1. In the spirit of egalitarian unity, why can’t all races have a history month?
    It is the democracy thing to do and twelve may not be enough.

    • Because races for us don’t exist. Like Germans. If nobody has noticed references to Germany and Germans are being systematically deleted start pay attention. This is our future being written.

  2. Why is Biden secretly flying in more turd world reffo’s in the middle of the night against the wishes of the American people, when the incompatibles you already have, act in this way?
    It’s like adopting a diet of only takeaway food when you’re already obese.
    No logic……….but just your good ‘ol ‘democracy’.
    Democracy hasn’t served you for decades, and isn’t worth defending.

    • Why? Because he is aiming for permanent Democrat power in Presidential elections. And also just to accelerate the ethnic cleansing of Whites.

  3. Why would any normal person want to embrace a system (viz., “democracy”) that is being championed by the likes of Lindsey Graham, David Frum and Joe Scarborough?

  4. Tucker is the voice of controlled opposition in msm. The others are so bad they make him look much better than he actually is.

    Wolf in sheep’s clothing, giving false hope to us stupid dumb ass gullible facetious judaized whites. Ages old jew tactic. Good Cop-Bad Cop, Kosher Kabuki Theater, High Popalorum-Low Popilorum, Judas Goat? Will we Whites ever GET IT (enroute to the jew abattoir? Trump and Carlson, race traitors of a feather.

    • Back in his bowtie wearing days at CNN Tucker was, if I remember correctly, a neocon who advocated war against Israel’s enemies.

    • Yep, everything is a “conspiracy” even those allegedly on your side. What a poisoned way of thinking? That’s why the public doesn’t listen to people like you.

    • >Tucker is the voice of controlled opposition in msm.

      I see this midwit take all the time; it’s similar to hammering Jared Taylor because he doesn’t ‘name the Jew’ — yes, there are some things Carlson doesn’t mention, and some connections he doesn’t make — but if he did those things, he’d probably lose his job/platform — what he does do already has a lot of value — don’t throw the baby out with the bath water — don’t give in to a purity spiral.

      • Tucker is the opposite of this.

        He has been bashing the GOP for wanting to get involved in this spat between Ukraine and Russia.

        • That is the standard paleocon sheepdog playbook. Bash the GOP until election time, then tell everyone to line up and vote GOP.

  5. The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” – The jew Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (“Lenin”)

    • After Lenin’s stroke he and Trotsky tried to prevent the gentile Stalin from taking control of the government because Lenin wanted Trotsky to succeed him. But Stalin may have had Lenin bumped off before he could speak at the next session of the Party Congress, where he planned to denounce Stalin.

      • Trotsky was not Lenin’s choice for a successor, although Trotsky tried to paint it that way. Trotsky was always an opportunist, leaving the Mensheviks and joining the Bolsheviks when it appeared the Bolsheviks were getting ahead. He tried to convince or force Lenin to order invasions of Finland, Hungary and other countries in the 1920s, which would have overstretched Russia and led to its destruction. He worked to undermine Stalin, formed a network to sabotage socialism and embarrass Stalin, and even collaborated with Germany and Japan against Russia.

  6. The monologue was entertaining, but the reasons for Baltimore’s myriad problems are very simple, and they take place at the most local of levels.

    Chiefly, there are too many blacks and blacks have demonstrated time and again that they are lawless and ungovernable. Second is the general environment that tolerates their bad behavior.

    Is it any wonder that Baltimore looks like a Haitian slum? Hmm, what could be the common thread between the two? Could it be the effects of black lawlessness and substandard IQs? Sometimes the answers are clear.

    • Well you can’t say that on a show and not get cancelled. The public isn’t ready for it although a large number already understands this. Still it’s hinted at for those capable of understanding, why do you think he called it a bit of Haiti in the first place. Problem is that this bad form of government we have is at the mercy of female voters whose soft and mushy childish morality is easily manipulated by the psychopaths in the media. There are serious errors in the way America dealt with the first amendment. Kings always controlled the press because they knew it WAS POWER ITSELF. The crown was symbolic unless you controlled the army and the press. If you don’t control the press, then whoever does will use it to become power itself. America was careless about this and allowed anyone with a buck to take control of the public mood and become kingmakers themselves. Now our elites are wrecking the most prosperous and just nation the world had ever seen 60 years ago and determined we have absolutely no right to a cohesive nation state simply because they fear we “might” commit another holocaust? Ironic that the people who ended all that get paid back this way and accused of the crime that they put to a stop?

      • Imagine believing that an anti-White Jewish garbage dump is “the most prosperous and just nation the world had ever seen.”

    • I look for segregation to make a comeback. It’s the only way to protect White people and civilization from Africanization. As “Browning” pointed out yesterday, segregation is the Christian thing to do.

  7. Fair warning—-The Irish have got to crackdown on white supremacy, it is the only way they can keep their power. I am telling you the Irish are worse than the Jews. The Jews use lies to get power the Irish are perfectly willing to use killing and force to get and maintain power. Miley and Biden have already said so in a not so funny, jokingly threatening way. ALL while calling themselves Christians, praying the rosary and pull all them novenas. What a laugh.

  8. The Catholics invaded and took over Baltimore, and the Catholic criminal gangs, led by garbage such as Crazy Nancy’s father, destroyed Baltimore, and all the other yankee cities. The nogs inherited a corpse.

  9. Our “democracy” has been in peril for decades. Every group has special privileges except the ones who ancestors settled this nation.

  10. Unofficial segregation will always be still loosely in place throughout the West. People are just naturally drawn to their own. It just can’t be law enforced.
    How many cities have ‘a large Chinese community’ or a ‘large Jewish community’? They want to be among one another. It’s only whites who aren’t allowed to be among each other exclusively……….that always means there’s ‘not enough diversity’.
    Nature often takes care of what the law won’t.

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