His Name Was Thomas Hand Jr.

I don’t like to dwell on the black-on-white crime stories.

These things are always happening. It always puts me in a foul mood whenever I read about them and write about them. I would rather analyze polls and make fun of “journalists.”

We’re in the middle of a historic surge of violent crime though in Joe Biden’s America. This spike in crime is one of the biggest stories in the country. This story really put a face on the trend though for me.

Daily Mail:

“A former Miss Mississippi has told how her husband was shot dead in front of her and their two-year-old son in an unprovoked attack, while he was preaching in a rough part of Montgomery.

Christine Kozlowski Hand, 33, who is pregnant with their second child, told DailyMail.com that her husband, Thomas Hand, 37, had not interacted with his assailant before Saturday’s attack.

‘What you said is true. It was a complete random act of violence,’ she said.

Hand, a bodybuilder and born-again Christian, was pronounced dead at the scene in the Alabama city. 

He had ventured to the rough Alabama neighborhood with his family to educate impoverished strangers about the powers of God, his friends and family said – just days after the couple celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary.

They said a mumbling man walked up and shot him.

A 17-year-old, Jerimiah Walker, from Montgomery has been arrested and charged with his murder.  

‘He tried to spread the word of God, and he was shot,’ longtime friend Kevin Rayan told DailyMail.com. 

When his father was hit, the little boy, Roman, tried to reassure him that everything would be ok.  

‘He said, ‘Oh, you’ll be okay, Dad’ – that’s what he told him as he was dead on the pavement,’ Rayan told The Sun. …”

Go ahead and call me a racist.

This just happened in broad daylight here in the Gump.

Everyone here knows that nihilistic black street thugs like this have ruined the city. There are gated communities everywhere now and bars on the windows of homes to keep out people like this.

This is why I prefer to eat and drink and work and shop in Auburn. We do everything as a family in Auburn now because Montgomery is transforming into one big ghetto with the SPLC.

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  1. As if it wasn’t bad enough that the guy goes into a ghetto neighborhood unarmed to look for trouble he brings his little boy and pregnant wife along, too. Unfucking believable.

    • I’m sure he was a great, kind, wonderful, well meaning person. He was too kind hearted for his own good

      • Not that it matters to the subject of black on others crime, Christine Kozlowski (the wife) is of mixed Polish and mestizo descent. She is a former Miss Mississippi. Look it up on Wikipedia. She does not look white either. This wasn’t a lily white family.

        Miscegenation becomes an issue several generations down the road when you get whites with small amounts of non-white ancestry. It corrupts our ancient bloodlines and there is nothing much that can be done about it.

        All the same, I agree with everything you said.

        • @Steve The super religious are always mixing, as they view everyone as “God’s children”.
          That’s why they go into the ghetto unarmed, they think everyone is the same.

          • @ Pilot, you inadvertently, have made a very good point, pistol packing preachers, tend to be very effective and tend to live too reach olde age……..

          • Pearls before SWINE. After sixty years of this crap, WHY do Evangelicals think EVERY hominid on the planet is MEANT to be saved? They’re NOT.

            The delimiter of the Gospel is quite clear:
            Rom. 1:16-17 “To the JUDEAN first, and then to the HELLENE.” In other words, Adamic/White men of the Ecumene…. as it has ALWAYS been. Any attempts to convert N-words, is literally pearls before SWINE.

            Let the Voddie Bauchums of the world work to convert ‘their kind.’

            “YOU, follow Me.” – John 21:22

            May those children find a far saner foster father to raise them, with an honest racial awareness. Poor little boy. ….

          • @Fr. John Because your religion commands it. You’ll be in that mansion with “many rooms” and share it will the rainbow of heavenly diversity called “God’s children”.

        • “It corrupts our ancient bloodlines and there is nothing much that can be done about it.”

          That is the great tragedy of race mixing,
          It can never be undone.


