Team Blue Breaks Their Brains Over Joe Rogan

Liberalism is dead.

It was killed by these people.

Personally, I don’t care that Joe Rogan has a podcast. I don’t care that he has conversations with people like Alex Jones or Alex Berenson and shares his takes on his own platform. I don’t agree with all of his takes which do include misinformation. I don’t feel compelled to censor and micromanage him though. I’m comfortable with trusting ordinary people to make up their own minds.


  1. The fighting between the two sides – between Anti-vaxx pandemic denialism and the establishment policy of very profitable fake, ineffective mitigation – remains well within the bounds of allowable discourse.

    Censorship of one side and protest of the other side are inconsequential, because there is no practical difference between the policies of the two sides. Both sides want “herd immunity” instead of eradication, because both sides want to continue to make maximum profit from business as usual during a pandemic.

    The forest that is not being seen, or the elephant in the room that is being ignored is that the population of the U.S. has no real public health system, hence the extremely poor outcome of the pandemic in the U.S., and in all the nations it controls and that it directly infected – which is most of the world.

    The media hyped controversy over the Rogan show and Neil Young et al is boring too.

  2. Reading comments and some people had never heard of the controlled opposition err I mean comrade Rogan until now.
    Lefty doesn’t have very much brain to work with in the first place which is why they have easy to digest one sentence slogans on the way to the workers utopia.

  3. There is no practical difference between the two sides. The establishment and the Anti-Vaxxers both agree that China must stop Zero Covid now, and follow the “herd immunity” example of the U.S. and its satellites. Money and the “freedom” to make more money is all that the oligarchs of Big Pharma and the rest of HIC (the Health Industry Complex) and the protesting truckers and the rest of the Carlson Tucker FOX News audience care about. If death and suffering and impoverishment of others by disease or war or “sanctions” (theft) makes them richer or more prosperous as individuals, then they are in favor of it. If the Anti-Vaxx pandemic denial movement (Rogan, Malone, Kennedy, Doctor Atlas, Doctor Judy, et al) did not exist, the establishment would certainly need to invent it.

  4. “Liberalism” was always a (((lie))) for Boomers to advance the World Slave State to the next level.

  5. “Rogan has completely disrupted the legacy media”

    Legacy……Legacy……Legacy…… ???

    It’s OBSOLETE !

  6. “. I’m comfortable with trusting ordinary people to make up their own minds.”

    The paradox, the populace isn’t competent to choose what to listen to,
    But they are competent enough to elect who will have their finger on the button.

    Something is amiss.

    • Aristotle was on this 2400 years ago. He said ‘democracy’ always degenerated, because the rich hired ‘demagogues’ (=media) to manipulate the voooters … and then things became hell … part of the cycle that churned through generations

      Another angle is the ‘Iron Law of Oligarchy’, that there’s always an elite even under ‘democracy’, so pleb competence doesn’t matter … ‘change’ is just shifting elites

      Re ‘finger on the button’ … if it’s any comfort, there’s good arguments ‘nuclear bombs’ may have always been psy-op … Hiroshima and Nagasaki chemically firebombed like Dresden or Tokyo etc … a scheme for taxpayer-funded profits, and political control thru mass fear, 1940s version of ‘covid’

  7. Guess I am out of the loop because I had never heard of this dude. I have no idea what he says and couldn’t care less. But liberals censoring people needs to end.

  8. Joe Rogan is controlled opposition. He and Malone are being promoted for some future big operation.

  9. Rogan is an entertainer, and he was best when he had on Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson. When he has on comedians, it’s boring. The science aspect is the best.

  10. Why the hell should he be obligated to give “balance” to the side that has total control of all world governments & jewsmedia sphincters, and is using them to crush all who disagree? He’s just one man (albeit with a huge audience), and he ought to be able to express any opinion HE believes to be correct.

    Rogan and/or Spotify have blinked. He/they probably hate being on the outs with shitlib “artistes” they admire & seek the approval of. Hey – I think Joni Mitchell is a great singer-songwriter, but when it comes her opinion about anything else, she can go piss up a rope.

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