Vox: Why Tucker Carlson’s Special on George Soros and Hungary Matters

We should be very concerned about this.


“The film opens with soaring music, footage of white children laughing and playing, beautiful vistas of classical European architecture. Fifteen seconds in, the music turns dark. We see images of dark-skinned youth, chaos, and blood. Then there’s a foreboding black-and-white shot of a man in profile, hunched at a desk, the curvature of his nose prominent in silhouette.

He’s the one responsible for all of this, the brown assault on white tranquility. Europe, we are told, is this predator’s “main hunting area.” …”

It’s appalling to see Tucker Carlson & Fox invoke the kind of anti-Semitic tropes typically found in white supremacist media,” writes Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League (an anti-hate group). “There’s no excuse for this kind of fearmongering, especially in light of intensifying anti-Semitism. …

Neither anti-immigrant demagoguery nor whitewashing Hungary’s descent into autocracy is new for Carlson. What’s striking about the report — part of a series dubbed “Tucker Carlson Originals” — is how it uses conspiratorial, bigoted ideas previously consigned to the far-right fringe to make the explicit case that the American government should emulate an authoritarian regime. …”

You can’t say anything about the $125 million that George Soros is spending on the midterms. It is anti-Semitic to notice.


“Billionaire mega-donor George Soros is seeding a super PAC with $125 million, an enormous investment that will aid Democratic groups and candidates for the 2022 election cycle and beyond.

The group, Democracy PAC, has served as Soros’ campaign spending vehicle since 2019, channeling more than $80 million to other Democratic groups and candidates during the 2020 electioncycle. The new, nine-figure investment from Soros is aimed at supporting pro-democracy “causes and candidates, regardless of political party” who are invested in “strengthening the infrastructure of American democracy: voting rights and civic participation, civil rights and liberties, and the rule of law,” Soros said in a statement shared first with POLITICO …”


Jonathan Greenblatt has hobbled the ADL.

If we take what he says at face value, he has failed at his job.

Nosferatu has been reduced to whining inside the MSNBC-CNN-Vox media bubble. The Jews should have fired this guy a long time ago.


    • >Orban is a Protestant!

      More importantly, Orban is a nationalist — he has seen the undesirable changes mass migration has brought to other EU nations, especially in the larger cities, where e.g. heavily non-European, impoverished ghettos form; he has spoken plainly about this, and said he does not want the same thing to happen to Hungary — this is about culture and tradition.

      But Hungary is not a wealthy nation; its economy is still developing, and per capita GDP is only about 1/3 of that in e.g. Germany and France — so they also cannot afford the burden of lots of non-white migrants.

  1. The “liberal left” or “commie” ideology comes straight out of the TALMUD and the KABBALAH, the books these creatures read at the synagogue just down the road from you. It tells them to work towards “Tikkun Olam”, or “righting the wrongs of the world”. According to them, It is wrong for them to not have total control over everyone and everything, so they must make it right…….all makes sense now doesn’t it? The crazy behavoir is indoctrinated into them from the day they are born.

    Some can handle it and are sly and sneaky, even joining Christian churches or right wing groups and political parties….but trust me they are there to make sure the groups do not gain any traction against their plans and keep everyone going in all directions. They get whites focused on problems THEY have created like immigration, muslims and financial matters. In turn, they FUND these problems on the left (and right) to justify any actions they take. The ultimate goal though is to keep everyone fighting each other and not focused on the real enemy, which is their satanic seed.

    The militia movement has been totally infiltrated and is pro israel (michigan militia). The right has been infiltrated by such agents as MILO (jew fag) and well spoken shysters like Ben Shapiro who will attack the left and pretend he is on your side. People need to step back and really watch what these pricks are saying and doing. They promote each other only and are a very tight knit group.

    If you join ANY GROUP the first course of action is to find out who the satanic jews are, and get them out of there. EDUCATE fellow group members about their actions and how they operate. Nothing will change as long as these assholes have any say in anything.