        • @Steve,
          Here in Australia, society is infested with mixed marriages of Asian women and white men. It angers and concerns me. They often carry on in a way which says to the rest of society:- look at us, we’re changing the West, and are damn proud of it! I’ve often abused and shouted at them when they’re shamelessly arrogant about it. I just don’t like it, and can’t pretend I do.
          Our TV screens are riddled with ads showing white men with Asian women, or white women with black men………. it’s damn infuriating! And I can’t see Asian men being too happy about it to be honest.
          I’m flattered that Asian women love my type so much……….but they’re loving us out of existence. I want the white race to survive.

          • @Goose It’s in the USA, too. People are bored with themselves, and think someone from another race is “exotic” and “wild”. They have no idea how unique their white genes are, and don’t care that they mix and dumb down their offspring.
            I think Asian women go for white men, because they think it’s going to be lots of money and they won’t have to work.

        • Where did the mestiza part come from? There was a brief period when conquistadores were present in Yazoo.

      • Yes, the same sort of deranged “kindness” that causes millions of Whites to kneel for George Floyd and welcome immigrants/refugees (such as this guy’s mestizo wife). All the kindness in the world is not enough to offset the damage these morons cause. Good riddance.

        • I’m very familiar with these people.

          They are good people. They make great neighbors. They mean well. They are the people who leave big tips in restaurants. Generally speaking, I have a high opinion of these evangelicals who I see all the time at Chick-fil-A with their families.

          It’s not that they are bad people. They are just not sensible. Christian missionaries have always died like this throughout history trying to convert the heathen.

          • I agree with, appreciate and share your high opinion of these people, for the same reasons.

            Street preaching is becoming dangerous everywhere, even on a college campus. Street preaching/evangelism was dangerous in the cities when I did forty years ago, much more so now.

          • I can’t really drum up any sympathy for a guy that thinks it’s a good idea to take his pregnant wife and his toddler son on a field trip to the hood to talk to homeless Black drug addicts. That goes beyond “not sensible” to “his stupidity endangers everyone in his vicinity.”

          • These are the same people who adopt 3rd world urchins, the same people who say they are blessed when their daughters marry outside their race, and the same people who have brought hundreds of thousands of Somalis into places they don’t belong.

          • They are good people. They make great neighbors. They mean well.

            And then their dangerous naivete ruins the neighborhood by inviting in the magillas.

            It’s sad, because he probably did have decently conservative values, not like some deranged SJW piece of filth who pours shit on the entirety of his civilization.

            All in all though, probably better off without him.

          • Christ was unmarried for a reason — because He knew that the Jewish Sanhedrin was going to frame him on trumped-up charges after being identified by a paid informant, then torture him to death for preaching against the corrupt Jewish power structure.

            You can’t undergo that kind of thing when you have a two-year old and a woman depending upon you…

        • I don’t want to stick up for this guy, because his wife looks black, and I’m not Christian. However…

          Christians don’t control the media and politics in America, Jews do. They are the ones poisoning the well with their anti-white propaganda. So it doesn’t make sense to divert the blame for what is happening onto Christians, when they have no power to effect change. You are blaming sheeple while wolves are running free.

          • @Harry Christians worship the Jews, the chosen folks. Every one of them is Jesus to them. They send money, they excuse their behaviors, they have preachers telling children how Jews are superior to Christians. Christians do have power, and they could start with stopping the millions in vacation money spent going to the Holy Land.

      • An excess of virtue can be more deadly than the most sinister act.

        A German chancellor was too virtuous 80 years ago, 10s of millions died as a result.

      • Great responses Brad. The day we become too jaded to not mourn innocent good people is when we have lost everything. This was a good man who tried to spread the good word and help his fellow man. For his troubles he was gunned down in front of his small child who will now be traumatized for life. The media’s anti whiteness is depressing but almost in a way that motivates you. Stories like this make you just want to curl up and never go outside again

        • Negligently stupid people are not innocent. Most of the harm in the world is caused by them. Without them, the world would be a much better place and almost none of the problems we face would even exist.

