Bill Maher: How the Left Was Lost

The Left is now seen as a sanctimonious, grim-faced Jim Acosta pearl clutching about “democracy” on CNN or Joy Reid interviewing Elie Mystal about White discomfort on MSNBC. Mystal is a national treasure and one of my personal favorite representatives for his brand of politics.

Note: Bill Maher manages to come across as normal compared to these people.


  1. It was the Irishmen Brian Fallon of the Irish group Demand Justice that forced Breyer out.

    And Demand Justice is an Irish anti-white hate group. Look at all the green on their websites.

    Blacks have no power, the squawking and crowing of Elie Mystal is just a cover for the Jew, Irish, queer anti-white hate alliance.

    They, the Irish are not like us. Who would do the things that Cardinal McCarrick or ladder company 4 or Sean Hannity did?

    Nobody but the Irish. Moral depravity in the Irish hearts is as bottomless as the pit of hell.

    • Of course, your race would never betray Whites, would they. Get lost you anti-White troll.

      Are you Muslim?

      • So was it good? Did you have a nice time at Cardinal McCarricks’ beach house? Did you fun boy? The Cardinal loves you.

    • 84.6% of the Irish population are Christian

      — Wikipedia: “Religion in the Republic of Ireland”


      Whites — Religious composition of whites — Christian = 70%

      — Pew Research Center

    • So you are advocating that all the Whites in Antifa, BLM, Anarchist groups, etc are really the good Whites and are all actually the Pro-Whites. You need “professional” help. One of those White Communists must have hit you in the head with a brick “real good”.

        • These two very simple questions I asked you and you still have not answered me. Wanted to try again todd?

          Why do the Irish hate Muslims? And do not tell me they don’t they all do even the aged and infirm.

          And how did the Muslims bring down building Seven? How did they do it?

          If you can not answer my second question,then what I am saying is you and your blood hate the innocent without reason. You are anti-Christ. you are evil. Got it todd?

          So was it good?

          • Frankly, I do not feel qualified to speak for all the Irish on Muslims or for that matter any other White ethnic groups. I grew up in the South around English, Irish, Scots, Italians, Germans, French and various mixes of these. We were all White and we went to public (most of us) all-White schools. Had very little, almost no contact with Jews. No contact with Arabs. Asians. The father of one of us was quarter or half American Indian. His children were treated as Whites and he had a German surname.

            In my personal contact with Muslims (very few) I have had no problems at all. I can only speak for myself.

            I have not studied the hatred/or absence thereof or the diabolical acts you seem to be referring to and who knew what, and who was secretly helping whom. I was having enough trouble trying to get good consistent information at that time on what the Jews were really up to — celebrating the towers coming down, all the Jews not showing up for work on the morning of 911, etc.

            But the two big questions that I have asked you that remain unanswered are (1) what race, ethnic group (or mix) are you? (2) Why do you feel the need to attack just ONE white group over their treachery to the White race when every other white group that exists has members in that group that have betrayed Whites? This seems to be flawed/illogical thinking that suggests you have had a personal confrontation with a member from this particular group.

            The American South is a good example of what I am referring to. There are Southerners (a mix of White ethnic groups) who are descended from Confederate soldiers who will cave in to outside interests and let these outsiders intimidate them into removing and destroying white Southern history/heritage.

            (However, one monument I know of WAS actually taken down by a group of county commissioners where a majority of them WERE born outside of the South. Well these “enlightened” ones all voted to remove the Confederate monument except one white man who was a native of the state this county is located in.)

            But it seems that the federal government and the radical groups of Antifa, BLM, other left-wing radicals, etc and the propaganda coming from the news media intimidate Southern Whites who would normally be Pro-South and this intimidation causes them to betray their white ancestors and the South in general and seems to force them to do the “sensible thing” and commit cultural suicide and vote to remove the monuments. Do I want to track down the Whites who have betrayed us based on the ethnic group they belong to? Not at all. Why would I? (That could change if there is actual proof that one group has become anti-South. But still, every other ethnic group probably has members who have also betrayed the South.)

            So share with us your race/ethnic/group (this incredible Master Race that has never ever betrayed Whites) and why you have such a maniacal hatred for just ONE white group and not all the rest.

  2. The U.S.’s so-called left including Bill Maher is “leftist” in style but right-wing when it comes to practice.

    Ignore the shell game distraction of U.S. political “discourse.” Follow the money because that’s what America is all about. That’s where the action is.

  3. Maher may be a jew but he’s not stupid. He’s is not going to push the extreme leftist ideology and risk losing millions to appease his audience.

  4. If Maher really had some cajones he would invite a few dissident right wingers on his show once in a while instead of the usual crybaby shitlibs. And he’s never, ever critical of the Zionist state in occupied Palestine. I’d like to see him perform live at the Mirage in Las Vegas but he pisses me off too much.

    • @ I saw jim goad, on his show before, Goad wrote “the redneck manifesto, how we got that way and why were not going to take it anymore” maher basically ignored him, till he insulted him , in his reliably, condesending, pretentious manner, that he excels at….

  5. Maher is no better than most other leftists though it is nice to see him move many normal HBO viewers to our side.

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