    The only way to get out of this mess is to stop obeying orders from our enemies, even when they are dressed up in “our uniform”. We must become uncontrollable. Let the truth guide us through this mess, rather than a new messiah figure or political pundit. We must never take our marching orders from people like Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, Alex Jones, Nick Fuentes, or the scattered remnants of the Alt Right that led people into the Charlottesville trap. Learn the truth, spread the truth, and don’t let anyone out there stand in your way.

    • The brown person shown you can bet is an Arab. Tucker loves Orban cause Orban hates Muslims. He’ll turn them away to freeze, a la soviet era cruelty. Tuker would never show any brown skin person except a Muslim, like that. He has explicitly empathized with brown people at the border but will make a big deal if one of them comes from the ME. That’s his and his co hater Tulsi Gabbards thing. That’s why they are now anti-war; we did not kill all of em all so those wars were a waste. That we made refugees out of millions of them and they are fleeing to Europe, was something the hateful anti Muslim bigot Tucker never anticipated.He loves seeing cruelty done to Muslim refugees!

    • Almost all religions try to “righting the wrongs of the world” that is over conspiracising things. It’s much simpler than that, they are outsiders and ever aware of it and naturally are going to support outcomes that prevent bad things from happening to them.

    • @zard:

      “If you join ANY GROUP the first course of action is to find out who the satanic Jews are, and get them out of there. EDUCATE fellow group members about their actions and how they operate. Nothing will change as long as they have any day in anything.”

      Though I am not unsympathetic to this viewpoint, I have to respectfully disagree with the Proven Failure of Naming the Jew. I can promise that the Jews would not be purged from any rightward movement that has momentum. However, just like the Tea Party, any one openly hostile to them would be the ones who are purged. Just like the paleoconservatives were purged from National Review by William F. Buckley at the behest of the Neocons. The movement would be bogged down into an unending defensive action against endless charges of racism, and ultimately only steered by Kosher Nationalists to support their kids joining the military to support Zionist expansion. Follow the history.

      You can’t stop Kosher Nationalists like Mark Levin and Ben Shapiro from muscling their way into leadership and commandeering the bullhorn. Even if you could, any Pro-White movement would be inundated by the far more dangerous Crypto Jews or Kosher Mischlings like Tim “White Like Me” Wise. Nor should you try. Say what you will about them Jews, who have centuries of Talmudic training, know the law and have great organizational abilities. Look at the success of the Civil “Rights” Movement.

      If any Whites the Jews purport to help understand that it wouldn’t be offered if it didn’t align with some self-serving agenda, they can carefully select any “help” that is useful to them and discreetly disregard the rest. Just because we don’t decline any help from Kosher Nationalists doesn’t mean we must agree to draft our daughters (and sons) for Israel or to defend Taiwan or the Ukraine just because they want to.

      So, instead of trying to prevent any infiltrators getting involved in Pro White activism, you should assume they already have a foothold and discreetly establish your own. Then be single-minded about making sure there are no distractions and that the group’s focus remains on White issues ONLY rather than on those LARPING as Whites.

      The Jews ran the NAACP for years but the directional Blacks made damn sure the Black Agenda ONLY prevailed. They accepted the help but practiced their own version of Kol Nidre, because there is no record of any Black NAACP member offering up their children to the military to advance Zionism. Then they gradually purged them from the leadership.

      Sorry, but I don’t see the benefits of Naming the Jew. Only Whites who live under a rock don’t know about Jews and the enormous wealth, power and influence they have acquired. Knowledge without the power to do anything about it is ultimately only an exercise in frustration when your energies are better engaged in what you can do:

      Focus on establishing inexpensive Pro White Education Networks that teach valuable marketable skills that are also portable. This is important on at least three levels.

      The right education will keep your children from being victimized by an economic draft where only the military offers Whites a chance at achieving a comfortable middle class existence.