    • >to look for trouble

      He wasn’t looking for trouble.

      The story is odd (not to mention very sad) — in at least one report, the 17 y/o gunman is described as ‘mumbling’ — it was also stated that this couple moved from NOLA to Montgomery due to high crime in NOLA — ?

      Recall the white parents of the white Michigan HS shooter were arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter — how did the 17 y/o come to possess the weapon? — watch and see if any adults, e.g. the parents, are also charged.

        • @ He felt he had a calling , he accepted Christ’s commission, too take his message, his gospel and preach this truth, where the Lord led him too, it is terribly sad what happened to mr.Hand, but like a multitude of people, I believe mr.hand, is more alive now, than he has
          Ever been, just not in this world, I won’t forget him, my thanks too the host of this site for doing this story….

    • Too many Christians are True Believers in racial equality and are completely indifferent to “race mixing” and other Anti-White policies wiping Whites out of existence. We’re all God’s children after all.

      • They simply fail to understand that non Whites do not buy into the “race is a social construct” bs. Certain upper class Blacks pretend they do, but only Whites truly fail to see race.

      • Quite odd that they ignore the Tower of Babel story and work to destroy God’s creation through the mixing of the races. Seems they have been misled.

  2. The rich in Brazil avoid the dangerous proletarian areas by flying over them in private planes and helicopters. The wealthy are insulated from the violence by distance, fences and gates, guards, etc.

    • Sao Paulo has over 250 heliports, atop skyscrapers, so the rich can commute to their ‘satellite’ cities. Never having to step on the pavement.

      ( Sao Paulo has a population larger than NYC, Chicago and LA, COMBINED !)

    • @ Anonymous, so what do you suggest, getting rid of the fences, gates and guards, or the people that fly over them…

      • You seem to misunderstand. I was not talking about people flying or jumping over fences. I was using the elites of Brazil as an example: who fly in private planes and helicopters over the dangerous areas where the common people live. The elites’ houses and businesses and other venues are protected from common people (except servants, who are allowed in) by distance, fences, gates and guards. Clear enough I hope.

  3. RIP. Thomas Hand and condolences to your family and loved one’s.

    As the old saying goes:

    That’s LIFE in the big city!

    Never let your guard down ever!

  4. HW: I don’t like to dwell on the black-on-white crime stories.

    These things are always happening. It always puts me in a foul mood whenever I read about them and write about them. I would rather analyze polls and make fun of “journalists.”

    I don’t blame you a bit. It’s both infuriating and depressing. “Paul Kersey” (now at Unz) does frequent posts on the topic. There’s also a guy from VDARE who does a monthly run-down. Neither ever follows-up the results later on down the road. The “journalists” you mention are a major reason for the extent of the problem, which is present wherever blacks are present. Since 1948, the AP official guidelines (which were basically decreed by the Jew-owned NY Times) have instructed “journalists” throughout Murika to cover up the extent of negroid criminality. Couple it with the wall-to-wall negro worship from “entertainment” and advertising (all Jew owned), and by now a significant number of whites literally worship negroes as demi-gods.

    Don’t be surprised to see the wife offer cheap forgiveness to the perp (who rarely if ever show any sign of repentance or contrition for their monstrous evil). Such cheap grace is really a blasphemy. Those who publicly offer it (usually before the cameras of the gaslight media) are participating in the media cover-up of a heinous crime and wearing their cheap grace like the Pharisees wore their phylacteries and made a public scene. Likewise don’t be shocked if two years down the road the wife marries a “nice Christian” dindu. One doesn’t get to be a beauty queen in the empire without taking the ticket. Between the total cuckery of what refers to itself as Christianity in Murika and the bottomless evil of the media and its (((owners))), the obscene aftermath described above is not uncommon. It’s all part of a massive propaganda operation.

