1. Two filthy fucking cockroachs in the toilets of Comet Pizza got together to breed….Chelsea Clinton was the outcome…

    Can you name these two filthy fucking cockroaches?

  2. These people need to be banished from America. Leftists know their ideas are obliterated in a free speech/free thought environment.

  3. Ol’ Webb’s rotten peach-faced shitlib bastard. Itz contaminated womb an Easy Bake oven for even fuglier half-yidlets.

  4. All this true, anyone?

    Amazon Customer Review by XXXXXXXXXXXX of book:

    Bill and Hillary: The Politics of the Personal by William H. Chafe

    Book leaves out the fact that Chelea Clinton is the biological daughter of Webb Hubbell, NOT Bill Clinton

    I recently met the author, Professor Chafe, at the Texas Book festival and I asked him if he knew that Chelsea Clinton was the biological daughter of Webb Hubbell and NOT Bill Clinton. Chafe answered, nope, he had never heard of that.

    Well, if you want to understand the Clintons and the “politics of the personal” then that is the first thing you need to know. My source for this is Larry Nichols, a Clinton insider for 10 years, and he told this to author Melrose Larry Green. My other source is Chelsea Clinton’s unusually big lips which look JUST LIKE the big flubber dubber flapper lips of Webb Hubbell. In Edward Klein’s book he mentions that Bill learned about Hillary’s pregnancy in 1979 by reading the newspaper. You have to understand just how dysfunctional Hillary’s and Bill’s non-marriage, 1970’s style “open marriage” was. Both Hillary and Hubbell left other clues, as they both made clever (and they *think* discreet) remarks about Chelsea and each other in their books. Hillary talks about a football player (Hubbell) who told her to carry the baby like a football. Hubbell talks in his book how proud he was to see Chelsea in his back yard as a kid. Clinton sycophant Terry McAuliffe in his book talks much Bill and Chelsea look like each other (of course, they do NOT, hello). McAuliffe was intentionally dropping this disinformation.

    One more item, Hubbell was made the #3 man at the Justice Dept. because it would not requirement a Senate confirmation, where details of the Hillary/Webb Hubbell Chelsea connection might be exposed.

    One of my favorite Hillary quotes is her screaming at Bill that you need to ____ me more than twice a year! Bill decided that he would let the lawyers do the dirty work for him.

    Bill was screwing everything in sight and Hillary was screwing Webb Hubbell and later Vince Foster who became her emotional husband and soulmate. Arkansas state troopers L.D. Brown and Larry Patterson and Arkansas native Mike Galster all say it was an open secret that Hillary and Vince Foster were sexual lovers, not just close co-workers.

    The author, who is supposedly one of the greatest historians in America according to David Gergen, needs to massively expand his bibliography. Why do people almost always read material that reinforces their pre-existing beliefs? Because the ugly truth is just too unsettling to most folks. I can’t give the author credit for breaking new ground either with the historical record or a refreshing and positive analysis of the Clintons.

    Also, I asked the author in fall, 2012 if he had ever heard about the Bush/Clinton/Oliver North CIA drug smuggling of the 1980’s. Nope, the author had never heard of it, despite that being the heart of Iran-contra.

    Another big topic the author leaves out is the Clintons’ criminal intimidation tactics used on Bill’s sex victims and former girlfriends. The author seems to think that the Clintons were merely “digging up dirt” on these girls, and not doing stuff like scaring the living hell out of them by breaking car windows, leaving shot gun shells, asking Gennifer Flowers’s neighbors if she was the kind of girl to commit suicide, nailgunning Kathleen Willey’s tires, killing Bullseye the pet cat of Willey. Not to mention the savage beating of Gary Johnson, Gennifer Flowers’ neighbor, on 6/26/92. Ignorance is bliss in the mind of William Chafe, who has written a bowl of cold oatmeal mush about the Clintons.

    Basically, the author read about 5 other books on the Clintons and regurgitated them here, especially Carl Bernstein’s book. Why not expand the bibliography into the Clinton-hater books? Are you not curious why so many hate the Clintons? Do you think truth is located in 10% of the library?

    Lifewise, author Chafe leaves out Bill Clintons April 25, 1978 rape of Juanita Broaddrick. I guess Bill Clinton raping a campaign volunteer and Hillary knowing about it in real time and covering it up would undermine the narrative of Bill and Hillary as progressives advancing the feminist agenda.

    Damn straight it would and that is why the author leaves it out.

    • He left it out because it’s not confirmable for one. Where there’s smoke there’s fire, but unless some hard proof comes it’s still just hypothetical. I think just from looking at her she more than likely is Webster Hubbell’s kid, but can’t really be sure about it.

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