      Making it openly accessible to all means that what Critical Race Theorists like Ibram X Kendi call the White Adjacents who take the course and do the work will absorb Pro White indoctrination and be more sympathetic.

      I believe the freedom to travel is in the most danger. Hence the need for White kids to be trained to be proficient in multiple, valuable skills that are portable because they are in demand everywhere.

      Focus on establishing a network of societies that are benevolent to Whites. Learn to make it a habit to ensure that White employees in customer service get glowing commendations put in their files.

      Focus on becoming a resource network for Whites. Start out unofficially, but then join business clubs and charities and shift their focus on employing, hiring and investing in Whites and their businesses.

      Focus on any legislation that supports local, independent American producers to break the grip of multinational corporations around our throats. If you have extra money, invest in them. If you don’t, promote them with positive reviews.

      Focus on encouraging White childless people to establish kinship trusts for the nearest young White family that is related to them. Too many childless Whites die after working their behinds off and they don’t think of where to assign their assets if their lives run out before their investments do. All their life’s work ends up appropriated by the fund managers or the government. That’s why they must be encouraged to think of the children they didn’t raise as their own genetic stake in the future. Even if it is the offspring of a distant cousin.

      Even if we end up with half the number of Whites that we do now because people died childless by choice or were infertile, or their own offspring predeceased them, there will be greater wealth concentrated in their hands via kinship trusts. With wealth comes advantages, education, connections and, most of all, power and we can see how much power two percent of the population can wield it they control ninety percent of the wealth!

      Get involved in media. Start your own independent and television production companies that promote and celebrate European greatness. The sleeper horror film, The Blair Witch Project was made on a shoestring budget. Cultivate independent investors and theaters to show them. Acquire your own television channel.

      Now, the important thing that requires shoe leather and I don’t mean anonymous, controversial pamphlet drops which only produces pearl clutching media hysterics and anti-racist virtue signaling from Goodwhites and Hate Watch Group harassment and police investigations.

      Candidates need funding but as those incumbents who were primaries by or even lost the general election to underfunded candidates with lots of shoe leather to expend and preferably, lots of enthusiastic volunteers to help, funding isn’t everything. The goal is to ultimately provide both to the point we are as effective as AIPAC.

      Focus on voter registration and voter drives for like-minded people. Make them fun social affairs rather than the existential crisis that it is so the normies don’t get scared, duck for cover, and hide. Establish independent PACs with lobbyists to push our issues.

      Right now Whites are too atomized to effect a legal organization on their own. Relying to the point of not engaging in Faustian Bargains with “helpful” organizers with years of activism while we quietly learn tactics from them and form our own conservative racial tribe is our best chance at success.

  2. This is just more limited hangout stuff. You get some of the truth but not all of it. What do (((they))) want? Why are ((((they)))) doing ?what they are doing? You are never going to hear those questions asked or answered, never.

    ((((They)))) want Moshiach. ((((They)))) want the anti-Christ to rule the world. Why? Because they are evil and anybody who sides with them or defends them is on the side of evil and against God and human kind. It is that simple.

    • Nosferatu is truly the perfect term for the vile creature. It’s also the title of a 1922 German film, based on Stoker’s Dracula novel. Here’s the Infogalactic page on it (note I am trying to avoid the enemy-controlled Wokepedia (which admittedly has better pictures and more links). Part of our problem is that we don’t support our own people. How much better would Infogalactic be if someone into films on our side would spend the time there instead of adding to the shitlib controlled alternative? Count Orlok (Nosferatu) in the film looks like he could be Greenblatt’s twin brother. They’re both evil bloodsuckers too.

  3. “Jonathan Greenblatt has hobbled the ADL.”

    Good, I hope he destroys it. The ADL was formed to protect a jew murderer and rapist, Leo Frank.

  4. as I recall, Fox fired Glen Beck shortly after he did an expose on (((Soros))).

    hope the same doesn’t happen to Tucker.

