Jim Clyburn: It Is Time For Democrats To Come Together Behind Michelle Childs

Jim Clyburn delivered the black block vote for Joe Biden. He almost singlehandedly crowned Joe as the Democratic nominee for president in 2020. He was promised a Supreme Court pick in return. Now, Clyburn is saying he has picked Michelle Childs and it is time to come together behind his choice.

Note: Joe Biden is officially the president, but he is really just a senile figurehead that all of these other factions rode into power.


  1. She’s a yes-woman for the system, just the kind that the U.S. would install, or help install in the supreme courts of any of its banana republics and other satellites, and now of course in its own supreme court.

    As someone wrote on Twitter regarding the likely Childs choice: “That’s how our banana republic works.”

    It’s not important to know who is installed, because whoever is installed will be a yes-person for the system, including imperialist war. Note well that Lindsey Graham “can’t say enough good things about her.” The Palmetto state is a political cesspool.

    Don’t worry, you conservatives and Far Right wingers, and fake “leftists,” nothing will change!

    • You are unfortunately correct. It literally makes no difference who is appointed. They all come from the same approved list, as do all of the congressional candidates who are allowed to run for office. The game is literally 100% rigged. As I asked in the post about Lady G, how is it that this ridiculous poofter who never misses an opportunity to assume the position for his Jewish masters gets re-elected for decades running in a state which supposedly is heavily populated by ‘conservatives’. Terms like conservative and liberal have little meaning anymore. As Vox Day famously noted, conservatives couldn’t even conserve the ladies’ room. As a rejoinder to this, let us note that liberals are in fact globalist corporate totalitarians.

  2. Clyburn is no friend of Black workers, or any other workers.

    Hunter, what do you think of the Alabama coal miners’ strike that has been going on almost a year? Also, Amazon labor issues happening near you in Alabama?

    • Only because she’s dumber, like all AA recipients. She make more egregious errors and cause more normies to question the system. The ‘Wise Latrina’ is no legal genius either.

  3. Just how many presidents are there?
    Stalking horse president is this basement hologram Biden and I have seen some photos that look like a double of LGB.

  4. “Note: Joe Biden is officially the president, but he is really just a senile figurehead that all of these other factions rode into power.”

    Wasn’t JFK (and arguably Nixon) the last president who wasn’t a figurehead?

    • JFK tried to break free of the banking cartel. He wanted to revive the Illinois railroad shyster’s “United States Notes” to supplant “Federal Reserve Notes”. Also ordered mint to issue silver dollars in mass. Also prevented Israel from acquiring nuke plans from US (LBJ later allowed them to steal). Nukes are key to their “Samson option”.

    • Carter and Trump were not figureheads. Of course they both got cockblocked by the Establishment and ended up being one-termers.

  5. Anti-Whites tell Whites we must be “colorblind”. Then Anti-Whites tell every other race to see color to their heart’s content.

    • Now you can be color blond and still be racist.
      The Mau Maus of the anti-white progressive movement will accept nothing less than a full commitment from whites not just to be non-racist, but actively anti-racist.
      Then the good whites who identify as allies will be told to check their white privilege and go to the back of the line in the protest march.

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