    • @Exalted,
      Anger is a perfectly natural emotion, and she needs to express it, after the grieving phase. Offering forgiveness is a waste of time, as the perp likely isn’t seeking it, and doesn’t care.
      If blacks did this 120 years ago, they were punished in ways I won’t go into here. Needless to say, when deterrents were in place, they behaved themselves, creating safer communities on both sides. Whites were safer, and blacks also lived lives free of crime, drugs, murders and victimhood……… because they were expected to.
      Remember, blacks were offered a way back to Liberia, away from white society, yet most refused to go.

    • @Exalted One (Cyclops) – “Such cheap grace is really a blasphemy.”
      That’s quite an apt and eloquent phrase for an infuriating and all-too-common phenomenon.
      Very well said.

    • I agree with you Cyclops. It is important to be a forgiving person when the repentance is genuine but a 17 year old who guns down a stranger will never be remorseful until he grows old or wants parole. You need to honor your family and justice offering up a cheap lecture about forgiveness in cases like this is disgusting and has nothing to do with actual forgiveness

  5. Hatred of the innocent is the fruit of the Jews. And Christ said you will know them by their fruit. Segregation was nothing more than a means of protecting the weak and the innocent for the predator. AND protecting the weak and the innocent is the duty of all Christians and the duty of a Christian nation. Is there any wonder why the Jews had to destroy racial segregation?

    • You pretty much say the same thing in every one of your posts, Brownie. “Something something weak and innocent”. It’s all quite tiresome.

      And let me tell me you something else, you stammering, fist-shaking, cane-waving old fool: your fake, insincere Christian piety shall avail you NOTHING, not in this world nor in the imagined world to come. You are only tolerated here because you occasionally provide a modicum of comic relief. Now begone, wretch!

  6. “I don’t like to dwell on the black-on-white crime stories.?

    It’s good that you keep us informed.
    You must report things like this, to counterbalance the lies from the obsolete mega media.

    We need to be pulled back to reality.

  7. I don’t want to insult Christians but it seems like so many of these evangelical Millennials are just complete retards who are hopelessly cucked on race.

    • Yes, and they’re the ones adopting nonwhites and parading them around to prove their nonracist selves.
      Going into a ghetto to push peace and love and God…is just unbelievable, and now his wife and kid will live off of the taxpayers.

    • “seems like so many of these evangelical Millennials are just complete retards who are hopelessly cucked on race.”

      SEEMS ?

      No sir, they ARE !

    • It’s a pity Galatians didn’t say something like “There is neither Jew nor Greek – but people, don’t kid yourselves, there is certainly the Aetheope.”

    • @Jimmy Dean,
      Visiting an average church service these days is like visiting some inner city leftist gay hub that’s full of activists. Could explain the drop in attendance rates since the 50’s or 60’s.
      The Left has infested politics, education, advertising, entertainment and now it seems, Christianity.
      They often waste their time in Africa building some useless church in the hope it will spread there in some meaningful way. Whhhyyyy bother! We don’t want Islam or Voodooism in the West, so I don’t expect Africa to take Christianity.

  8. “Go ahead and call me a racist”

    Haha haha, you are so politely mild in the tenor of you commentaries.

    Reality is far more racist than you will ever be.

  9. This man leaves behind a widow and two orphans, without a father.

    There are many lessons to be drawn from the above instance.
    Primarily, take care of your family and blood kin, F the worthless dregs.

    ( another check to Adam Green’s thesis, Christianity was contrived to dissipate and weaken the gentiles.)

  10. Very sad to hear of this street preacher’s death. I am Calvinist, not Christian Identity of any form, but I have come to the conclusion that it is a waste of time to preach the gospel to Negroes. A token (pun intended) few Negroes may be saved here or there, but their race has been condemned to darkness for millennia.

  11. “This spike in crime is one of the biggest stories in the country. ”

    ………and the most under reported.

  12. Not only did he endanger himself, he always endangered his wife and kids by bring them around Tyrone. Some people have no common sense. Avoid the negroid at all costs.