    • You’re memory is correct. Beck’s piece on Soros is what got him booted from Fox-News. Beck had very high ratings at the time as I recall. The ADL’s ratings were higher though.

  5. Neither anti-immigrant demagoguery nor whitewashing Hungary’s descent into autocracy is new for Carlson.

    How does anyone take these people seriously? — they have elections in Hungary (another is scheduled for April this year); Orban is prime minister because he’s the leader of the party that gets the most votes and sends the most delegates to Hungary’s legislature (link), the same is in many other EU nations — it’s as simple as that.

    The mainstream talks a lot about ‘misinformation’, but they are the biggest purveyors of it.

    Nothing but hysterical women and fags — we need to shut down liberal arts education at American universities until we can figure out what’s going on/what went wrong.


    >anti-immigrant demagoguery

    If you visit the Vox site, they use a foto of a migrant ‘family’; you see a woman and two kids amidst some men — they are said to be in a train station in Budapest, on their way to central Europe (Austria or Germany), since Hungary didn’t want them and Germany announced they would not enforce the Dublin Accord (an EU wide ‘safe third country’ asylum agreement) — this foto reminds me of a German TV clip I saw at the end of 2015 — a politician was being interviewed about what he’d seen at the main station in Munich when one of these trains arrived: hundreds of men began to disembark, most young or just approaching middle age, but the waiting media people all went directly to the few women and children who got off and started filming and snapping fotos — it was this video and those fotos that made it into media coverage, never the hundreds of young males — as someone said at the time: these ‘refugees’ are younger and more male than the US military.

  6. 60 éve élek Magyarországon, szül?hazámban. Több kormányváltást megéltem. Ebb?l a 60 évb?l a legnyugodtabb , legkiszámíthatóbb az utóbbi 12 év volt, melyet Orbán Viktor miniszter elnök úr vezetésével valósult meg. Látjuk a környez? Eus tagállamokat a porba hullani, azokat, akik engedtek a Soros György féle utópisztikus álamainak, ja és pénzének. Látjuk a No go zónákban zajló borzalmakat. Láttuk a párizsi lefejezéseket, egy tanár, másik egy templomban imádkozó id?s hölgy, láttuk a meger?szakolt n?ket, Németországban Lipcsében láttuk azt, hogy ezek az illegális bevándorlók dolgozni nem akarnak, csak segélyekb?l kívánnak élni. Dokumentumok nélkül jönnek, szervezett embercsempész hálózatokon keresztül melyek nagy többsége Soros György pénzelte NGO-k.Normálisan esetben ha én egy másik országban igényelek menedékjogot, minimum az, hogy betartom azottani törvényeket. Ezek az illegális bevándorlók NEM akrnak semmiféle törvényt betartani, így teljesen eltér? kultúrával rendelkez? párhuzamos társadalmat kíván létrehozni az idióta, elmebeteg Soros György és az ?t szponzoráló háttérhatalom. Igen örülünk, hogy Tucker Carlson a nemzeti ügyeink megvédését face to face tudósítja. Isten áldja a nemzeti gondolkodású támogatóinkat.

  7. It’s kind of amazing that an establishment news channel like FOX allows TC to flirt with “white nationalism”. A lot of advertisers have pulled their support of the network in protest but to no avail. I guess Tucker can pretty much say whatever he wants as long as he doesn’t criticize the Zionist state.

  8. I hate it when unimaginative conservative eunuchs characterize Soros as a “Nazi”. There is nothing in his philosophy that has anything to do with promoting German National Socialism. But in all fairness he is no friend of Zionism (jewish National Socialism) either.

    • Conservatard types always seem to do this. It’s like Hitler had a monopoly on tyrannical governance. It also assumes, perhaps correctly, that the public is so stupid and uneducated they know of no other example of tyranny in the past. This young generation seems to know nothing about communism anymore, in the 80s we heard about its evils all the time despite its apologists in the media. Now stuff like the Berlin Wall has gone down the memory hole, instead we get CRT and “trans” crap 24/7.

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