TAC: An American Breakup

I had a good laugh reading this one.

It seems like we all perceive the same problem.


“Why do I bring all of this up? Because given what I’m about to say I want to make it clear that I’m not trying to rehash the Civil War. On the contrary. My ancestors came to New England in the 1630s. They fought for the Union, and I’m proud of their service. I’m not a “neo-Confederate” by any stretch. And neither are the 47 percent of Americans who agree with me.

Yes, 47 percent. According to a University of Virginia poll published this September, 41 percent of Biden voters and 52 percent of Trump voters say “it’s time to split the country, favoring blue/red states seceding from the Union.” No poll has caused the pundit class so much anxiety since the denizens of NoVa voted to rename their football team the Washington Palefaces. Yet it’s a perfectly sensible solution to a problem that’s been dragging on far too long now. By the time North and South got to fighting, the civil war in New England had already been raging for 200 years. 

I’m a citizen of New Hampshire. Ask me if I want to break with Texas or South Carolina and my answer is no. Long live the Union, etc. But ask me if I want to secede from Massachusetts and you can call me Johnny Reb. …

And here we come to our second point. There’s too much freedom of movement within the United States. As we speak, thousands of Boston commuters are moving to New Hampshire, not because they love the Granite State but because they can’t afford the Bay State. The North Shore of Massachusetts is too expensive, and the suburbs are too dangerous. They come here, where property is a bit cheaper and taxes are much lower (especially for renters). …

These days, Massachusetts isn’t just browbeating New Hampshire. It’s colonizing us. …”

In an ideal world, there would be a massive earthquake which would split off the Acela Corridor and the Left Coast from the continental United States and the lunatics who live there would become independent nations. No one in the South is raging against, say, Nebraska or Wyoming these days. It is Libtardia on the East Coast and Shitlibistan on the West Coast who cause all of our problems.

If we can’t get there though, we are going to have to try to incite all the normal people in the country against the Elizabeth Warren crowd. We need a cultural and political containment policy.


  1. “No one in the South is raging against, say, Nebraska or Wyoming these days.”

    I don’t think that anybody in Dixie ever was. The South and the West are natural allies.

    “In an ideal world, there would be a massive earthquake which would split off the Acela Corridor and the Left Coast from the continental United States.”

    Yep. We need to get rid of Yankeedom and the Left Coast. Folks in eastern Oregon, Washington and California might just get rid of the Left Coast for us. Eastern Oregon wants to become a part of Idaho.

  2. It is way past time for a divorce but we know Karen will want it all and probably call CPS with some made up story just to stir up drama.
    We’ll see how long they last without truckers and farmers as the deluxe ice cream freezer runs out and the catchy slogans on signs have zero nutritional value.

      • Barnhardt is a full on shabbos goy, Fr. John. I followed here over a decade ago until this was revealed to me. She is another grifter scam artist who takes money to misdirect people. Look for an article critical of the jews on her site. You won’t find one.

    • @Johnny Rebel

      Even after she gets her own government in Boston, or New York, or Chicago, Karen will still expect to be able to come to Texas, or Alabama, and interfere in our elections and state governments, like Alyssa Milano did, haranguing legislators on the floor of the Georgia State House.

      It is her “Democratic right” as an “American®”(Yankee), after all, to harass folks for daring to vote, or to govern their own States, without her permission, or input. Or at least an appeal to the Massachusetts and New York, or Illinois State legislatures.

      Yankees, being the ideological and cultural descendants of the Puritans, and negatively influenced by Jews, are incapable ofany relationship, familial, social, or political, wherein they are mere equals without special advantages or benefits, and are not totally dominate over others.

      Which is why, even if they secede, they’ll continue to be both malicious pests, and political parasites on the Southern People. But at least we’ll be able to expel them from Dixie, on pain of imprisonment.

      Deo Vindice,

      End Reconstruction. End the War.

  3. Ralph Waldo Emerson always said America began past the Appalachian mountains.
    The Civil War analogy is worked over and over, but I think the situation of Germany before the Thirty Years War is more apt. You had an empire prosperous, with the protestants and Catholics seemingly accommodated, and yet in many ways it was an armed truce. There was a point when both sides simply couldn’t communicate with each other. They simply saw a different truth, even if the same thing stood before them.
    The Calvinists were the odd fish. neither side knew what to do with them. In many ways, the Covid true believers are the same. It’s said the mask is the MAGA hat of the left. I’ve had Covid believers, for want of a better word, shout at me and rage because I wouldn’t wear a mask. A kind of fanaticism seemed ready to grow, and has taken place. I’m in St. Louis, and when I go fifty miles away, it’s as though the sickness is gone. People are, for want of a better word, normal, except for the islands of colleges and schools.
    And as hesitation in Germany, the leadership is ineffectual at the top, and almost impotent in forcing their will. This changed when Bohemia tried to form a protestant kingdom, the Imperial /Catholic forces rallied, put it down, and decided why not bring the true church back everywhere? And the war was on.
    The problem today is, no one really believes in the old system. In many ways, it has evolved into an anti-American system, if we understand America as being a white republic. So what will be restored? Nothing, except an international system (Davos/ The Great Reset) that a large part of the country won’t accept.
    So, you can talk about geography, but the possible revolt will be everywhere, because of the movement TAC writes about.
    As Tom Chittum predicted in Civil War Two, America is like Yugoslavia, with unassimilated minorities in every corner, except very isolated rural areas.
    Didn’t mean to be so academic and erudite. It up to you guys to simplify this.

  4. This is silly. Instead we should structure things so that we take over the country and run it for our own benefit. I want all of it.

    • @ Jerry, I cannot agree with that, bulldoze the people instead, the land can’t help who lives on it……

  5. We need a severe famine and other shortages to wake our people up! With food and supplies becoming scarce people will become very very aggressive to survive! Politicians will have to run and hide and white people will finally finally stand up and start ruling themselves and push these anti-whites off the scene!

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