  13. @ Terribly sad story to report, but absolutely necessary too do so, if this violence against our people is too be stopped, then these stories must be brought too light,

  14. OT

    She’s white, he’s black:

    Boyfriend charged in blunt force trauma death of 25-year-old girlfriend in Hoover

    Cortez Lenard Warren, 32, was taken into custody following a police pursuit Saturday afternoon, just hours after the body of 25-year-old Madison Shea Pilkington was found inside her Hoover apartment.

    The NYPost publishes a foto of Warren:

    Alabama man charged with killing girlfriend who was found dead in her apartment

    I’m not the type to revel in Schadenfreude after something like this, or go with ‘coal burner’ and ‘toll paid’ rhetoric — but while personal relationships are none of my business, the corruption and naivete of white women angers and saddens me — it is a problem.

  15. He was stoopidly risking all to spread the “good” news to his pooooor nigger bruthaz in Crice – but somehow “all-powerful” Jesus didn’t see fit to lend a hand.

    “Suprahze, suprahze!” as Gomer Pyle would say.

    AWAY with it.

  16. Am I sorry? Somewhat. But this guy married a mulatto, had a mixed kid, so I’m not that interested. But I do agree these people are kind of asking for it going into dangerous areas. I remember a Swiss woman who, in 1976, got an apartment in Roxbury (black part of Boston), and several blacks told her to get out. She stayed, and was killed by being set on fire. It got one paragraph in TIME on the next to the last page.
    This kind of killing has been going on for a long time, and society ignores it. Now, blacks are starting to realize they have a permission slip to kill whites. Andrew Anglin says that in a covert way, they’re being trained to massacre whites.
    Maybe BLM was a training exercise for when the real killers step forward.
    There is no leadership at the top to restrain the crime wave, since much of the leaders encourage it. It seems to be the open effects of what some have called Obama’s third term.

  17. I’m sure the ADLSPLC will be speaking up about this………about how we can’t let this divide us and not all blacks are like this, and all that BS!
    ‘Jerimiah Walker’………….that name tells you everything you need to know about the race of the perp.
    If ever you wonder why you hold views that are seen as ‘racist’, incidents such as this will remind you.

  18. For years now, my own policy has been to minimize w/ non-whites, any interaction. Regarding that, I’m past being concerned about slurs directed my way over it either – I’m not a hwite suPREEMacist but I have long been a white separatist.

    If/When I cannot avoid interaction, i always remain civil and if possible even cordial – based on the other'(s’) involved behavior; tho I end the exchange as soon as possible regardless.

    I NEVER – as this misguided fool (please pardon the harsh words towards a white guy killed) initiate contact, as well as never, purposely or willfully enter unsafe situations, as this

    Another sad Clownworld story – long since surprising anymore … RIP dude.

    • The reason you want to separate from them, is because you ARE different from them, and that difference is that the white man IS better. Saying you aren’t a white supremacist is saying you are apologetic about being better. All of the races are not the same, just as all dog breeds are not the same.

      • @Pilot: We can agree to disagree. Retired now, 30 years a union job in a LARGE city as in, controlled by blacks (mayor, top cop …) The work certainly not rocket surgery, it did require some skill; and the workforce pretty much evenly split 1/3rd white/black/brown (mestizo.)

        These guys were just as smart as me (I?), did the work as well as me, and had the same away from work problems (money, home, health, bills …) I learned I’m not better than them but I AM different from them (culturally, customs (music, language …)

        I wish those guys I worked with well, I do; but I reserve the right to live among my own – looks, values, views on the world … to that end, I’ve relocated to an area much more aligned.

      • Comparing the various races/species of modern human primates to the various breeds of domesticated canines is a specious, fatuous argument. Go sit in the corner and don the conical Cap of Shame.

    • Somehow they still accuse you of being evil if you say you are a separatist. What is evil about separating?

  19. Evangelicals would have more success preaching the Gospel to orangutans. Here is an orangutan driving a golf cart.

    • Prezidente Shitpants should appoint this ginger-simian to the supremes instead of a sheboon. This character obviously has more common sense than any of the nine clowns sitting there.

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