1. Joe is going to find the Irishmen at the FBI phoning in all the bomb threats to all those black colleges during black history month. That will get old Joe a nice bounce in the polls.

    • RB, you rejoice in the deaths of all the Irish that were killed on 911. Sick dog! Can anyone stoop lower than that… I know you will find a way, won’t you demon?

  2. Is this a surprise? What’s frustrating is that all the signs were there and alarms rung long before he was elected/long before the actual vote and yet he got more votes than any American president ever, riiiiiiiiiight. I’m not endorsing or wishing for Dump either.

  3. So is Trump.


    Currently, 14 Senators are at least 80 y/o — 28 (i.e. > 1/4) are at least 75 y/o — 44 (almost half) are at least 70 y/o — only 21 Senators (1/5) are under 60 y/o.

    So the legislative branch is already pretty much a gerontocracy — these people ensconce themselves in DC and never leave, losing touch with normal people and the lives normal people live.

    The have to be kicked out and term limits is a way to do that.

    • A funny but true statistic is that the National Congress of Communist China changes membership much more than the US Congress does.

      Term limits don’t fix the problem, you just get rotations into (or from) other oligarch-level sinecures. Congress critters would rotate from or to stink tanks and lobbying outfits, judges would rotate in and out of law firms, and all of them can park at NGOs or universities.

      Most rebel candidates can be stopped by a combination of media smears and shadow-banning, or court-and-regulatory lawfare. A few loose cannons sneaking in can be handled.

      If there is one thing the oligarchy and PMC (Professional Managerial Class) types know how to do, it’s how to capture every supposed ‘check and balance’ power locus in a society – executive, legislative, judicial, media, universities, ‘civil society’ NGOs … very little escapes their net.

      It’s not clear there is any solid fix via on-paper institutional frameworks. It maybe really all boils down to people and culture.

    • >It’s not his age.

      Even disregarding his rather obvious age-related cognitive impairment, it is in part his age — generally, old people are not risk-takers; their focus is comfort and security — they are therefore likely to support the status quo, and for decades the status quo in Wash DC has been the steady growth in spending, power, and influence of the federal government, including development of the national security surveillance state — considering change, there is already incredible inertia where government is concerned — the last thing you need is a bunch of geriatrics running the show.

      • I’d gladly take a pro-white man his age in office. If you think Biden is really making the decisions, he’s not…and it’s not his age, it’s his masters who control things.

  4. How can “the most popular and most legitimate administration of all time” lose to Let’s go Brandon?

    Congressional Republicans are set to win in a landslide even greater than in 2010 but learn absolutely nothing.

    • Zion Don lost his bid for re-election because millions of white men like me who voted for that bum in 2016 decided to stay home on Election Day 2020.

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