could make a real, practical difference is really educating people about the reality!

    • Why does Pool always wear that dumb winter hat? He looks like one of the characters from South Park 25 years later.

  4. Instead of discrediting the Anti- White, “racist” hate slur the GOP gives it credibility. That’s why the GOP is Anti-White controlled opposition and therefore useless to us.

    • Agree. They are just playing their role in the theater. When the GOP get more power, they will just spend more money on “dreamers” and reparations-like hand outs.

  5. For some withinin the GOP it may be fear, but for others it is because they are fundamentally the same sort of people that populate the PMC, media, and Democrat party. And they’re still controlled by zionist jews.

  6. It’s a handy excuse for Republican behavior but at the end of the day it obfuscates the reality that the GOP is a fake-opposition party. They had control of congress from 1995 until 2007, and again from 2011 until 2019. Can we name a single odious law repealed by these clowns? A single federal blackrobe impeached? NO. 100% fake and gay. Trump is no different, just tweets a tougher game and incites shitlibs more than the usual cuck does. He was a cuck nevertheless – a typical Republican. They could have passed laws that put the gaslight media on a fast track to bankruptcy. Did they even do this if they were so-o-o-o-o-o afraid of them? HELL NO. Str3tch is closer to the mark here. R-jerseys and D-jerseys serve the same donors.

    • When Gingrich was Speaker of the House the Republicans got two things done: They repealed the nationwide 55mph speed limit and ended taxpayer funding of the Congressional Black Caucus. In more recent times they prevented Barry Soetoro from appointing Merrick Garfinkel to the Supreme Court. But those are the only accomplishments I can think of.

  7. The Republicans aren’t afraid of being called racists. That’s just an excuse they give to their base they victimize for plausible deniability when they break their campaign promises.

    The reason they get away with it is that their base believe it, because they have seen middle class people’s livelihoods destroyed and all kinds of people – even CEOs fired for charges of racism.

    All members of both parties live in the same gated, guarded enclaves. Most of them were educated at the same schools. They all eat at the same country clubs. They all attend the same cocktail parties where they run shoulders with the same celebrities.

    Most importantly, they share the same donors. So, Obamacare, which forced everybody to pay much more to maintain insurance only to access it after paying a huge deductible with the excuse that insurance companies were forced to cover pre-existing conditions.

    Though they publicly demurred, the insurance companies loved Obamacare, which was inspired by Romneycare, especially with its mandate forcing everyone to purchase it. So, no one should have been surprised when Romney ended up being the unchallenged Republican presidential candidate in 2012.

    Three words will tell you everything you need to know about whether a candidate intends to be an honest change agent. Follow the money. Political watchdog sites would be more effective if they made each candidate’s donor list public so the voters could make more informed decisions.

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