1. I was reading the comments on their Twitter page and they were getting ratioed bad. Unfortunately, they can defame and attacks Whites 24/7 and never get banned. The jews owning the media and having control over what it allowed is no “antisemitic” trope. Let them keep digging a deeper hole for themselves.

  2. It cracks me up to no end that Greenshatt looks like such an obvious ghoul. Nosferatu more precisely lol.

  3. The ADL is the Gestapo in the US…

    And I blame Deep South US White American Evangelical “‘Christian’s” for this….for they are fake Christians….

    • Actually, they are the true Xians, because they worship the Chosen Ones. They even believe they are less than the Chosen folks. There was a video not too long ago, where Christians and tribal friends all celebrated their religions together. It seems strange to me, that Christians are so approving of a religion that emphatically rejects the main tenet of their faith. They must think their God will approve of this and hand out extra room keys to his mansion in the heavens.

  4. The new definition is actually a description of Western imperialism that mentions only Europeans leaving out the Talmudists.

    The old “definition” that you posted here is actually three different definitions, first of racial supremacism, second of racial biological determinism, and the third of racial separatism.

  5. Nosferatu speaks … and rubs his hands to boot. The ADL, covering for Jew pedophiles since 1914. If Murikan evangelicals want to repent of their belief on Cyrus Scofield’s wicked heresy, making a bonfire out of his bibles would be a good start.

      • @ stinkfinger1970, that is simply not true, your husband lied too you again!!! Repenting is like breathing, it never stops, till it’s too late……

    • If a movie were to feature an ugly, diabolical character like Greensplatt it would be condemned as “anti Semitic”.

  6. And every adult white person who still hasn’t recognized that the yids hate them and want to destroy them is a fool.

    • As long as they can buy a 12 pack of beer and go home and watch “TV” every night, they don’t care. They’re the people who say they won’t discuss “religion, sex, or politics”, because they have no opinion on things.
      The world is geared to the low IQ.

      • yep, only people like us are even looking at stuff like this.
        As you’ve mentioned, as long as there is pot , beer and free porn on the phone/cpu everyone is pacified beyond words.
        After all, thats the whole weaponized point of those things and nearly everything else we have the “right” to do or are “entertained” by..

        • So many are just hedonists now, because they have the money to do that. I’m all for prohibition.
          I think no-liquor laws would be great. Our roads would be safer, too.
          Notice how so many left California…not because of socio-political reasons, but because their disability check would go further in other states. I say “disability check”, because anyone else would have to find a job in another state, comparable to what they had in California, and that’s pretty hard to get these days, no matter what your profession is.

  7. Racism has nothing to do with hatred. A ‘racist’ is the opposite of being a self-loathing race traitor. No person who isn’t racially conscious can love his own race. To deny your blood is to deny yourself. Certainly, all Whites, as all persons of other races do, should embrace racial consciousness, as opposed to willful blindness, delusion, and a rejection of human nature and the Natural Order. Racism, a term coined by jewish communists, is a political doctrine that rejects the liberal dogma of racial equality. Racism by definition, embraces racial inequality, WHICH IS REALITY! — which necessarily calls for racial consciousness, for example, the conviction that mankind falls into identified races that are readily distinguishable, by their appearance, their behavior, and their differences.

    Racism isn’t learned. It’s not a social or cultural construct. Racism is instinctive and genetically imprinted into the DNA of all races. It has nothing to do with hatred, at least, as far as I can see, for Whites. The notion “we are all the same”, is patently ABSURD! I am racially conscious, so I must be a racist. It’s common sense. Races are not equal! They are plainly different, and by that I am not speaking merely about skin shade, but about the countless differences defined by appearance, intelligence, attitude, aptitude, and so much else between each race.

    Ethnocentrism in all peoples is absolutely natural and normal. Ethnic groups throughout the world exhibit a preference for their own culture and a disposition to judge other cultures by their own standards. This preference is a healthy and practical evaluation of one’s ethnic identity and interests consistent with evolutionary theory and cultural sophistication.

  8. Wait a minute! We may be witnessing a crime here. “Everyone” who was alive and old enough to understand politics two or three decades ago knows that it was the black sage, Sister Souljah, who was a generation ahead of her time on all this woke-ism stuff who came up with this version of what racism is. She may have not said that only Whites could be racists but she advocated that Blacks could NOT be racists. You need to give her credit, you are stealing her thunder. But I know you Jews will “Jew her down” ** somehow.

    ** I know, I know … but before you condemn me, let me just point out that I heard a Christian minister use this expression in a joke when he was explaining some incident in the Bible in a bible study/sermon. I can’t remember the verses he applied it to at this moment but I believe I do recall that he cracked a joke about the Jews in a study on Israel’s sons who were deciding what they were going to do to their brother Joseph whom they all hated. The minister made a Jew joke about Judah’s suggestion:

    Genesis 37: (KJV)
    26) And Judah said unto his brethren, What profit is it if we slay our brother, and conceal his blood?
    27) Come, and let us sell him to the Ishmeelites…

    How true, how true … if you only knew …

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