Washington Post: Rents Are Up 40% In Some Cities, Forcing Millions To Move

It is a new progressive era.

A year ago, we were confidently told that “the adults are in charge.” The woke professional class was now in charge of “shutting down” COVID and running the economy.

Washington Post:

“Kiara Age moved in less than a year ago and now it’s time to move again: Rent on her two-bedroom apartment in Henderson, Nevada, is rising 23 percent to nearly $1,600 a month, making it impossibly out of reach for the single mother.

Age makes $15 an hour working from home as a medical biller while also caring for her 1-year-old son, because she can’t afford child care. By the time she pays rent — which takes up more than half of her salary — and buys groceries, there’s little left over.

“I am trying to figure out what I can do,” said Age, 32, who also has an 8-year-old daughter. “Rent is so high that I can’t afford anything.”

Rental prices across the country have rising for months, but lately the increases have been sharper and more widespread, forcing millions of Americans to reassess their living situations. …”

I feel sorry for these people.

They are mostly Democrat Leaning Working Class voters who can’t afford to put a roof over their head now. It is Brandon’s fault that the price of everything has exploded like this. New York Magazine recently ate crow on inflation and ran a big piece called “Was Larry Summers Right All Along?”

WE’RE ALL PAYING FOR IT whether it is through rent, grocery prices, gas prices, etc. Gas prices are headed back up now after dipping. It is nothing to have Civil War 2 about. Virtually everyone agrees that the technocrats in Washington have royally screwed up the economy.


  1. “technocrats in Washington have royally screwed up the economy.”

    Just wait, there’s going to be consequent bust, as sure as night follows day.

    Bring in massive hordes of immigrants, what are going to be the results ?
    A fight for every resource, food , shelter, fuel etc.

    (technocrats ??? I typically think of technocrats as having some degree of competence. The asses who rule us have none.)

    • I agree, technocrats are part of the professional managerial class, are they not? We have big government bureaucrats and far-left social activists in control right now, not bugmen with pocket protectors and accounting or engineering degrees.

    • @Arrian We are paying for the food, housing, medical care, utilities, and who knows what else, for these “immigrants”. There are people who do not know this, they don’t know that their taxed income subsidizes these “immigrants”.

  2. It is just not safe having all them blacks living so close to a bunch of Jews and Irishmen. It is just not safe. Something has to be done. For the good of all concerned a covert racial segregation must be installed, done through economic means to protect those most in need of protection. It is not like we are like those southerners now, don’t you understand? We love blacks, us Jews and Irish as long as they keep their distance and we do not have to crap with them or drink from the same water fountain as them. We love them for all they can get for us. Where is Bigtime AJ?

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  3. Do ya think Kiara will vote Democrat again?
    Do ya think Kiara will turn off BET, The View, CNN, Good Morning America with the anti-white propaganda?
    Will Kiara internalize that elections have consequences?
    Not a chance.

    Therefore I don’t feel sorry for Kiara. I feel sorry that Kiara isn’t in her African Motherland where she belongs.

    • America has a majority of bad people quite simply incapable of self government. We have reached that point Ben Franklin feared. Allowing blacks to vote was an absolute crime that conservatards are too brainwashed to admit. They harp on about how wonderful MLK’s “colorblind” pitch was, written for him by his white communist handlers, it’s like refusing to accept that the thousand dollars you sent to that Nigerian Prince was all a scam.

  4. They vote year by year to keep the Jew mobeybags in power, so they need to just shut up and pay their Jew landlords the rent, and be happy.

  5. Well I’m glad to see the rent isn’t going up in Huntington Beach or Redondo Beach, I’ll tell you what. South Carolina looks like a good place to live. But Nassau County on Long Island? Cincinnati? Fort Worth? Those are the last places on Earth I’d ever want to be.

  6. “Forcing millions to move….”

    And why are there so many millions here in the first place? The natural environment cannot bear the weight of existing human over-population. But ten times as many apartments may be needed in the U.S. if right-wing populist (capitalist) advocates of a new Baby Boom in the U.S. are successful. Imperialism and the private profit system require ever-increasing numbers of cheap workers, voters and consumers, and U.S. population growth by immigration is not enough. Domestic mass production of “Americans” – a new U.S. Baby Boom – needs to begin immediately, they say! “One Billion Americans” calls on “Americans” to breed themselves into unassailable, permanent global dominance, by outnumbering every nation including China. China’s population is becoming static, so now is the time for the U.S. to rapidly out-breed it. The greatest “nation” (empire) in history must contain the world’s largest population in its “homeland” base. A TRIPLED U.S. population could “easily” be housed in a series of “Hong Kong”-like “density centers” on the east and west coasts.

    The Dollar Empire will use nuclear weapons, and it will also use the over-population of its “homeland” as a weapon against all the nations of the world. The new apartments won’t be affordable, but no one really cares about the poor.

    • Whites are only 8% of the world population, with a negative reproduction rate.
      Whenever “overpopulation” is discussed, it’s aimed at whites. Never criticize a Mexican, because it’s their culture to reproduce (sic). Whites used to have large families, too, because it was affordable.

  7. Obviously, the priced-out shitlibs need to pick up and move to Wilmington, Delaware. Corn-Pop bids them welcome. I hear San Franshitsko and Los Angeleeze are great places for the newly homeless too. Maybe they can move in next door to Chelsea Clinton – she’ll be glad to help out bein’ the nice white lady she is. Gunny above nailed it. They never see the consequences of their own voting and viewing patterns. Since (((Larry Fink))) is probably the Kang of all Landlords, maybe they should show up outside the offices of Blackrock and axe Massah Fink for a rent reduction. This will happen shortly after you see the sun rising in the west and hell frozen over in glacial ice.

  8. Trump was right about his instinct to not shut down the economy, unfortunately everyone else used it to expand their power at his detriment. Even had he triumphed here, virtually every other country around the globe saw their political class use this thing as an excuse to establish their own shut down tyranny and it would have no effect on chip shortages from the far east, etc. I notice even garlic seems to have sat in the ground too long as the ones at the grocery store have now cloved twice with about 60 tiny candy corn sized cloves too small to waste time peeling. I ended up throwing it out and going to the store and getting some Elephant Garlic with massive cloves that you can peel in 15 seconds. Yesterday I went to the dealer for new transmission fluid, I noticed they had only 7 new cars on the lot. 6 years ago they had over a hundred. I really hope the global political class pays the price when the public eventually figures out how badly they played this thing. People are still getting this thing regardless in their homes from their close family and friends so the whole quarantine was pointless. This thing is here to stay, any restrictions just hurt the quality of life for all.

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