Donald Trump Is Strongly Considering Pardoning 1/6 Protesters

Now that he is no longer the president, Donald Trump is willing to pardon the 1/6 protesters. Most of them will be out of jail anyway by 2025.

The worst thing that Trump did as president was stirring up his most delusional supporters like the Q shaman and abandoning them when they needed him the most. He also grifted hundreds of millions of dollars off them during Stop the Steal too.

Note: If he does win in 2024, he should do this though. He pardoned Lil Wayne and Kodak Black on his last day in office. He should also lock up Hillary.


    • Yet a great many do — check the comments at — a bunch of mine were deleted, and I will probably be banned soon (or stop commenting first).

      Does the proprietor here know anything about the person behind that site (‘Kane’)?

  1. I don’t believe anything Dump says. If he run and gets re-elected, he will do nothing except look into it for the next 4 years.

    • Got him a nice book deal for a couple of million – for a book that will be written for someone else. I’m sure the print run of a 3-4 million copies will be shipped to the local GOP headquarters around Murika before finally making their way to the recycling plant. Cuck Pence is once again a ‘respectable’ member of the Gay Old Pedobears. Our host here is a halfway decent historian and could probably produce a readable book on any number of interesting topics in US history, but no way in hell would he ever be offered a book deal – even if he wrote the whole thing himself. Remember the great classic Dreams from My Father allegedly penned by B. Hussein Obama – actually cooked up by Bill Ayers? Betcha most of the massive print run for that pile of bullshit ended up in the recycling plants – or in landfills.

  2. Sheldon silver dropped dead, Trump can’t pardon him now. Maybe Trump can pardon Weinstock? Or Cardinal McCarrick, saints be praised.

  3. It should be kept in mind that a pardon eliminates the conviction. Any person convicted who is pardoned who is still in prison would be freed. Any person convicted, whether still in prison or already released, would have the pardoned convictions removed from their criminal record. Those who did not have any other criminal convictions on their record would have the full restoration of their rights such as voting and firearms. Pardoning the 1/6 protestors is certainly worthwhile, even for those who had already served their time.

  4. Little late there, Don.
    The international crime family. “Big guy” wasn’t officially installed til January 20th. You had two weeks to act.
    Could’ve issued an ExecOrder absolving from prosecution, anybody who attended he Jan6 event.

  5. He could have pardoned them all on his way out last year. Instead he chose to pardon Jew swindlers and violent joggers. The grift never ends, and the morons keep falling for it…

  6. Trump failure to stand up for people who went out on a limb to bat for him (strange imagery, I know) marks him down as a feckless faggeau unworthy to hold office. Better an open enemy (Biden) than a false friend (Trump).

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